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  1. On a night full of uneasiness due to the encroaching impact of Coronavirus, the Longhorns came ready to play. Texas faced off against Abilene Christian in this midweek matchup behind their starting pitcher Kolby Kubichek. Kubichek pitched 4 shutout innings allowing just 1 hit and 1 walk on 57 pitches. The final 5 innings saw 5 different relievers pitch. Among these 5, Austin Wallace and Justin Eckhardt performed well. Wallace pitched 1.2 innings, allowing just 1 hit and 1 HBP with 4 strikeouts on 24 pitches. The only downfall to Wallace’s performance was his two wild pitches. Eckhardt made his first appearance as a Longhorn, and the redshirt freshman was extremely efficient. With just 4 pitches Eckhardt forced 3 groundouts to end the game. The pitching was a notable strong suit Wednesday, but the defense also played well. André Duplantier was given the start at 3rd base, and will see more starts in the near future after news broke that Cam Williams will be out following hand surgery. While it is unfortunate that we will not be able to watch the team play during this time, we wish positive vibes for the health safety of all players and people associated with all athletics programs, as COVID-19 has made itself a pressing issue to many. Due to this unusual situation, follow the Texas Longhorns twitter for more information on their next baseball activities, sports competitions dates, and overall updates on COVID-19.
  2. Texas completed their sweep over Cal State Fullerton as they put together an impressive performances on Saturday and Sunday. These games showed the different strengths of the team as they near conference play. Saturday included a display of the resiliency of the pitching staff, while Sunday boasted an explosive offensive performance. Saturday: Texas Wins, 4-3 Game 2 of the Augie Series provided more scoring early on than the Friday night opener. While Fullerton opened things up with 1 run in the top of the 2nd, Texas responded immediately with 3 runs in the bottom of the 2nd. Again on Saturday, Texas starter Ty Madden did not have his best stuff. Madden was not efficient, allowing 7 hits in his 4 innings of work. This translated into 3 runs for the Titans, which was enough to tie the game. Madden’s pitch count also grew high, as he was at 74 pitches through the first 4 innings. But what was not known was that Madden was sick coming into the game. Coach Pierce shared, stating, “Ty struggled a little bit with his health after 4 innings. When he came out he went straight to the trash can and threw up. So he was not feeling well, and I did not really know about it until about the 3rd (inning). So you could tell a little bit, (that) it was flat, (and) not as sharp. But that is what our guys do; they grind it out.” Despite Madden’s struggles, he managed to keep the Longhorns in the game with 5 strikeouts and just 1 walk. Texas’ relievers were able to stay sharp, as Pete Hansen came in for 3.2 innings and allowed just 2 hits and 1 walk on 46 pitches. He also added 2 strikeouts to his season total of 18. Tristan Stevens relieved Hansen after his 4-pitch walk in the 8th inning, and threw a 4-pitch strikeout to end the inning, capitalizing on his situational opportunity. Andre Duplantier came in for the save, which he completed in 14 pitches that included two strikeouts. Duplantier has apparently been keyed with a certain nickname because of his stone-cold composure. Hansen went on to say, “We call him ‘The Butcher’ because he slices and dices.” Offensively the Longhorns got crankingd early. They opened up in the 2nd inning, scoring 3-runs to respond to Fullerton’s 1 run in the top half of the inning. Trey Faltine started the offensive run with an infield single, 1 of 6 infield singles on the day. Eric Kennedy stayed hot by following up with a bunt for a base-hit; Kennedy finished with 2 bunt singles Saturday. After a Silas Ardoin HBP, a Peyton Powell infield RBI left runners on 2nd and 3rd base with 1 out. Murphy Stehly continued his clutch hitting as of late, hitting a double down the left-field line to scores two of those runs, bringing the Longhorns’ run total to 3. This big inning was a great start for the team, as well as another indicative moment of success for Stehly. His hitting as of late has been surprising, but great for the team. Coach Pierce spoke on the anomaly of Stehly’s success, saying, “He is so unassuming that he is so good…. (Stehly) has got the great ability of moving to the next pitch. He does not look back on a bad swing or a bad call. He has got the ability to move to the next pitch.” While Stehly has continued to put together base hits and quality performances, he has continued to earn himself playing time. The Longhorns took the lead in the 6th inning on a sequence of some characteristic Augie Garrido small-ball. After Douglas Hodo was walked, Stehly put down a sacrifice bunt that moved Stehly to second base. Austin Todd came up after Stehly and hit an RBI single to left field that scored Hodo, giving Texas the 4-3 lead. This was the power that the coaches knew Powell had, so it was welcoming to see him hit his first home run against the wind in right field on Sunday. All of Powell’s hits have been for extra bases, which is a sign of the power he will continue to develop as he progresses in the program. As Powell continues to hit well, it will be interesting to watch who else competes with him for the DH spot moving forward. One notable storyline from Sunday was that Andre Duplantier had his first chance to play in the field and hit this season. He struggled at the plate, but it was his first time getting back into the feel of hitting since his hand was injured. “It looked like it was his first day. (Today) Was just a timing issue,” said David Pierce. The optimism with Duplantier should help him get back into his groove of swinging the bat sooner rather than later. The 3-game sweep over Cal State Fullerton sweep marks a great weekend for Texas as they bounced back from their 1-2 Shriners College Classic performance. Texas will look to build on this streak against Abilene Christian on Wednesday at 6:30 PM, which you can watch on the Longhorn Network or listen to on 104.9 FM The Horn.
