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  1. There goes the 25 man signing limit. Still required to stay below 85 scholarship players. Top tier schools are probably at their best in regards to talent acquisition if they can recruit small but high quality high school classes and leave plenty of room for incoming transfers. Imagine scouting and recruiting college sophomores instead of high school sophomores. The flipside is, missing on a high school recruit isn't as detrimental since you can process them out and replace them with a transfer.
  2. A solid round 3 at 4 under puts Texas through to Scottsdale with a 4th place finish. Travis Vick finished at 10 under overall and in 2nd place for the tournament. Stanford will advance as well. Michigan did not even make the regionals. 15 seed Notre Dame will be eliminated and #9 seed Washington is in trouble with less than 9 holes remaining and sitting in 8th place. Otherwise, not much in the way of shocking upsets.
  3. Grad transfer so he should be eligible
  4. 2-5 tonight with a bomb (#26), a double and 4 RBIs. He maintains his NCAA lead in HRs, slugging, total bases. He is now first in batting average as well and 4th in OBP. Jumps back into 2nd in RBIs.
  5. And remember, there are really 4 rounds left to be scored (5 players all playing 1 round with the best 4 counting to the score) so a five shot swing isn't nearly as drastic as it sounds when thinking about an individual golf tournament. It is encouraging to know that 3 teams would have to outplay Texas tomorrow for them to drop all the way to 6th. There are really only 8 teams reasonably in contention at this point. All that to say, Texas does not have this wrapped up but would have to play a pretty crummy round while 3 other teams outperform them by a decent margin.
  6. Boomers, take note that this is referred to as "subtweeting". Subtweeting according to urban dictionary is "Indirectly tweeting something about someone without mentioning their name. Even though their name is not mentioned, it is clear who the person tweeting is referring to."
  7. Headlines and articles have mentioned he is no longer on the team roster. However, he, of course, was never on the roster as he has not yet enrolled. Unfortunately, this is the current state of journalism. He was noted to have removed all his Texas mentions from social media which can be a concerning sign. We often see this happen with guys prior to a decommit. However, I would hesitate to read too much into at this point. I'll also say, I would not be too shocked to see him change his mind if Addison comes to Texas. I also wouldn't be too concerned if that is what ends up happening.
  8. After round 2, Texas has moved up to 3rd place. They are still only 5 shots ahead of 6th place so will need to score another solid round to move on. Travis Vick with another solid 5 under to take the individual lead. Stanford is in 2nd place in their regional and in strong position to advance.
  9. This ypg mark would be around #2-#5 in the nation. If things gel, it is definitely possible. Will have to be similar to the 2019 LSU team, or 2009 Texas teams. Create an explosive offense around a potentially shaky OL. Can Sark scheme an explosive offense that hides the OL deficiencies via RPO, quick passing game?
  10. Gotcha. I am also seeing others comment that makes me think some are confused and think that the 85 scholarship limit is going away. Football is certainly the bell cow and the rising tide that will lift all the other ships. When it comes to scholarships, I think the school can afford to fund max scholarships across the board (due to profit made by football) while still pouring plenty of resources into the football program. To your point, the NIL focus should remain on football and I'm sure it will. I do like the idea of Texas dominating the sports landscape across the board though, and I think we have the resources to be able to pull that off.
  11. I think people are misunderstanding the potential changes. To my knowledge, they are not considering changing the 85 man scholarship limit for football. They are considering dropping the 25 man signing limit for each recruiting class. They are considering dropping the limit for equivalency sport like baseball.
  12. This is not related to football, it is related to equivalency sports (sports with a set number of scholarhips regardless of players). Football is a head count sport, meaning 85 athletes can be on scholarship and that scholarship can be 100%. D1 baseball for example can give out only 11.7 scholarships, divided amongst the players on the team. To your point though, we can flex our riches by giving full rides to all student athletes in all sports. 35 full scholarship baseball players will be an advantage over other schools who can't afford to do the same, for example.
  13. Men's golf finished up round 1 of 3 at regionals in 5th place. They are 5 shots off the lead and importantly, 5 shots ahead of 6th place (5 teams will advance). Travis Vick led the charge with a 3rd place 5 under. Top ranked amateur Pierceson Coody was the only Horn to shoot over par and his +1 score was dropped from the team score.
