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  1. If Perkins goes to Florida that would be huge for Napier. Perkins is a baller. Like his play on the field.
  2. If the 2023 cycle is bad then the 2022 season must have been a disaster. 23 cycle depends how the season goes.
  3. The 2023 class needs to be big for Texas. Another class of o-line and d-line is going to be big. WR and LB is the top priority. 23 cycle needs to be big for Texas considering the move to the SEC coming up.
  4. Yep would be nice to get him but not feeling it.
  5. Does Caleb Williams go to USC to follow Riley?
  6. Love the optimism on here. I’m just tired of winning the offseason. I’m taking this as what have you done for me lately type of situation.
  7. Texas is second fiddle to OU until further notice. Got to beat them in October.
  8. I’m predicting Texas for those guys. Campbell and Turner-Gooden

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