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  1. There has to be shared responsibility between the players and the coaches. If you have a guy that is getting burned or gashed you either have to get him to dial in better or sit him on the bench and allow some else to take his place even though that player might not be as talented. Who knows it might make the started focus better when or if he re-enters the game. On the other side of the ball it seems that we never adjusted to the pressure that Casey was getting in the second half. I don't know what Sark's playbook looks like but having Casey continually trying to stay in a collapsing pocket was an exercise in futility. It reminded me of the Arkansas game when Sark had a lost look on his face. Maybe its just me.
  2. It was the tale of two defenses. How can we have played so well the first half and so poorly the second? With the coaching prowess that we have on the sidelines how could they have allowed this to happen? You could see the handwriting on the wall but no one knew how to stop it. Remember 2018 when we were going into the 4th quarter up 45-24 and OU scored 3 TD's. I chalked it up as a Herman issue but now history has repeated itself. You just sit and wonder why?
  3. I only ask because if you cannot identify which one of these issues is the problem you cannot fix it.
  4. Question for the experts. Are the issues with the Texas defense: A. Talent B. Scheme C. Both D. Consistency
  5. Longhorns defensive rankings: 2005 Championship season - 9th 2016 - 106th 2017 - 94th 2018 - 42nd 2019 - 45th 2020 - 106th I think we will win this game but have no clue as to the score. I do know that we will have at least 1 point more than Ok State.
  6. That would be a Saban question. He has proven that it can be done.
  7. This forum has been a wonderful place for me to vent my frustrations but honestly I’m so tired of being frustrated that I have no comment regarding today’s game. I’m a fan and always will be but regretfully I have been beaten into submission to the point that there is no point for me to make anymore. The years of losing and empty promises have rendered me speechless. Maybe it’s time to let the coaches figure it out, after all they are making the high salaries to do just that. I will still cheer and hope that one of these years we will see the return of the Texas Longhorns to a championship. Until then I will try to keep the faith and enjoy reading all of your comments on the progression or digression of the program.
  8. For those that were offended by my post I can only say that the observations about that game was what I saw to be the issues. I thought that this forum was about having a platform to share your thoughts about the Longhorn program and success or lack thereof. No one wants them to succeed more than I do. And don’t worry I will never have any influence on those that are making the decisions for the program. Hook’em
  9. I said it in another post. Different actors but the same movie. In 7 years we have tried 3 different coaches that to one degree or another was successful before coming to Texas. Once they arrived in Austin the movie stayed the same and we simply circled the block. The jury is still out on Sark but have to say the direction of the program seems all to familiar. I am trying to ask the most pertinent question that I can about what is going on at the University of Texas. We know about scheming, strength and conditioning, development, etc... But what is it really that has prevented us from having success over the past 15 years. I don't know. I hear its the coaching, the culture, the BMD's... The truth is no one has yet been able to solve the riddle tat is the Texas Longhorn football program. Possibly someone out there knows just what the problem is but can't get those that have their fingers on the controls of the program to go about fixing it. As a fan the embarrassment and frustration of seeing the same thing year end and year out from the Longhorns is disheartening. We are as consistent on the other side of the leger as Alabama is. I just wonder how different things would be if Nick Saban was coaching at UT. I'm not at all saying that its impossible to fix the issues that Texas has had over the past decade and a half. The question is who other than Saban could slay the dragon and bring the Longhorns back to prominence and make them the elite team that all UT fans wish them to be?
  10. And one more thing. I could deal with a loss to Arkansas but not the way we loss and not by 19 points.
  11. Reasons for the ass whipping: 1. Poor mental preparation for the hostile atmosphere 2. Absolute abysmal play calling 3. Putting in the backup QB was way too late 4. No offensive line development in run and pass blocking 5. Defensive was okay for the first half but was out to lunch the second half 6. No foresight to acquire better offensive lineman from the portal 7. No real responsibility from Sark for the failures of the entire team and coaches. It seems that all we have done is change the actors but the movie is the same as it has been for the past 15 years. It's sad for the fanbase. I understand that some fans go overboard and will start calling for Sark to be fired after the Arkansas fiasco. The reason for all of the unreasonable comments and the lashing out is because the fanbase has seen this same movie before and the frustration level is at an all time high. We are all sick of the same crap every year and the embarrassment that we all feel from a Texas Longhorn team that never fails to disappoint. We hire a new coach and think that he will finally bring Texas back. It never happens. While its still early and the total picture on the Sark hire is not yet clear, hope and confidence is quickly fading that we will ever be back to the elite level. I don't know what the answer is and I don't think anyone else does. There is just something about the University of Texas that makes it nearly impossible to succeed.
  12. It's hard to not be excited about the possibilities that Sark brings to Texas. I hope he can manage all of the off the filed stuff as well as he manages the offense on the filed. He seems to exude confidence on what he understands about football and what it takes to win. After the Urban Meyer hangover I know for myself I felt let down. I have to say honestly that he seems to be a great hire. Of course winning will determine that.
  13. To quote an over used phrase, "So your saying there's a chance."
  14. God I hope it's number 2....well you know what I mean.
  15. Wasn't it only a couple of months between committing and de committing? Seems like he knew the that beforehand. I'm certain his parents were involved so I don't think you can assume his choice was one of an inexperience teenage kid. I can see the possibility that TH bad mouthed him. I find that very believable. He likely had OSU as a second choice and took it when he felt betrayed.

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