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  1. "Just a second team" ? You are being generous.
  2. What's the deal with the barber's chair in several photos?
  3. It would be nice. But I'm guessing he blows up and it will be a fight to the bitter end.
  4. So is Campbell signed or not? This visit leads me to believe he's still open.
  5. With the portal in full swing and our attempts at being bama west. Have a question for any of you roster watchers. Have we started our own blood letting? I know we lost a couple of db's ( good riddance). Any hints on who may be the next to go, if any?
  6. Another 4 yr guy that couldn't break the starting lineup? Hope this one works out better than the last.
  7. So we went from all we had to do was announce a date of our move to the sec and he would commit to no longer in the conversation?
  8. Wait. Thought Campbell had committed to the good guys and his announcement was a formality...hmm
  9. Was hoping to see the headline " Sark and his coaching staff" will be at Arch's basketball game.
  10. Thought he was all about playing in the SEC ?. Could it be that the announcement that was supposed to happen during ou week of when we are jumping to the sec going to happen finally.
  11. I think most football and basketball players have already stopped pretending.

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