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  1. I know that it’s a cut throat business, but man that stinks for him..
  2. Lol what is going on. https://twitter.com/BDavisAAS/status/1352619206131515393?s=20
  3. Sounds like this is the same situation as with Lanning. An offer has been extended... now we wait...
  4. Whenever I would ask a girl out and she’d say no I would also deny ever offering.
  5. Lanning was definitely offered. I guess it doesn’t really matter other than to stroke our own egos, but we were told no.
  6. Agreed. We just took a kick to the nuts. Give us a minute lmao.
  7. I don’t think Dodd said anything incorrect. Lanning was offered the job.
  8. He’s a grade risk I have heard. Unlikely he makes it to Lawrence by the fall, but we shall see.
  9. Looks like both Brockermeyer's have been fonged. I can't tell to who due to the pay wall, but my guess is Bama...
  10. Are there any that have indicated they will NOT sign tomorrow?
  11. They could be full at corner but if Ringo wants in you take him.

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