  3. Texas suffered their first loss of the season Friday night against LSU in what was a well-matched meeting. The 39th matchup between these two teams showcased two programs that have relied on pitching this season, but each had situational hitting that kept the game close. The Longhorns’ RHP Bryce Elder had a solid outing, but felt that two pitches cost him this game. “I battled but it came down to two pitches. You have got to make pitches, and I did not,” said Elder when discussing how the game went. “I thought he was out, but stuff happens. I try to go into games, innings and pitches and control exactly what I can. But the only thing I can control is when the ball is in my hands,” Bryce continued. The two pitches which cost him were the 2nd-inning hanging breaking ball and a 6th-inning hanging slider, which resulted in 3 of the 4 runs for LSU. The Tigers’ 2nd run of the game did not come without controversy though. After retiring two batters on 6-straight sliders, Elder threw a 7th slider, which was a chopper to Trey Faltine. Faltine fielded the baseball and made a great play to get the out at first, preventing the runner at third base from scoring. A coaches challenge sent this replay upstairs, which is different from the usual umpire’s review that Texas has experienced this season. This MLB-style of review overturned the call, resulting in the second-run for LSU. When asked about his thoughts on the decision, head coach David Pierce was disappointed. “It made no sense to overturn it, it made no sense at all. So it was a really poor use of the replay,” Pierce concluded. The overturned call served as fuel for Texas though, as the team responded in the top of the 3rd inning with 2 runs to tie the game. DJ Petrinsky provided run support first with his first home-run the season. Next, Douglas Hodo forced a 6-pitch walk, Austin Todd hit a single, and Duke Ellis forced an 11-pitch walk. But Texas could only convert 1 run from this, via Zach Zubia’s sacrifice fly. Texas left 2 runners on base in the top of the 3rd, which was half of the team’s 4 LOB. Texas also scored again in the 4th inning, as Faltine’s HBP resulted in a run. An Eric Kennedy bunt forced an error, moving Faltine to 3B and Kennedy to 2B. Petrinsky followed these ABs up by providing a sacrifice fly that scored Faltine and moved Kennedy to 3B, but that was all that Texas produced. Another runner was left on base in scoring position, which could have been helpful as the Longhorns’ offense struggled. The Tigers’ lead came in the 6th inning, following Elder’s dominance in the 3rd through 5th innings. After an error by Elder on a chopper hit back to him, LSU’s Daniel Cabrera took advantage of a high slider, sending it over the right field fence. Texas conceded a lot of strikeouts Friday evening. Cole Henry struck out 10 Texas batters in 6 innings, while reliever Jaden Hill had 6 strikeouts in 3 innings. This pitching dominance by LSU was a showcase of their talent, but also a reminder that the Longhorns are young. The youth will continue to learn as it faces better competition, from batters’ approaches to capitalizing on RISP. When ask if he was disappointed in his guys’ at-bats, Coach Pierce was reminded about the youth on his team. “You got some really young guys going up against really good stuff. You are always disappointed because you (have) got to find a way,” said Pierce. The LSU pitching was still impressive, especially Hill, whose fastball reached 98 MPH and had a well located slider. It was an eye opener for Texas to face some of the best pitchers in the country this early in the season, and it will only benefit them moving forward. Despite the loss, the Longhorns have the right mindset headed into their Saturday evening matchup against Arkansas. “I think they are ticked off, and I hope they are. (But) They have got that right mentality; they have got that passion. They will be ready to go tomorrow,” said Pierce. Texas will look to bounce back against Arkansas at 7 PM on Saturday evening. You can watch the game on AT&T SportsNet, or tune into any of the Astros streaming networks.
