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  1. While I agree a lot of blame is on the defense, don't forgot two fumbles were cause by an inept left OT that led to short field touchdowns. Agreed the defense didn't stop them thereafter, but the offense led to 21 of the 49 points by Kansas in regulation if you add Card's pick six.
  2. Just because there were better players in the portal does not mean that they had interest in us. Look at Oregon OL guy this year. He had already decided on BYU before he entered. There are other good teams that they may want to play for that could also be closer to home. While we have the best University and a great head coach, doesn't mean we can win them all
  3. I agree, it is a bit of a paradox. Bo was hired away from UT to join Saban and only left due to recruiting issues and was hired by the NFL. Definitely a good recruiter as shown by the class so it all points to a good coach, but the DL was an issue with no penetration. I don't have the coaching knowledge to discern what the issue was with the line, but seeing his rant on the bus, have to believe it is more the players rather than Bo forgetting how to coach overnight.
  4. The biggest difference on the offense is Sark's desire to have speed at the WR versus Herman's preference for size. Herman liked WR that had the size to block for the run game, but could not get open and are going for the jump ball. Aside from DD, who was a decoy running downfield for three years until they moved him from the slot, Herman wasn't going after Lamb and Hollywood and it showed, but Sark wants run/pass balance in the offense unlike the Pirate who threw 60 passes per game because he couldn't get the talent to Lubbock. Haven't a clue about defense. The talk was aggressive, but 7yards off the line by DB is not aggressive or shows slow DBs relative to the WR.
  5. Don't forget that Coaches, including Riley, use these searches as opportunities to raise their own contracts. I agree, I don't see Riley leaving, but would expect a raise at OU would finalize that. Happens all the time.
  6. it appears JD you just want to post negativity and stir the pot. If that isn't a troll i don't know what is. Bench our Heisman worthy RB without a line to start three other RBs? We have rotated TE. Where did you get your football knowledge at A&M or OU? I can ignore your posts, but when you start posting worthless threads, i question the moderators. I am fine with constructive criticism, but i just see negative BS. This team would be worse with Herman and I for one am happy to have Sark. Herman couldn't get any of the top lineman in TX in a year full of them except Hayden and he wasn't ranked the best of the bunch. No wonder we have issues. We wouldn't have Worthy either. Your arm chair quarterbacking is so off you either don't know football or again, are a troll so go be bored somewhere else. Most of us are disappointed with the performance to date, you must be enjoying it. Have you not noticed they are stacking the line to stop the run. Hello, don't need a different RB.
  7. Great start to the class. Welcome aboard Jamel !!!!
  8. Because they had a relationship with him before. That is usually a positive, plus early playing time. Not saying he loved Banks and Flood, but it can restart a relationship faster and provide a boost.
  9. My UT grad came over at 10:45am with my grandson in longhorn gear to watch the Baylor game. After I updated him, we settled in, drank the Kool-aide as well and watched the Bye game. We sure were sweating it until that blocked field goal!
  10. With our track record on OL, glad they are getting ahead of the curve!!!
  11. Does this mean that Roach was not referring to Matthews from Louisiana and there is no truth to that possible flip? Yep, i was referring to Campbell from Monroe, and the possible flip from LSU as being the Roach OL rumor, but in rereading, it sounds like Campbell was the speculation and Banks was the actual person Roach was referencing.
  12. Does this mean that Roach was not referring to Matthews from Louisiana and there is no truth to that possible flip?
  13. Deja vu. I was at the Cotton Bowl this weekend and when I saw Worthy running out of the end zone on the kickoff and fumbled it, all i could think of was a prior experience when I went to the New Year's Cotton Bowl in 1984 against Georgia. Texas was ranked #2. Late 4th quarter and Texas up 9-3 and we tried to fair catch a punt around our own 10 and fumbled it. Georgia scored. Lost the game 10-9 Had we won, we would have been the National Champions as the team ahead of us lost. Was the beginning of the end for Akers. Luckily, I feel better about Sark, but it is frustrating

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