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  1. I saw the stat on the Texas Sports website(UT) game summary. Obviously could have been posted elsewhere
  2. Anyone know what this is about? All I can think of is the J Ford not getting Defensive POY, but wouldn't expect that from two offensive guys and suspect it is something else.
  3. I am ecstatic that Riley and USC lost. Wow, that made my night and weekend. I was bummed this week that he may go to the CFP, and now he is upended. Awesome. As much as I dislike OU, Riley up and leaving and taking their best players and coaches after he was appointed King of the throne is despicable. I will always root against him. What's wrong, he is not good enough to win it all at OU after several before him could? Sweet. Now just give someone else the Heisman!
  4. TFloss, it feels like we have been interested in so many DL and have been throwing offers around. There are so many options it starts to feel like we have lowered our standards. I thought the DL improvement, Coburn's comments about Bo, and Bo's pedigree would have made us more successful. Any thoughts? Is it the depth chart?
  5. Try? Yes. Succeed, I doubt it. Too many other options where a qb with decent experience can get in a more competitive/prestigious league.
  6. I say 24 Texas, 21 Baylor. Defense is playing better but Baylor will dink it down the field with some short passes, but the offense will do just enough with 4 scores.
  7. Ricky, are you sure it is Hicks? I have seen posts about Hill and Mannings, and people do think Hill is going to be a horn. Just making sure since a lot of people are getting excited.
  8. QJ will play and it appears Jamison is out. Our secondary is very weak and weaker without Jamison. Really concerned with our ability to stop the pass.
  9. Give him a break. It was a late night at the Dixie Chicken trying to pick up coeds. Explains the 294 likes also.

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