  4. The Longhorns found themselves in their first bout of adversity Sunday during their series finale against Boise State. Due to some sloppy fielding early, Texas was able to get ahead and stay ahead for most of the game. In the 9th inning, the Longhorns’ luck caught up with them. Leadoff hitter Geon Hyoung Kim hit a 2-run home run with 2 outs to tie the game at 5-5, forcing Texas into its first extra innings of the season. Luckily for Texas, Cam Williams came through with a 2-run walkoff home run for the win. Pitching Texas starter Coy Cobb had a solid first 5 innings, but that has continued to be a hump which he has struggled to overcome. Cobb made it through the first five innings throwing 66 pitches and allowing only 1 run, 3 hits and 1 walk with 3 strikeouts, but fell apart in the 6th inning. He hit the first batter, walked the second batter and threw 2 consecutive balls to the next batter, prompting Texas to make a change. “(Cobb) Got through 5 (innings) and that has kind of been his nemesis,” said Pierce. Cobb’s final stat line saw him throw 76 pitches through 5 innings, allow 2 earned runs, 3 hits, 2 walks, 1 HBP, and cumulate 3 strikeouts. Tristan Stevens relieved Cobb, filling into a situational role that Texas has found him suitable for this season. Stevens defused the momentum in 10 pitches, striking out 1 and allowing Austin Todd and Zach Zubia to make great plays in the field to end the inning. Cole Quintanilla and Donny Diaz struggled in their appearances Sunday, as both pitchers allowed critical hits leading to runs in the late innings to the game. Quintanilla got 2 quick outs in the 7th inning, but after a walk and a single to right field, allowed 1 run to score before striking out the #3 hitter Michael Hicks for Boise State. Diaz’s struggle came in the 9th inning, also after he cumulated 2 quick outs. Following a single to the pinch hitter Matthew Farman, Geon Hyoung Kim hit a two-run home run to tie the game. Diaz’s leash was short after this, and he was relieved by Mason Bryant shortly after. Andre Duplantier, Mason Bryant and Dawson Merryman were efficient in their performances, and retired each batter they faced. Duplantier’s 8-pitch inning in the 8th and Merryman’s 14-pitch inning in the 10th were exactly what the Longhorns’ needed. Bryant came in for 1 batter in the 9th and closed that out to minimize any further damage. These critical relief roles are what Texas needs to build on as they get into tougher matchups down the stretch. Defense The Texas defense is becoming an important feature to the entire team dynamic. With the exception of Cam Williams’ overthrow of Zach Zubia in the 2nd inning, the defense was great today. Zubia finished with 18 put outs, which is the most for a Texas player since Tres Barrera has 20 put outs on April 3rd of 2015. Zubia is looking more and more like a natural first baseman, which is a testament to his offseason regiment. His hard work has paid off, and anybody could see it with his showcase of effort, especially with his 4 unassisted plays. Austin Todd showed some arm strength from the outfield today, as his 9-6 force-out assist in the 6th inning was a great play in a critical time. Trey Faltine’s poise has become something impressive to watch. Him and Williams accounted for 9 assists today, which shows how well these two are working together under Tulowitzki. Williams has had some accuracy issues throwing to first, as he has overthrown Zubia twice, but when he collects himself before throwing, his throws are on the money. Moving forward I am sure Tulowitzki will continue to emphasize this poise amongst all of the defensive players. It shows a mature side of this young Texas team. Offense The Texas hitters found a more even distribution of hits amongst their lineup today. Douglas Hodo contributed with to the scoresheet today, as he hit 2 for 3 with 2 walks, accounting for 2 runs and 1 RBI. With Hodo’s speed, his presence as a baserunner is critical in helping the team score in close games. Eric Kennedy fed of yesterday’s home run, as he had 1 hit and 2 walks on the day. Trey Faltine continued his success at the plate with 1 hit, 1 run scored and 1 perfectly executed sacrifice bunt. 1-2-3 in the Texas lineup continued to make their marks, accounting for 