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  1. Has he named a destination? Worth a kick in tires?
  2. Lol but seriously, whomever it is, is still in the tournament. I just hope he isn't a 2-3 year young phenom coach. Lesson learned with herman and shaka.
  3. Nooooo.. I haven't recovered from the " Who would you hire to replace Herman" thread. Lol
  4. Oh I agree. This was hus " best" team while at Tx and wt the end of the day laid a turd.
  5. Oh well. Guess we'll have to keep beating the bushes in hopes of finding OL.
  6. Any clue on Golden's speed? Film looks good,
  7. Has liked Tx for what seems like forever. Would be devastating to lose him to satan.
  8. Is he a take at S with all the headliners were after?
  9. Doesn't bama usually start slow then blow everyone's doors off the last few months before NSD?

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