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  1. Women's golf had their best round of the NCAA Championship by shooting a +1, the 2nd best round of any team today. Unfortunately it wasn't enough to move up the rankings and they ended the day in 13th place, an appropriate finish for the #13 ranked team. Stanford finished the stroke play rounds in 1st place and take on Georgia in the match play quarterfinals tomorrow. We can root for a Stanford upset which will cost them some valuable points in the Director's Cup.
  2. That's fair. For a quarter of a century they've worn the crown so I'd consider us to be borrowing it until we can show that we can consistently beat them out. If we win this year, we will move into sole ownership of 2nd place in titles won with UNC in third with 1.
  3. Current Standings: Projected Standings: Michigan 1210.25 Texas 1368.25 Stanford 1079.25 Stanford 1302.75 Texas 843.5 Michigan 1232.25 Despite being the current leader, I do expect Michigan to fall to 3rd place when all is said and done. They have been eliminated in both golf tournaments, softball and won't make the baseball tournament. Their track and field teams will score a few points but won't be included in their top 19 sports. Rowing will likely have a top 10 finish and add to their score but otherwise they are done. Stanford has continued to put together solid NCAA finishes and has increased their previously predicted score by about 85 points. With a fortunate draw in the softball regionals, that team has a chance to make the CWS and greatly overachieve for a team that was just outside of the top 25 most of the season. They continue to perform like the #1 women's golf team and a Championship there would be the expectation and not surprising. If they trip up in match play, they would end up dropping points from their predicted score. A top 3 finish in rowing is also expected. Men's baseball has also risen through the ranks and looks poised for a CWS run. Like their softball team, they were outside of the top 25 mid-season but have really turned it on lately. Men's golf and both track and field teams will likely post solid finishes but won't do much to increase the overall score based on other sports that have concluded. Texas clearly has work to do. Do remember, Texas has only had 13 sports complete their seasons so far and have 6 blank spots on their scorecard (Michigan and Stanford have both filled up their scorecards and then some). Texas looks to add some big numbers in these empty spots. Women's T&F and Rowing are strong favorites for championships while men's track will battle Alabama for the crown. Women's golf, Men's Golf and Softball are still competing but have set pretty high floors for themselves with guaranteed finishes no worse than 15th, 36th and 9th. Baseball is a bit of a wildcard but as a likely 2 seed in a regional, a #17 overall finish would be expected. Stanford's rise through the rankings in several sports will make this a tight finish but I still see Texas coming out on top. A series of Texas failures plus Stanford exceeding current expectations would be required for the Cardinal to re-claim their crown.
  4. David, I do agree that the results on the field have to be taken into account and the coaches should be held responsible for the product they are putting out there. But you also have to consider the totality of a coaches career to really have some understanding of how good a coach they are. Did Sean Allen forget how to coach in 1 year? Did he go from the best assistant, leading the best pitching staff, to one of the worst? When making these decisions, you have to be careful of making knee jerk reactions. Also, do you know how many teams in the NCAA have 50 wins? They answer is 0. #1 Tennessee is the closest with 49 and after that, no one is close. Seems to me you are upsetting yourself by setting unrealistic expectations and then being disappointed that Texas isn't reaching them.
  5. Softball started the day with a 1-2 loss to Washington after taking a 1-0 lead in the 6th. In the 2nd game, Texas was able to score 2 wins in the 6th and add a 3rd in the top of the 7th. An error allowed Washington to rally in the 7th scoring two runs but a strikeout sealed the deal and Texas advances to face off with #4 Arkansas in the super regionals. Stanford pulled off an upset by advancing out of the regional hosted by #6 Alabama. Stanford with some luck in the draw as they will advance to face off with Oregon State in the super regional after their upset of #11 Tennessee. Michigan was eliminated after 1 win in their regional and finish tied for 33rd.
  6. Women's golf ends the day in 13th and gets the opportunity to play at least 1 more round as the top 15 teams advance to round 4. They have 13 strokes to make up on 8th place in order to move on to match play.
  7. Big win by the Women's Tennis team in a Red River shootout national championship. They take down OU 4-1 to bring home the championship and 100 points in the directors cup.
  8. The recent quote from Arch was along the lines of, "I could see myself making a decision before the season, during the season, or after the season". In other words, "I don't intend to give you any idea of when I will make my decision". Seems likely that once he OVs to Bama, UGA and Texas he'd be pretty well primed to make a decision. I'm sure he and his family are well aware of the impact he will have on recruiting others around him and won't delay in order to capitalize on that opportunity.
  9. The coach is Sean Allen. Last year he won the award for best assistant coach in the NCAA and led a pitching staff with the top ERA in the nation. I am not sure why things went off the rails so much with the pitching this year but I'd pump the breaks on pointing the finger at the coach.
  10. Women's golf had a good day, moving up 8 spots to number 11 overall. They are 8 strokes back of 8th place so will need 2 more solid rounds to make it to match play. Softball beat Washington tonight to advance to the regional final and secure at worst a #17 finish overall. They will have 2 chances to secure one more win to move on to the super regionals. Michigan took their first loss while Stanford upset Alabama and has also advanced to the regional final. Women's tennis took down #1 UNC to advance to the tennis national championship. They will face either OU or Duke.
  11. Disappointing to see Stevens and Nixon continue to struggle. Even with the staff hitting the reset button both have been shaky at best in their new roles. Gonna need the offense to continue putting up big numbers if we will see much success this postseason.
  12. Sark mentioned he would be meeting with Sean Mcvay during a trip to California in order to "find a few more touchdowns". In other words, talk shop with one of the best offensive minds in the game to try and take away a few new schemes. I'm not sure what else there is to say about it.
  13. Texas women's tennis moves on to the final 4 with a hard fought victory over #5 Virginia 4-2. Texas won the doubles point but then quickly lost the first 2 singles matches. They would go on to earn the next three singles matches to seal the deal with the 7th match essentially tied and unfinished. They go on to face #1 UNC while #2 OU takes on #3 Duke.
  14. Texas women's golf finished the day in 19th place, 7 strokes behind 8th place. Lots of golf remains as they play a full 4 rounds with the top 8 teams moving on to match play.
  15. Texas softball starts their postseason run with a win 6-1 over Lehigh. They will face #13 Washington tomorrow for a berth into the regional championship. Stanford and Michigan both won their opening games as well.

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