4 of the 7 RBIs on Sunday. Austin Todd finished with 2 extra-base hits, 2 RBIs and scored once. Duke Ellis tallied 0 hits, but made his impact Sunday with team ABs. Ellis finished with 1 walk, 1 HBP, and 1 sacrifice fly, accountable for his 1 RBI, a true showcase of team baseball. Zach Zubia made an impact today with 1 RBI and 1 hit. Despite the solid performances from the other guys, the offensive game changer had to be Cam Williams. Williams faced the adversity of extra innings like a veteran, hitting a walk-off two-run homer over left-field. This poise from Williams was that of a stone cold killer, and he responded that way after the game. “I knew what it was… as soon as it was coming in(side) I knew it was going to leave (the field),” said Williams. He also exercised the selflessness of a veteran. “I’m happy I could do it for the team. It’s all about the team. We do a lot of hard work here and helps to be able to do that for the team,” Williams stated. OVERVIEW Through these first 8 games, Texas has only dealt with true adversity once, in their series finale on Sunday. When asked about this, Williams believed the team was ready to respond like they did. “We are tough, we have got grit. We have got everything we want; everything we need,” said Williams. Zubia also chimed in on the team Coach Pierce thought this weekend’s test was important for him and the coaches to see. They were able to watch the tendencies of the players and see how they react. Pierce said, “We responded without going in there and panicking. (The guys) Just stayed with the group.” Pierce was also praising the team’s mentality to grind. He stated, ‘They have been willing to go out there and put in the time and enjoy that kind of grind; it is something that they enjoy doing.” When speaking about Williams’ impact, Pierce was quick to praise his work ethic. “He’s probably the most strenuous worker on the team. He leads the way. I saw him one day in early winter. I was looking out from the Player Development Center. It was raining, about 30 degrees, and he (Williams) was taking ground balls as if it was the first game. That tells you something,” said Pierce. This is what Texas had from Williams all weekend, as he was making his impact felt, on the offensive end and at third base. The Longhorns now have as many series sweeps as they did in 2019 (LSU, Xavier). With this continued mentality and momentum, Texas looks to improvement on some weaker aspects of their game on Tuesday against Sam Houston State. Texas host the Sam Houston State Bearkats at UFCU Disch-Falk Field at 7:00 PM CST on Tuesday evening. You can watch the game on the Longhorn Network or listen to the action on 104.9 The Horn.
  5. Saturday’s matchup between the Longhorns and Boise State showcased a battle of pitchers. Pitching Texas’ starter Ty Madden, coming off a shutout performance last weekend, was looking to repeat his dominance against the Broncos. He was ready for the occasion, as he allowed just 1 run and 2 hits in his 102-pitch complete game. This complete game was the first CG for Texas since May 4th of 2019 (Blair Henley against Kansas). When asked about how his pitches were working, Madden shared that, “Fastball command was not that great in the beginning, and I left some balls over the plate. Then I knew that (Boise State) started sitting fastball, so in about the 3rd or 4th inning I started mixing it up.” This dominant win by Madden brings his record to 2-0 and finds his ERA sitting at 1.00. Boise State’s starter was also impressive. RHP Mitch Lines allowed 1 run, 2 hits and 1 walk in the first inning, but was nearly perfect from that point on. With Boise State’s 75-pitch limit on their pitchers this weekend, Lines was limited to 5 innings of work (73 pitches). He did the most with those innings, tallying 7 strikeouts and allowing a total of 3 hits, 1 walk and 1 run. When asked about the Longhorns’ pitching performance after the game, Coach Pierce stated the team had, “Great pitching and defense, and when we do that we have got a chance to win every game.” Defense Ty Madden’s 7 strikeouts through 9 innings meant that the defense was pretty busy Saturday afternoon. One of the busiest infielders was Cam Williams, who was a brick wall at third base. He accounted for 6 