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  1. Any names on the Wisconsin center and Florida de commit?
  2. Call me paranoid, but it seems like Winfield has never been 100% in on this class. Wasn't he on de commit watch for a bit back in the spring? I know he loves him sone Tucker. Guess we gotta watch this one.
  3. Looking like we ain't giving up. https://hookemheadlines.com/2021/10/21/texas-football-making-a-late-push-with-4-star-ot-kam-dewberry/
  4. Is this a hedge against Blue? 3* from Newton . A CB from Roach. https://247sports.com/player/deanthony-gatson-46102363/
  5. Any clue as to what school or schools are putting the squeeze on him?
  6. A holding call on Poona on a running play no less.
  7. our commits all seem to be still locked in ... love it ... great attitudes Orangebloods - UT commit Anthony Jones - "I only want to be coached by the Texas coaches” Anthony Jones, Liberty, Athlete
  8. Arch's coach with Arch reaction to OK ST game ... Arch Manning has another good experience at Texas
  9. Weird calls always when playing okie lite. Remember the 2015 game and all the phantom penalties against us.
  10. With the fe commits already occurring at lsu and what may or may not be happening in florida, db's with either that we can poach?.
  11. Wasn't he practically ready to commit late summer last year? Curse you mensa and hand.
  12. Hopefully sark can poach some OL recruits from both schools.
  13. " On his nex visit"? Has he even been here? Lol.. Man we need him
  14. Guess he wanted to commit then saw the 2nd half sheet show?
  15. Did Arch leave before the game was over?
  16. Just read that the ogre may not return to lsu next year. I've no issue being option #2 for the louisiana kids.

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