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  1. We will and I repeat we WILL skull drag those bums from Ft. Worth!
  2. That would really send BlowU into a downward spiral.
  3. Of course it will but I think we end up shining like a new dime.
  4. There isnt, he stated he wanted to stay home. There was a top two, one has been eliminated.
  5. More specifically, participants in those games have a 14-day window opening on the day after the championship game,[7] as well as the spring window.
  6. Complete and total implosion and I love it.
  7. The same reporter who said that Colton called and said he wanted to commit to Texas.
  8. Jonah Wilson calls the coaching staff and said I made a mistake.- Denied Colton Vasek calls the coaching staff and I said I made a mistake. - What number do you want I will let sleeping dogs lie after this comment.
  9. Then the same sentiment should apply to someone who may call and say I screwed up by decommitting from Texas. All Im saying it isnt a good look for you to give certain athletes the special treatment.
  10. He didnt decommit from the current coaching staff.

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