assists today, showcasing his skillset of covering ground, throwing on the run and overall arm strength. Williams has settled in nicely at third base, and is a nice compliment to Trey Faltine at shortstop. Faltine had another great day defensively, which is seeming like more and more of a normal feat for him. He account for 3 put outs and 2 assists on the day. Eric Kennedy was another impact player, as he made three solid catches in one inning to prevent Boise State from getting any momentum. The Texas defense is clearly one of their strengths, therefore the pitchers will have comfort knowing they can rely on the other 8 positions to make plays for them as long as they put the ball in play. Offense Offensively, the Longhorns’ struggle continued. Friday night’s performance was slightly misleading as walks allowed by Boise State gave Texas more chances to score. The pitching on Saturday for Boise State was much more competitive though, and the offense had a hard time capitalizing on runners in scoring position. The 1-2-3 hitters of Austin Todd, Duke Ellis and Zach Zubia accounted for 5 of the team’s 8 hits. Although Texas has scored in the 1st inning in 6 of their first 7 games, it is largely due to Todd, Ellis and Zubia. When asked about the hitting struggles against Boise State’s pitching, Coach Pierce was a bit vexed. “It gets frustrating when you see that because you only think that velocity guys can do that to you,” said Pierce. The team’s 8 hits only translated into 2 runs, an indication of the struggle Texas is having at the plate. There were a few notable performances from the bottom 6 of the order though. An unlikely clutch player Saturday afternoon was Eric Kennedy, who hit a go-ahead home-run in the 7th inning, his first of the season. This was important for the game script, as it gave the Longhorns the 2-1 lead, but also for Kennedy’s confidence. Another offensive impact player was Trey Faltine, who got on base 3 of his 4 at bats. His plate discipline an asset for the Longhorns, as he puts himself in more offensive situations where he can score. Although he did not score today, Faltine is putting himself in the position to help the team in any game. DH Peyton Powell had a solid performance Saturday, as he hit a deep line-drive to the left-centerfield gap for a double. This was clearly what Pierce was referring to when he said that Powell was beginning to look like the guy Pierce thought he was. Last Thursday Pierce stated that Powell, “Has really started to look like the guy we thought he was. He has a good swing and eye, but now he is getting some confidence in there.” Powell’s improvements were put on display Saturday afternoon, and I am sure he will get more opportunities now to prove himself moving forward. The Texas offense is probably the weakest part of the team thus far this season, but also showcases potential. If the offense can get some more consistency from the middle and end of the order, they will be able to make teams suffer. Andre Robertson and BHM On a day that honored Andre Robertson, the first African American to play baseball at he University of Texas, as a part of Black History Month, Coach Pierce was asked about impact of having five black athletes on the baseball team now. “We’re very proud of our diversity right now; we have the most diversity in the history of the University of Texas baseball and the most diversity in Big 12 baseball. I have never looked at color when we recruit, (and) I love the fact that we have so many kids coming together and the type of society that we live in right now,” said Pierce. He continued, stating that, “We have different personalities that are really meshing together, (and it) reminds me a little bit of Tulane, when we represented so many states. Now we are having it with diversity and it’s really cool.” Having five young black baseball players on this team is important and overall great for both Texas and baseball. If you want to hear more about Andre Robertson, check out the conversation between Robertson and Junior Kameron Fields on the Longhorn Network. Texas will face off against Boise State for the series finale on Sunday, with first pitch at 12:30 PM CST. Tune into the Longhorn Network to watch the game or listen in on 104.9 FM The Horn.
