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  1. Rodney Terry has been slowing improving his chances of being retained as the head ball coach for Texas next year. After wining the big 12 tournament things remain murky for RT. Had he been upset in round 1 by Colgate, I think he would be in contention for the gig but that would have put a big stain on his Texas coaching resume. Here is what I think regarding his liklihood of being hired on: Lose to Penn State: 40% hired/60% someone else. You could put this at 50/50 as well but I do think Texas brass and fans are tired of underachieving on the big basketball stage Loss in sweet 16: If we lose to 3 seed Xavier, 80% hired/20% someone else. If we lose to 11 seed Pitt, 70%/30% Loss in elite 8: 90+% hired Final 4 or Championship: 100% hired
  2. I haven't done the math across the board but I think Aggy had the worst loss based on the spread today, being a 3 point favorite and losing by 17.
  3. Our guards are pretty good defensively. Really suffocated Colgate's shooters today. I think we can guard Penn States back court as well. A team with a killer big may give us fits bu I think we can handle the little guys.
  4. Current stats say the Texas has the best pitching in the big 12. Obviously, lots of caveats due to difference level of competition. We shall see once big 12 play starts. The offense has been sluggish to start the year but the bats have been better during this home stand.
  5. I think you are on to something here for sure. Being an alcoholic isn't illegal. So Sark can admit to that with no legal ramifications. Had Beard given any explanation of his actions during this pressor it could be used in court as evidence and maybe the dropped charges would be picked back up. I do think he could give a carefully worded statement of regret for whatever occurred and explained how he has rectified things without also admitting guilt on the domestic violence charge.
  6. I expect us to bypass Arkansas this weekend and widen the gap on Stanford a bit. BUT I expect OSU to pass us with some good W swimming and ice hockey this weekend. They also have good wrestling and fencing the following weekend so I think they will continue to hold the edge.
  7. Ogdon and Terry are also both big time Texas guys. Ogdon having played there and Terry having spent a lot of time in Austin as a player and coach as well. IT guys have said Terry's dream job is at Texas.
  8. Heres the thing, neither he nor Randi have come out and denied that physical violence occurred. He refers to her statement from 12/23. She walked back a few things, including the strangling accusation but even then, did not deny a physical altercation. If there was no physical altercation, don't you think we would be hearing that from Beard and/or Randi? Lastly, here is a link to the police affidavit. If you are standing up for coach Beard, how exactly do you explain the injuries that were documented as being observed by the police officers responding (page 3)? https://twitter.com/AnwarRichardson/status/1602441327643594752/photo/3
  9. Hunter has only played 2 years and will likely be back. Mitchell has an NBA decision but scoring less than 5 points a game makes me think he'll be back. Morris should also be back as he likely isn't an NBA pick right now. Disu does have 1 year left, he has played 4 years but one was the covid year. He was honored at senior day but that doesn't preclude a return. Carr, Bishop have played 5 years and exhausted eligibility including the covid year. And yes, Brock has said he will be back. I think the roster will look like G Tyrese Hunter, G Arterio Morris, F Dylan Mitchell, F Brock Cunningham and maybe F Dylan Disu. Plus the 2 incoming freshmen 5 stars and 2 redshirt freshmen (Alex Anamekwe and Rowan Brumbaugh). Will probably need a few portal additions to round it out but could be pretty solid.
  10. I am curious how this situation changes things for Beard as a coach. Can he still pull off the goofy character off the court to inspire the fan with his fireside chats etc? Can he still coach the players the same with them knowing what he has been accused of previously? Will he still be able to recruit 5 star talent while sitting in living rooms with mothers wanting to know if he strangled his fiance?
  11. Your quote was from 2 months before this guy even created his account so I think you may be on to something. Either an existing user who wanted to blast you under a new name. Or a new user who read back through the thread to bring back up some quotes and start an argument. Either way, I don't think he'll be around here long.
  12. I think we got a tough 2nd round. On the other hand, I think we have a great shot if we make it to the 2nd weekend.
  13. Colgate is the best 3 ball shooting team in the nation - 40% as a team. We need to be all over them on defense because they can score a lot, quick. The are a bad FT shooting team, so I am hoping we overplay them at the 3pt line and even if they drive by, foul them and put them on the FT line. They are not a good defensive team. Aggy is very underseeded, they should have been a 5 seed. I don't mind seeing them get the short end of the stick but I also am not too excited about playing them in the round of 32. They had 2 really bad losses early in the year but have been one of the hottest teams in the last month or two.
  14. I had to put some numbers to it. Here ya go: 15 top 200 WRs 7 top 200 RBs 4 top 200 TEs 4 top 200 OTs 5 top 200 CBs 7 top 200 S 8 top 200 Ath 3 top 200 QBs 2 top 200 IOL 10 top 200 LBs 7 top 200 Edges 13 top 200 DL That's 85 of the top 200 players
  15. Looking through Texas offer list, it looks like they are going after multiple (2-5+) top 10 targets at every position. I don't necessarily get the sense that they aren't going after top talent regardless of state.
  16. Womens T&F took 2nd place in a tight one to Arkansas. Had they beat Arkansas in the 4x400 to end the meet, they would have tied for 1st at worst. Men's team took 6th. Both are good results for the squad and put Texas into 2nd place in the Director's Cup.
  17. I think Terry has given himself a lot of leeway with how well the regular season went and winning the big 12 championship. that said, losing to a 15 seed in the opening round would make him an iffy hire. Losing in the 2nd round to a 7 seed would also bring a lot of question marks. I agree, make the sweet 16 and he's pretty dang safe to be the hire.
  18. Some good results so far for the Women's track team at the indoor championships. Better than expected finishes in the long jump and pentathalon. Florida will be the biggest competition. Both teams advanced the majority of their top runners to the finals with both having some who were expected to advance not. I'd say advantage from day 1 to neither team and that bodes well for Texas so far.
  19. Texas playing strong in the paint tonight, majority of our points coming inside. Defensive effort has been great too.
  20. Strong performance by Gordon. Competition level was not great but thats a good starting line regardless. Offense still lacking overall. Some unearned runs sprinkled in helped us out. I think LOB will be a key stat this season, it was 13 today.
  21. The guys on the longhorn blitz have described it as Sark being a great play designer but has lacked overall game feel. I think its a pretty good description of the problem.
  22. The other issue that has been reported about Adams is that he accidentally spit on a player at some point - talking or yelling and some spit flew out of his mouth. The problem, he didn't apologize for this and instead reportedly said something along the lines of, "I can spit on you whenever I want". Not sure he sounds like the "lets meet and hash things out" type of coach. I do agree with what you say about this being a better approach overall. I get the sense that UT has quite a few of these types of coaches on staff currently. Sark and Coach Vic for example.

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