  14. Both teams continue to be ranked #1 overall and actually strengthened their hold on the top billing. The women have a large margin over #2 Florida. According to the rankings update: Texas is the top-ranked team in the National TFRI for an eighth-straight week. The Longhorns added or improved eight national top-10 marks, including a pair of No. 2s from Julien Alfred and Kristine Blazevica in their respective events: Alfred ran 10.80 in the 100; Blazevica scored 6064 in the heptathlon. Alfred also moved to No. 3 on the all-time collegiate list in the 100 with her wind-legal 10.81 in the prelims. The Longhorn sprint contingent turned in a total of seven season best efforts across the 100, 200 and 400 meters that sit among the top-10 on the Descending Order List. The men continue to have tough competition from Alabama. According to the rankings update: Texas and Alabama held steady at No. 1 and No. 2 for the fourth week in a row. To break it down further, the Longhorns have been the top-ranked squad all season long, while the Crimson Tide jumped into the top-5 in Week 4 and never looked back. Texas added or improved four national top-10 marks this past weekend at the Big 12 Outdoor Track & Field Championships, including chart-topping efforts from Micaiah Harris in the 200 at a wind-aided 19.72 and Jonathan Jones in the 400 at 44.43. Alabama added or improved three national top-10 marks this past weekend at the SEC Outdoor Track & Field Championships, headlined by Bobby Colantonio’s now second-ranked heave in the hammer of 72.59m (238-2). https://www.ustfccca.org/team-rankings-polls-central Regionals is the next event on the schedule. Top 12 performance at regionals are needed to advance athletes to the championship event.
  15. As to what's changed, I don't really know. Perhaps CDC decided to start pouring the resources into a top coach, top facilities, etc. I know he basically approaches each coach with the question of, what will it take for your team to reach top 3 or better status. We've seen an overall improvement across the board with CDC on campus which is great (hence why we have a shot to win the directors cup).
  16. 2 dominant performances as both track teams take Big 12 championships. Rankings will be updated tomorrow with results from all conference championships. Texas women have had a pretty wide margin in the rankings so far this year. The men have some strong competition from Bama. Either way, I think top 3 finishes for both team is the floor.
  17. Should come as no surprise but Texas dominated the big12 championships to take home first place winning all 6 races. Still a major favorite to take home the National Championship hardware.
  18. Despite all 5 ranking systems having Texas in the top 16, they will be traveling to 13 seed Washington for the regional. Harder to travel and advance but they will have a decent shot against the Huskies. Michigan and Stanford will both be #2 seeds in regionals as well, Michigan being hosted by 16 seed UCF and Stanford #6 Alabama.
  19. #12 Men's Tennis loses a really tight match to #5 Michigan in 4-2 fashion. 4 sets during the match went to tie-break and Texas lost them all. Winning those tie-breaks alone would have flipped the results of the match. They lost the doubles point 2-1 with 1 set going to tie break. #5 singles match had two tie-breaks with the Texas player dropping both. #1 singles did not finish as the match had concluded but had Eliot Spizzirri won the 2nd set tie break, he would have taken the point. Lots of Texas Fight in this one to keep it this close. Stanford was also eliminated in the sweet 16 as expected. Michigan moves on to face #4 Ohio State. A victory there would add some extra points to Michigan's predicted score.
  20. https://public.tableau.com/app/profile/kyleumlang/viz/CollegeFootballBlueBloods/BlueBloods Texas Twitter and statistics personality Kyle Umlang created an objective measure of blue blood status. He puts in near the bottom of the blue blood tier.
  21. Women's tennis dropped the doubles point but won the first 4 singles matches (5 actually but only 4 count) to move on to the quarterfinals. Stanford dropped their match against OU. Texas will face either #5 Virginia or #12 Oklahoma State next Friday.
  22. Texas softball was eliminated in the semifinals by Oklahoma State. After two video reviews led to 2 oklahoma state runs, coach White was ejected. On the way off the field, he pumps up the fans and then flips the bird to the umps. He went on to post a very sincere apology online. Watch the video and you can see how pumped up the team was. Honestly, I think he regrets the hand gesture but his team knows he has their back going into NCAA play. https://www.heartlandcollegesports.com/2022/05/13/watch-texas-coach-mike-white-flips-off-umpire-at-big-12-softball-game/
  23. Texas Softball beats Tech in run-rule fashion to advance to the semifinals of the big 12 tournament. Texas is currently projected to be a regional host team but probably somewhere in the 12-16 seed range. The win tonight probably sealed their regional host status which was huge. They play Oklahoma State tomorrow and an upset win would then have them face off with #1 ranked OU on Saturday. Losing either game probably has little impact on their seeding but adding two top 10 wins could help them climb a few spots. Unlikely that they could do enough at this point to jump into the top 8. Michigan and Stanford both look like #2 seeds for regionals and will be forced to hit the road for the first weekend of the NCAA tournament.
  24. I like to see Xavier and Whittington there working to recruit another stud WR. Shows these guys want the talent around and aren't looking out just for themselves.

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