  6. In Boise State University’s first NCAA baseball game in 40 years, Longhorns’ RHP Bryce Elder put on a dominant welcoming showcase Friday night. Pitching Elder had almost everything go his way in his second start of the season. He commanded both the zone and the Boise State batters, setting the tone with 11 pitches in the first inning. Elder finished the evening with 7 innings pitched using only 106 pitches, ultimately resulting in 1 walk, 3 hits allowed and 11 strikeouts (3rd time in career). “I felt great tonight. Command felt good in the first inning, I lost it a bit in the second inning, but I felt that my fastball was working the best today,” said Elder. The relief pitching was also promising for the Longhorns, as 1-inning efforts from Dawson Merryman and Jared Southard contributed to the win. Merryman’s 8th inning saw him strikeout 2 batters and force a groundout with the other, all in 9 pitches. This sharply contrasted his last outing, as he showcased efficiency and consistency. Southard allowed one hit, but his velocity and command struck out the other 3 batters he faced in the 9th inning. This dominant pitching performance is exactly what the Longhorns’ pitchers needed moving forward, as a cumulative 16-strikeout performance builds confidence. Offense The Texas offense in the first half of the game was steered by the 1-2-3 batters of Austin Todd, Duke Ellis and Zach Zubia. These three combined to hit 6 for 13 on the evening, while the rest of the team hit 3 for 20. This leadership from the older guys was nice, as it helped the offense early, but the younger guys in the latter half to order should begin to gain their footing as the season goes on. Scoring broke open in the first inning with Zubia hitting a ground rule double and adding 2 RBIs to make his team-high total of RBIs 9. Ellis’ 2 for 4 display tonight added to his team-high season average, which is now at .421. He also had a quality at-bat in the 7th inning, but the SS robbed him of a line-drive base hit. Todd may have had his best game of the season, as he hit 3 for 5 with an RBI. Two newcomers who did alright in the back half of the order were Trey Faltine and Cam Williams. Faltine had an infield single and an RBI, bringing his RBI season total to 5 (2nd on the team). Cam Williams continued to put solid contact on the baseball, as he had a 2-out RBI single to left field that scored Kennedy from second base. Additionally, Defense Due to the dominant pitching performances tonight, the defense was only responsible for 11 of the 27 outs. Although this meant the defense was not as busy, they did a good job making plays. Brenden Dixon had a great diving grab in the 8th inning to stop a basest in the 3-4 hole, turning it into a nice 4-3 put out. Beyond this, the defense did an effective job of keeping the baseball in front of them, as the defense allowing 0 extra-base hits. Overview After speaking with the Boise State media personnel, the Broncos had not practiced outside on a baseball field this spring until Thursday evening. With this and the fact that their pitching staff is dealing with injuries (#1 pitcher, an Oregon State transfer, injured), the team was bound to have some growing pains in the program’s first game in 40 years. With that being said, the Longhorns were able to do enough with the bolstering performance of their pitching staff to get the win. One constructive criticism for the team is that they need to work on not playing down to their opponents. The although it is early in the season, DJ Petrinsky and Douglas Hodo can take this weekend to work on getting out of their offensive ruts, as they both had multiple strikeouts (DJ: 4, Hodo: 3). The team still looked collectively cohesive, which is exactly what the Longhorns need daily. The Longhorns play Game 2 of this weekend series on Saturday afternoon, with the first pitch coming at 2 PM CST. Tune into the Longhorn Network to watch or listen in on 104.9 FM The Horn.
  7. After the first inning, Bryce Elder takes care of Boise State offense with 11 pitches. Texas offense starts strong with 2 runs, drove in by Zach Zubia with a 2-run RBI double. Texas gets the Boise State starter Weston's pitch count up to 33 pitches.
