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  1. TFB is reporting another player about to hit the portal name hasn't came out yet but they did say it was a freshman they said not collins or byjan anybody hear about this
  2. Giving what happened the last few months the class didn't turn out so bad we still have time to hit the portal also
  3. A little good news guys Johnathan Brooks will sign his letter Dec 16
  4. I saw it on Twitter they said their trying to talk him out of leaving but it looks like Elhlinger my come back next year if so we might lose two qb maybe Casey Thompson also idk fml
  5. Shit has hit the fan Jaquinton Jackson about to hit tranfer portal guess Smu will have their qb well look at the good side only go up from here
  6. Don't even pay attention to recruiting right now just pray we don't lose anybody else and get to whip on Kansas but I doubt it
  7. 65 days till the season starts just win and everything will fall into place .
  8. Oh well move on let him go to Alabama and wait two years to play
  9. I hate to see a player like this leave but if he wants to go back to that dumpster fire or even thinking about it his heart not in Texas probably why he delayed the tranfer papers this whole time hope he changes his mind

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