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  1. Hindsight being 2020... Mack and Charlie should of stayed put.
  2. nice to see people coming around to appreciating Mack again.
  3. I've seen this mentioned two or three times.... any verification tho ? Somebody got a recruiting meter on this dude or what ? Or is this just scarlett and gray spin from the buckeye fanalysts ?
  4. Might add that he is still married to his wife today and the incident was a decade ago.
  5. You gotta wonder if he and his family would be willing to be put under the scrutiny of the media concerning the past.
  6. Football wise, yes he would be, but I understand that many will never let him live down having an affair with a student trainer.
  7. Hopefully the University President doesn't have to hop on a learjet in the middle of the night to convince someone at Tulsa to come coach at Texas this time.
  8. Major Applewhite was the OC for Herman at Houston... just saying.
  9. I guess the numbers never lie but what my eyes saw was an offense who could never find a rhythm, or any momentum up until the tech game.
  10. Just saw that Blake Gideon was hired away from UH by Lane Kiffin and Ole Miss....... poop
  11. I have never said anything of the sort. Thought it was nuts when they gave Orlando 1.7 million.... think it’s crazy that they are paying Tom Herman 5 million without a national title.

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