  8. The Longhorns hosted the Lamar University Cardinals on Wednesday afternoon at Disch-Falk Field. Despite poor weather conditions the game resulted in a rich experience for Texas’ young pitchers. Pitching While the weather was not good, the Longhorns’ starter Kolby Kubichek was, starting the game with 3 shutout innings. Kubichek had not pitched since last season, and it was great to see him on the field again. He finished his day allowing 2 hits and 2 walks, striking out 3 batters in this 51-pitch outing. After Kubichek the Longhorns resorted to using 3 freshmen pitchers and 2 sophomores throughout the night. Owen Meaney came in to relieve Kubichek, and proceeded to impress in the proceeding 3 innings. Meaney put together a flawless outing, throwing 42 pitches and allowing 0 hits, 0 walks and striking out 3. Meaney then made way for Freshman Will Swope, who had more of a learning experience during his first outing in burnt orange. Swope started strong forcing a fly-out, but could not get rhythm after this. Following a walk, Swope allowed a single, a sacrifice fly, and a double. The nerves may have gotten to him, but this was a great teaching moment for Pierce as he evaluates each pitcher’s performance. Swope was then replaced by Freshman Sam Walbridge, who pitched to one batter, and walked him on a full count, loading the bases and causing another change. While Walbridge did not deliver, this was another great teaching moment for him to learn from. André Duplantier, already with two appearances this season, relieved Walbridge following the walk, and proceeded to strike out the next batter in 3 pitches to end the 7th inning. Duplantier went on to pitch in the 8th inning as well, allowing 1 walk, no hits and striking out 2 more batters, bringing his strikeout total to 3. Sophomore Mason Bryant came in to close the game. Although he allowed 2 hits in the 9th inning, he managed to strike out 1 batter and did not allow any runs. Offense Offensively, Lamar allowed 8 baserunners from walks or HBPs (6 and 2, respectively). This gave the Longhorns many chances to score, which they capitalized on in the 2nd inning. Austin Todd’s single hit on the night came at this time with a double in the right field gap, driving in three runs. This situational hitting is exactly what the team needs to capitalize on moving forward. A sacrifice fly by Murphy Stehly in the 6th inning was another display of this situational hitting, and is something the team can grow on as they prepare for Boise State this weekend. The newcomers presented another strong hitting performance, as Trey Faltine, Cam Williams and Douglas Hodo all finished with 1 hit each on the night. Additionally, each of these three reached the base path twice more on walks or HBP’s, displaying their plate discipline. Defense Defensively, Texas took pretty good care of the baseball. There were a few mistakes, such as a mistimed slide behind first base which saw Brenden Dixon drop the baseball. Zach Zubia also had a short-hop line drive that got through his legs, which Faltine made a bad flip on a great fielder’s choice fielding play up the middle (the only counted error). These can all be easily fixed, and are growing moments for these guys moving forward. One positive out of each of these mistakes was that the guys did not get upset. They instead kept their poise and were ready for the next play. This is the mentality that the Longhorns need if they want to continue their winning ways beyond the first 5 games. Overview Texas learned a lot about their pitching staff tonight, which is important for them moving forward. The young guys have a lot to learn, but it was great to see them get their feet wet. The newcomers made an impact yet again on offense. I am looking forward to watching their progress in the series against Boise State. The defense is learning instead of dwelling, which is the mindset of a winning ball club. As the competition gets better, Texas will need to maintain this mentality. The Longhorns begin their home opening series on Friday as they host the Boise State Broncos. The first pitch is at 7:00 PM CST at UFCU Disch-Falk Field. If you cannot make it out to The Disch, tune into the Longhorn Network to watch or 104.9 FM The Horn to listen to the game.
  9. The Longhorns’ newcomers were on display tonight in a win against UTSA. Pitching Redshirt sophomore right-hander Cole Quintanilla made his first career start, different from his customary relief duties. Quintanilla struggled early on, throwing 7 balls out of his first 11 pitches. After allowing a run to score on a fielder’s choice, he settled down and escaped the first inning with only one run against him. The next three innings went much more smoothly for Quintanilla, as he accumulated 5 strikeouts. Tristan Stevens relieved Quintanilla and pitched the fifth and sixth innings and achieving his second win of the season in the process. Stevens was extremely efficient and strong for the Longhorns, finishing his two innings of work with 1 strikeout and 1 hit allowed (19 pitches total). The California freshman left-hander Pete Hansen came in for the three-inning save, which he managed well. In his three scoreless innings of work he finished with 4 strikeouts, zero walks, and only 3 hits allowed. The off-speed command was also impressive, adding dynamism to the left-handed pitching staff for Texas moving forward. Offense The new faces ran the offense this evening, as Trey Faltine, Silas Ardoin and Cam Williams drove in 5 of the Longhorns’ 6 runs. This trio also accounted for 4 of the Longhorns’ 5 hits on the night, coming up big in crucial