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  1. Any realistic guesses on the two " silents" from last week?.
  2. Tweet Share 247SportsTexas 'hit a home run' in recruiting pitch to Arch Manning by Nick Kosko 10 hours ago Arch Manning might be the most sought after quarterback prospect in the Class of 2023. With a last name like Manning, there’s a lot to live up to but he seems like the real deal as schools flock to bring him in for visits. 247Sports Late Kick host Josh Pate is a big fan of one school’s pitch for Manning: Texas. In fact, he thinks they did the best job possible on the initial visit, ahead of head coach Steve Sarkisian’s first year on the job. However, just
  3. Guess all the "love" we gave and he bragged about on twitter was eh.
  4. Trolling a couple of other sites. Is Alexander supposed to be in for an unofficial tomorrow?
  5. All that talent here over the weekend and all we get is a long snapper? Any teases or hints of any recruits making a move?
  6. June 1st is half over and no commitments yet. Not that I'm impatient or anything.
  7. Hopefully satan doesn't make him commit right after his visit to them.
  8. Do you really think Citizen is a player? If what you wrote about Drayton is true, my assessment of him is going to dropped several notches. Do you know the academics of Prep? How about their competition level?
  9. We gonna get any good news in recruiting? Wild.
  10. Guess we'll wait till June for any good recruiting news?
  11. Hope it doesn't help blow U's chances. They always seem to get the Allen kids.
  12. Dumb question. Why would coming here close the door on Harris to Gaggie?
  13. Has he named a destination? Worth a kick in tires?

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