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  1. Kam is nice young man; he helped with UT camp my older son attended and was very nice to my son. Best of luck to him as he pursues his dream to play in MLB.
  2. It definitely allows better bat to get in lineup.
  3. No real info from me. I haven’t been fishing much in last couple years. More hunting and drinking than fishing. If you ever want to go offshore in Jax, FL my brother in law is awesome captain.
  4. Sounds like it went to great cause for LHR’a family.
  5. In on page 1! Geez they let TexasMcBizzle join? Clearly the ability to shoot wildlife isn’t a prerequisite. I may need to rethink my social media.
  6. I don’t really have experience with Balcones. My guess is to ask one of the other guys listed who tater over MGP; they probably have better idea.

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