scenarios. Ardoin broke the scoring open for the Longhorns in the fifth with a double to the right field fence, which drove in 2 runs. Williams continued this streak by hitting a line drive that hit off the glove of the UTSA right fielder. This drove in 2 more runs, but ended in Williams getting thrown out at third base on the play. Zach Zubia also contributed to the scoring again, driving in a run with a sacrifice fly in the fifth inning. Zubia is looking good thus far, translating his preparation in the offseason to results on the field. This is a great display of early season leadership that Texas fans are hoping he continues throughout this 2020 season. Defense Trey Faltine and Brenden Dixon are turning out to be a lethal duo in the middle infield, making more and more plays, especially the former. Faltine made three off balance plays against the Roadrunners that you do not see from many freshmen, if not many college players. His flair and poise, skills partially his own and those taught by coach Troy Tulowitzki, have meshed really well with his playing style thus far, and should help the Longhorns’ defensively if he stays healthy. Another infielder who is showcasing his impact defensively is Zach Zubia. His offseason preparation is benefitting him on both sides of the baseball. Since his hiccup against Rice early this weekend where he dropped a foul ball pop-up, he has been a wall at first base. Tonight he made some impressive picks with ease, making him look like a natural at the position, something Texas needed coming into the season. Outfielder Austin Todd made an audacious effort to throw out a baserunner at third base in the fourth inning, part of what was already a broken play, proceeding to make it even worse. His throw soared into the top of the netting above the visitor dugout, awarding the baserunner with the extra 90-feet and a run on the scoreboard. Moving forward, minimizing the damage on already broken plays will be important for Texas. Overview Texas started out slow in the home opener, but after they settled down, showcased the potential of both their frequent starters and their newcomers. Moving forward, maximizing the potential of every player will be important, because as Coach Pierce said last Thursday, “Not everybody is going to start, but everybody has a role.” Texas plays again on Wednesday evening, hosting Lamar University for a 4 PM CST start time. You can tune in to the Longhorn Network to watch the game or listen in on 104.9 FM The Horn.
  10. The Texas Longhorns (3-0) finished their opening weekend strong, notching a series sweep against the Rice Owls. The team did so by winning 7-4 on Friday night, 4-0 Saturday afternoon, and holding off a late comeback to win 5-4 on Sunday. Friday Home runs led the way for the Longhorns on opening night. Texas finished the day with three and finished the weekend with five. The most notable offensive player on the night was Murphy Stehly, who finished with three hits and fell only a triple short of hitting for the cycle. His efforts Friday were something coach David Pierce thought could be possible. At Thursday’s presser, Pierce said “Murphy Stehly has been very consistent, doing things right. At the end of the spring he was the best hitter.” The spring preparation absolutely benefitted Stehly in his debut for the Longhorns, and I am sure it was even more special as he did it honoring John Altobelli with No. 14 on his back. Starter Bryce Elder had a difficult second inning but recovered and finished the night strong. Elder allowed two earned runs on four hits in 6.0 innings pitched (on 84 pitches). While he did have a walk and three HBPs, he should be able to improve his command as he nails down his four pitch arsenal. Saturday On Saturday, pitching carried the Longhorns. While the offense had six hits (two home runs), Ty Madden had an impressive season debut. Madden allowed just four hits, two walks, struck out seven, and allowed zero earned runs in six innings of work (on 80 pitches). Freshman-southpaw Pete Hansen continued this admirable effort by pitching two innings with two strikeouts, allowing just one hit. Sunday Sunday was a showcase of team resilience. Tristan Stevens was awarded with the win due to his relief efforts in the fifth inning, Duplantier had an inning of work allowing no hits, and Donny Diaz came in to grab his second save of the weekend. On the offensive end, Senior DJ Petrinsky finished the day with two doubles and a walk on four ABs, with one RBI to add to his solid day. The offense was able to respond to Rice’s efforts of a comeback, putting up two runs in the top of the fifth inning and allowing Donny Diaz to shut down the offensive momentum the Owls got late. Weekend Overview The offensive starlets for the Longhorns were Junior Zach Zubia and Senior Duke Ellis. Zubia finished the weekend with three extra base hits and six RBIs, while Ellis led the team with five hits this weekend, two of which were extra base hits. Defensively, the team did much better Saturday and Sunday, with the infield working more cohesively as they get more comfortable on the diamond. The pitching was overall impressive, especially from the starter Ty Madden and bullpen guys André Duplantier and Donny Diaz. Moving forward, look for Coy Cobb and Bryce Elder to improve on their solid starts against as they game more confidence and command. WHAT’S NEXT Texas will face off against UTSA on Tuesday night at Disch-Falk Field at 6:30 PM CST. You can watch this game on the Longhorn Network or listen to the game on 104.9 FM The Horn.

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