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  1. Still a bitter pill to swallow. Not good optics at all to have the #1 player in the county leaving the state.
  2. If it's bailor he can still be got once the season is underway I would think.
  3. All we heard was what great recruiters this staff was. Are they getting owned ?
  4. Maybe they were " great" recruiters because they were at bama ?
  5. I thought we had a good plan? On one of the other threads, it mentions how well we're positioned.
  6. Thanks. It sure seemed like he was favoring us soon after Sark was hired.
  7. Are we a player here? Maalik Murphy not able to swing him our way ?
  8. I've probably been sleeping. But have the 3-4 " silent commits" from 3 weeks ago become unsilent?
  9. Same player said his focus is football, cuz if you ain’t ballin you ain’t collecting NIL … so who knows

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