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  1. Texas needs to play their A+ game on Saturday and they can’t take plays off.
  2. The question is Texas fired up on Saturday? Can Texas be physical and win the line of scrimmage battle? It’s about playing to a standard. This game and the Oklahoma State game next week will determine the season.
  3. I’m a Frisco Liberty grad and played football there. But Evan Stewart is a great player and improved that program since I graduated there. Probably the best receiver in the country.
  4. Big recruiting weekend. Time for Texas to show out.
  5. With this momentum now we need to close the week with a W on Saturday.
  6. I have no score prediction for this game. I think it will be a tough game. The question is can Texas play to a standard. Can Sark handle success because that’s something that ate the lunches of the previous two regimes. They couldn’t handle success and lose when they weren’t suppose to.
  7. The team has a lot to clean up. I’m liking what I saw. I hope the o-line can improve game by game. Product launch off to a good start.
  8. I have no idea on season prediction. Texas might not be competing for playoffs this year. Sark still has talent on the team. Texas can still have a great year. September 4th is product launch day. I’m judging the staff on that day. Texas only has two players make first team preseason all big 12. The question is can Texas have more than two players make the list along with winning. If that happens product launch was successful.
  9. I’m talking about judging the staff because they don’t have a product to sell yet. I’m sure recruits like Sark, Flood, Banks, and PK’s pitch. But they’ve seen over years guys at Texas fall short and crash and burn. Recruits are smart today.Their product launches on September 4th against the ULL.

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