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  1. I went out to see a Warren Easton game last week and he wasn't suited up. Guessing some sort of injury but not sure.
  2. We were up 12, the FG would have made it 15. After their TD we would have been up by 8 (or if they went for a 2pt conv 7 or 9 depending on the outcome). I like the call, high chance of success to convert from the 1 yard line and if you do, the game is over when you go up by 19. If you fail to convert, they have to start a drive at the goal line and their chance of success is very low as well. The 99 yard drive was close to a worse case scenario for Texas. Zack Evans had a nice run to get them off the goal line. That was a great opportunity for the defense to pressure them in the end zone and they didn't get it done. After that, the focus shifted to not allowing any quick TDs which they did well. TCU scored but took about 5 minutes to do so. That allowed Texas to win with the 4 minute drive. The field goal doesn't change too much except TCU starts their drive at the 25 yard line instead of the 1. After they score, Texas still has to ice the game or fight to keep TCU out of the endzon for a second score. Yes, the second score would be a TCU win. Basically - Convert on 4th and.1 and the game is 100% over - Fail on 4th and 1 or kick the FG and the game is probably an 80% chance of victory either way. Their 99 yard drive make things uneasy but we still maintained control and closed it out.
  3. Bijan is apparently looping in the OL on his Pinkerton BBQ deal and a shoe deal. Smart kid right there!
  4. A true fan would know... Just messing with ya, it's Brenen Thompson from Spearman. High 4 star WR
  5. How so? Winning conference championships maybe (though the big 12 is pretty dang good at baseball too) but with a 64 team tournament your conference is in no way a barrier to Omaha. If anything, it may help Texas secure even better seeding.
  6. I think you are missing the point. With NIL in place, the bag men concerns are no more. The under the table payments are now over the table and Texas will take part in that just as much as any SEC team. Winning is huge for recruiting, but realize, coming in 3rd or 4th in the SEC once the playoff expands probably means you are in.
  7. It's 85 scholarships and up to 125 active players
  8. I also wonder if Witt or Stevens could pitch today. Hopefully they don't need to and we can use them tomorrow.
  9. Coy Cobb did the "sheath the sword" celebration after the last out so they definitely took notice of the UVA pitcher doing the same.
  10. I haven't done or seen the math myself but it seems that someone has unofficially kept tally of the scoring based on championship results and its a done deal with only baseball left to be sorted out and Texas already guaranteed a top 8 finish. BTW, it's impressive for anyone to out do Stanford in this ranking. They count your points in up to 19 NCAA sports. Stanford competes in 30 some odd sports so they have 30 opportunities to put up 19 good results. Texas on the other hand competes in I believe only 18 sports so they basically need good results in all 18 to beat out Stanford. Texas' only poor showings this year were Soccer who didn't rank at all and then basketball which finished tied for 33rd after their first round NCAA exit.
  11. Those are the standings after the fall and winter sports. It is not accounting for the spring season success Texas has had (Tennis and rowing NC as well as lots of other top finishes).
  12. It seemed like last year everyone was pointing to 2021 as being a big class. I never checked into it until now and now that I have, I am not sure where anyone got that idea. It does seem like 2022 and 23 will be bigger classes as we have a lot of Juniors (20) and Sophomores (22). All that to say, numbers always seem to work out as @texbound pointed out.
  13. Class numbers for 2021 have been mentioned on this thread several times without a really clear answer. I do remember hearing that this class would be a "full" class previously but agree with those who say this class will likely be a bit smaller. According to the roster table on Inside Texas (https://insidetexas.com/football/football.php?pg=fb_roster) all 85 scholarships are used up going into the 2020 season (this table doesn't include Tarik Black or Jadhae Barron so I think a few former walk-ons will lose schollies). Including Tarik Black, there will be 12 seniors graduating and opening up scholarship spots. Of the juniors, we could see several go to the NFL early (probably 3-4 max) - Sam Cosmi, Joseph Ossai, Caden Sterns, Jalen Green, Brennan Eagles as potential candidates. Add in 3-4 transfer/retirements and that leaves 20 max scholarships to fill be in coming recruits. Anything over 20 would mean pretty significant attrition. Thoughts?
  14. Any insight into what happened with these guys? Both seemed to be good kids so it is a bit surprising.
  15. A&M has done well with some of the in state elite and has 3 of the top 5 in the 247 composite and could have 4/5 with Evans. After that, you have to go all the way down to number 37 in state for their next commit. Texas has 12 (13 with Collins) between number 5 and 37. So, while A&M hit on some elite players, the top to bottom quality isn't quite the same. We would love to have Jaylon Jones and Demas but I don't think any Longhorn is worried about replacing Evans with Bijan or having Card and Jackson at QB instead of Haynes King. I agree with the article, No, Texas isn't worried about A&M in recruiting.

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