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  1. @Sirhornsalot Wow... Someone got his/her feelings hurt. What I do know, is this board sure went ?!!!!!!!
  2. @primal defense ??????. What’s that?
  3. @java Good game Horns. I will be pulling for you all year. One heck of a team! Just not good enough tonight...
  4. @primal defense hahaha!! You had to pull the teenager/kid behind the computer comment! Real original! Keep it up. You might just go places in life. Stats don’t matter. The TX/USC was one of the greatest games ever. I did cheer for TX. That was a long time ago though...
  5. @Sirhornsalot get out more?! Dude... I’ve traveled all over the world managing projects. I guarantee I’ve visited more places on accident then you have tuned to in your TV! Why would I defend BR? I don’t live there... love the culture, love the water, love the people, love the state, as I do Texas. Just don’t love or like the Longhorns... and I surely don’t like you!!! Maybe I could, I just can’t right now, we are about to play each other!!!! Have fun cheering on your team as I will do the same. Drink a good Texas beer for me. Shiner Bock and Deep Ellum is my fav.
  6. @Sirhornsalot you are truly delusional!! California people flock to Austin because it’s a liberal infested city that allows unprecedented crazy views to take over! Not a true Texas city any longer and I live in Texas...
  7. @Sirhornsalot BYU 41-7!!! So funny!!! We all lose games we are supposed to win, but not year in year out! The state of Texas is ashamed to claim Austin as a city.FACT!
  8. Troll. Not. If you all are hanging you hat on the past performances would you really like me to bring up the laughable losses UT has?!!!! You guys are freaking mental! You do know that you are as equal to TAM in thinking you are the only school on earth!
  9. Gonna be a long night for TX. If their secondary doesn’t show up like last night, they might as well throw in the towel! Oh, and that LSU entire defense is NASTY! Score prediction 45-10 LSU.

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