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  1. Just ad well. Wouldn't want him here for the bama game.
  2. My guess is he will redshirt. Gives him 3 yrs of burgers and shakes to put on the weight
  3. Looks like were back in the OL game for Tx linemen after the double H coaching fiasco.
  4. Kid has no problem seeking attention.
  5. Maybe he's so good he has to commit twice.
  6. Wait. We were supposed to be fighting them off with a stick after Manning committed.
  7. I know we'll pay our share of NIL bucks. But it will be nice to find out later that we didn't outright buy this class like the gags did theirs.
  8. Probably have some national guys that we haven t even heard from yet come knocking.
  9. If mensa was able to land Bijan I damn sure hope Sark can do the same with Baxter.

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