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  1. We will and I repeat we WILL skull drag those bums from Ft. Worth!
  2. That would really send BlowU into a downward spiral.
  3. Of course it will but I think we end up shining like a new dime.
  4. There isnt, he stated he wanted to stay home. There was a top two, one has been eliminated.
  5. More specifically, participants in those games have a 14-day window opening on the day after the championship game,[7] as well as the spring window.
  6. Complete and total implosion and I love it.
  7. The same reporter who said that Colton called and said he wanted to commit to Texas.
  8. Jonah Wilson calls the coaching staff and said I made a mistake.- Denied Colton Vasek calls the coaching staff and I said I made a mistake. - What number do you want I will let sleeping dogs lie after this comment.
  9. Then the same sentiment should apply to someone who may call and say I screwed up by decommitting from Texas. All Im saying it isnt a good look for you to give certain athletes the special treatment.
  10. He didnt decommit from the current coaching staff.
  11. Here is an example of an "All In" kid. These are the type of dudes you want on your roster.
  12. I dont care if the stadium is named after his daddy. Its even worse that he choose our nemesis over us, you want another Kobie McKenzie on your hands?
  13. No, its not the same thing. One is married. The other is still single, trying to find himself. Big difference!!!!!!
  14. According to IT we are only taking kids who are are ALL IN!! A kid who is committed to the enemy isnt someone who is all in, IMO. Are we making an exception? Not trying to stir the pot but it seems hypocritical.
  15. You see heres the thing if you wont let a potential 5*come back in the class then why would you even enterain bringing in a kid who is committed to another school.
  16. If you are referring to Colton, I think that ship has sailed.
  17. That would be something to call home about.

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