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  1. I was pretty disappointed to see aggy win this one, the way they did. They really deserved to lose. But then I thought about it...the more wins like this Jimbo can get, the longer he survives and the longer the team remains mediocre overall.
  2. Here is some welcome non-football related news: Men's cross country finished 12th at the Cowboy Jamboree. 12th may not sound all that impressive but this is a loaded CC meet with 10 of the top 12 teams in the nation competing. Texas did best some teams ranked in the teens. I'd look for this Texas team to finish similar to last year when NCAAs roll around, just outside of the top 10. Our women's CC team just isn't that strong across the board. We have one strong runner, Beth Ramos, and I wouldn't be surprised if she makes NCAA as an individual while the team fails to qualify. Her presence at NCAA would at least secure us some points for the Directors cup. Women's volleyball swept OU in dominant fashion to go to 2-0 on the year in Big 12 play. #25 W soccer is up 1-0 in Lubbock at they attempt to avenge the football team's loss. Women's golf is up to a #5 ranking after back to back 2nd place tournament finishes.
  3. Tech started blitzing a lot more this half, did they not. Seems like it. Card is showing himself capable of stepping up and finding the run lane or open man. Great drive by him.
  4. I'm not sure Sark has QB draw in the playbook. haha But it has been nice to see Card scramble more this year. Seems like last year he took Sark's pass don't run too literally. If Card can get any space, he should take off. Even on a bum ankle he can scoot.
  5. I think that is by design, make them sustain a long drive. They can't do it consistently.
  6. Nice series by Sweat to force the FG attempt. a TD really swing the momentum
  7. Three balls the DBs have gotten their hands on but unable to secure the int. Still feel good they will come.
  8. I'd think Sark has another layer waiting to unleash with this formation. If we go back to wildcat this game, we need to see it. Or, save it for OU and shelf the formation for today.
  9. YEah, I can agree to that. Wildcat has been great in the other games, but Tech has something figured out against it. Not there today.
  10. Wind must be messing with kicks in the left to right direction. Both kicker have shanked kick-offs that way.
  11. Pulling your chain a bit on this one. He does have to work on moving in the pocket.
  12. 16 points favorites, which isn't impressive over UTEP but a pretty big upset, especially with it being a 17 point victory for UTEP. I haven't thought much about Boise since those Harsin days
  13. Most sacks this year seem to be the QBs fault, wouldn't you say. That one earlier today sure was.

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