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  1. Even if not tonight my refresh button is worn out.
  2. I’ve said all along this is my must land outside of Arch.
  3. Walton is a stud I remember him against Liberty Hill. He’s just gets off the ball.
  4. Honestly, I hope that comes our way he is my must land outside of arch. Chris Simms/Cory Redding. Who’s the Cory Redding?
  5. Still have to produce and show these recruits that we’re headed in the right direction.
  6. These coaches are doing good but at the end of the day it’s a long way until December
  7. Derion is a great prospect it’s horrible to hear he will miss his senior year.
  8. USF fans don’t like him and he got let go at Syracuse
  9. I think regardless of where Arch lands it will be a war to keep him committed. Others won’t throw in the towel. I’m saying this because I’m still traumatized when Ewers decommitted two years ago.

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