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  1. Just read that the ogre may not return to lsu next year. I've no issue being option #2 for the louisiana kids.
  2. Since we can't even get our #1 target to visit, I'm guessing it won't resonate well.
  3. Bye Arch. Thank you for loving Austin. Wish you luck st georgia except when you play Texas.
  4. I'm so over the Alamo Bowl. Could we lose a couple more and get into the Texas Bowl? Need new scenery.
  5. Why is it that mack, charley mensa and now shark get outcoached. Cant recall the last time. Tx coach out coached an opponent.
  6. So we're 4-3. Im guessing every remaining game maybe even Kansas is a tossup? Wasn't 3 losses our ceiling for Sark?
  7. Are we even on his radar? This far into the season and no visit scheduled. I thought he was our #1 target.
  8. So went from excitement to a whole lotta nothing. Lol
  9. Don't forget. Supposed to get a commitment from a certain 5* and some flips..
  10. Don't think he ever even enrolled. He was booted due to his legal issue.

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