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  1. I assume the Potentially doesn't refer to Muhammad, now that he is committed (unless he wants an earful from their CB coach.
  2. Great to see Flood get his guys. These definitely are big humans. Now he needs to develop them! Kirkland kept a lot of us hoping, but scratching our heads. I must admit it makes it a little more exciting. Hookem!!!
  3. Thanks for deciphering TFloss!!! I definitely would not have figured that one out!
  4. Based on the On3 article, I would definitely be betting on USC. He said all the phrases about USC that you normally hear after a commitment. Hope I am wrong, but unless Momma wants UT, it doesn't look good.
  5. Come on down Mr. Brown! Hard to beat the Miami NIL bagman, but we can dream right?
  6. On Pettaway, he may feel it would be more difficult to stand out with so may weapons and prefers to go to BlowU to 'standout'. Whichever, we aren't lacking for options at WR.
  7. Wanting all four is very different then room for all four. appreciate that the staff won't say they only want 3, but question the wording. Time will tell.
  8. I think Mitchell is an important get for the transition to SEC. While they used to be more smash mouth football, and Arkansas still is, they are getting much better passing attacks thanks to Sark's time there. However, you have to stop the run first and large run stoppers are important. Hopefully, he retains his quickness.
  9. Welcome to the 40 acres. We think you're going to like it!!!
  10. Texbound, I am right there with you. Got a little spoiled in July. I also wonder if the staff is slowing down a commit or two now that we have a solid foundation and more visibility. Unfortunately, we can't take everybody like the Royal days, so when Tfloss says we haven't heard about a name in awhile, I take it to me we have an embarrassment of riches this year. I must say I am a little worried that our little brother with find some extra NIL just to sway Hill and Hicks away from UT, but we have to trust in the NIL system we are putting in place
  11. Dang. I looked at my phone and thought it was a commitment. Guess I have been spoiled the last week and Johnny's comments about Malik to Texas had me seeing things. Easier to tell on the computer screen
  12. Simple. Same reason they added Rutgers and Maryland. It wasn't the sports, they are going after TV markets. When you cover a bigger population base, you can get more tv money.
  13. Wow. Call me surprised. Since Williams was from LA, I didn't pay enough attention, but obviously Arch from LA helped combined with Kelly being hired has created cracks in that state. Fantastic verbal. Agree with others that it should help a little with Matthews as well since there is precedent. I haven't refreshed this much since signing day!!! Hookem
  14. sounds like you have a specific name you are waiting on. No worries, it has already been a great day.
  15. yep. Thanks for confirming. It just makes me wonder if the 'Arch' effect would draw in OL as much as it is with playmakers (combined with SS of course).
  16. No disrespect but any view why these OL have lower rankings and less prominent offers? I can't judge OL so I have to rely on the coaches, but last year each was highly rated? Is it a down year for O lineman in TX compared to last year or just harder to sign the top rated guys with the numbers we added last year? I am assuming most will redshirt. With that said, welcome aboard Stroh, Cojoe, and Chatman!!! Can't wait to see you on the 40 acres next year
  17. Well it depends on your timing. We did sign a QB and a safety/CB and WR that all look to start and reduced our flexibility to add more transfers if the cap is 7. As far as your current positions of need, I would note that we sadly were out spent at LB and DE. Sad, but true. I do note your disclaimer is probably referencing this, but think we are better as a team than last year (look at what we lost-no NFL draft picks) and would argue that the three positions could have been positions of need and it is not all doom and gloom. I do agree with your positions of weakness. I think it does speak to whether people want to play for Pete. Another season will reveal a lot.
  18. I wouldn't mind 5*Jarel Brown from Miami in that mix as well. Haven't heard an update, but he did make it to Austin. Sark knows what he wants in WR. Favors speed over height, just like OU used to have (unlike Herman).
  19. What is is about Ohio State's secondary that everyone is leaving? With Watts, that makes three with Cavazos and Shaw. Haven't checked for more.
  20. Lest we forget, Beard inherited a depleted roster with no depth. With Shaka, it would have been a battle for last in the big 12. Great Portal transfers aren't excited about going to a losing team. What Beard did in year 1 was quite amazing, at least to me, regardless of Purdue.

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