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  1. Drumm mentioned in an interview that he was still a Spooner. On the other side of the coin BV does have a policy and we haven’t heard a peep from the coaching staff. Only time will tell.
  2. Car trouble is the word on the street.
  3. We feeling pretty good about the 60% for Hill?
  4. Im saying Stewart will be the first to break the ice.
  5. Lets hope him and Jordan are homies on the gram.
  6. Sign The Mecca Class of 2023. Score a 330 in 247Sports Composite. Capturing the #1 recruiting class in college football history. And we all know what that means.
  7. Its a great day to be a Longhorn.
  8. Baxter just got Fong’d to Texas!!!!!!
  9. Need to seal the deal with Baxter.
  10. There are some in here who believe it wasnt.
  11. But but I thought it was going to be Georgia!!!!!!!
  12. Sooooo if Roach knows that means the bucket should hold water.
  13. I believe he is referring to the last couple of recruiting weekends that we've had with no commitments.
  14. We didnt bring him on campus to write novels!

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