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  1. Wasn’t in Matagorda but farther east in Louisiana over the weekend. The bigger reds were up in the marsh for some reason which isn’t usually the case until October-ish. Here are just a few pics of the fish we caught...could have posted 20 pictures but no one wants to see every fish. My buddy landed a huge bull red that was 48” but our scale batteries weren’t working so I’m speculating it was around 30lbs based on one we caught last year that was a little smaller and weighed 24.8lbs. I had one probably in the 20-25 lb range at the boat and my buddy missed it with the net, and he hadn’t stowed his rod he was using and it tangled the line and it snapped. I was super pissed but he was probably more pissed at himself than I was at him.
  2. I’ve gotten into the Karbach Blood Orange beer the past couple of weeks. It’s crazy refreshing while sitting by the pool. I keep trying to convince the beer manager at Total Wine to carry Stiegl Lemon, Bitburger lemon or Calanda Lemon (this one is unlikely because it’s a Swiss beer and for some reason no one imports Swiss wine or beer).

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