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    sporty reacted to Sirhornsalot in Common Man Prediction Thread: Horns vs RICE   
    Hearing a lot of chatter that Karic has got to see the field. Played way nastier than any of the starters Saturday night.
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    sporty reacted to North Texas Golfer in Thoughts and Takeaways: Texas runs wild in blowout win over Rice   
    Bobby Burton on IT said backup Andrej Karic is the nastiest OL Texas has and that whoever he was blocking ate turf at least half the time. 
    Ian Boyd, also with IT, also said that Karic made some statement blocks and that Kyle Flood needs to think long and hard about why Karic isn't somewhere in the starting lineup. 
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    sporty reacted to Sirhornsalot in Game Thread: Texas Longhorns vs. Rice Owls   
    Kelan Robinson is looking awfully good
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    sporty reacted to oldhorn2 in Casey Thompson named starting QB vs Rice   
    in 1966 Texas had the most highly touted Soph QB maybe ever. The Kid was on the cover of SI before he had ever played a DOWN. Texas goes 6-4 with him and all that talent..In 1967 he goes 6-4 in 1968 he starts out loss to TT and tie U of H. DKR makes a change and puts in James Street. Street never lost a game. Texas goes on to win 30 in a row.
    Sometimes the most talented guy is not the best option.
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    sporty reacted to 83Dee in Thoughts and Takeaways: Questions mount during blowout loss in Fayetteville   
    Mr Card, is that you? 
    Hudson will be really good.  I hope he sticks around and develops for the next two years.  But from the Alamo Bowl to today, if you don’t think Casey deserves the starting job you probably never will.  
  6. Confused
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    sporty reacted to J.B. TexasEx in What is wrong with Horns football?   
    Andrej Karic should be starting at one of the tackle spots, for sure. 
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    sporty reacted to tejasrulz in Game Day: #15 Texas Longhorns @ Arkansas Razorbacks   
    Thought I'd wait a day to post. First of all I'm sorry for your loss texbound. Losing a mom is hard, I still think of mine often.
    The 2 targeting non calls by Arkansas. Why have replay if you're not going to use it. Either that or quit telling me it's for safety when both times were ignored and the announcers and their rules guru said both were obvious targeting calls.
    Thompson should start and I've felt this way since it was announced. I know some will say "but Arkansas was playing soft by then". Look at the 4 plays from the 1/2 ft line and tell me they were playing soft. They didn't want Texas to score, period.
    Card over threw 2 wide open WRs that could have been TDs or at least 1st downs and get Texas out of their own end of the field. Whittington also dropped passes this week that last week he caught. 
    Defense and offense were bad, very bad, it was a team effort.
    Arkansas was playing their bowl game and it showed. Texas was caught reading press clippings.
    Bottom line is we got whupped, an old fashion arse kicking. It will be interesting to see how the team responds next week.
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    sporty reacted to Eastexhorn in 2022 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    Celina says hi.
  10. #HookEm
    sporty reacted to Huskie1 in ***Game Thread: #21 Texas vs. #23 Louisiana***   
    I thought it was a good win against a pretty good team. Still lots to work on. Penalties bother me and the line play is concerning.
    But…. A 20 point win is a nice place to start!!! 
    I like where this team might be able to go. 
    Hook ‘em 
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    sporty reacted to TFloss32 in Conference Realignment Discussion   
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    sporty reacted to longhorn_mig in Conference Realignment Discussion   
    Pretty much. By adding those teams, you're basically creating an upgraded AAC.
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    sporty reacted to MBHORNSFAN in Common Man Prediction Thread: Horns vs Cajuns   
    38-13 Bijan
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    sporty reacted to North Texas Golfer in Scouting Report: Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns   
    An argument can definitely be made that the Iowa State game was indeed flukey. 
    First, the way ULL played the rest of their schedule does not indicate a team that should beat a team the caliber of Iowa State. 
    Second, was the game itself. 
    Louisiana returned a kickoff 95 yards for a touchdown, scored on a 78 yard pass play, and returned a punt 83 yards for a touchdown. And they scored their final touchdown with 10 seconds to go in the game. 
    Their QB completed 13 passes for 154 yards with 78 of them coming on one play. The other 12 completions went for only 74 yards. ULL's offense had 272 yards total yards in the game. They had 1 play of 78 yards and the other 55 plays went for only 194 yards. 
    Out of their 10 drives, 6 of them consisted of 25 plays for a total of 24 yards.
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    sporty got a reaction from UTfish in Scouting Report: Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns   
    Here’s to hoping the 17-pt Iowa State win was a fluke.
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    sporty reacted to Sirhornsalot in Texas ranked #3 in SEC uniforms rankings   
    11. Texas A&M
    There is something about maroon that is just very…blah, unless you are driving a 1991 Chevy Corsica. 

  17. #HookEm
    sporty reacted to TFloss32 in 2022 Recruiting Board/Thread   
  18. Haha
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    sporty reacted to Sirhornsalot in grabbing normal???   
    No, it's sexual assault.
  20. #HookEm
    sporty reacted to North Texas Golfer in QB1 still undecided as Fall Camp marches on   
    And I'm sticking with what I believe.
    Casey Thompson will start. Unless Hudson Card does. 
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  22. #HookEm
    sporty reacted to bctex1106 in Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-recruiting)   
    Just mentioning for fun... I'm a Horn fan living in Cincy. 
    Ossai is putting on a show in the first half against Tampa tonight and Cincy fans are going absolutely bonkers over him already. I tried to tell the folks here that a 3rd round pick on J.O. was probably the steal of the draft. He's looking great so far. 
  23. Haha
    sporty reacted to texbound in 2021 Season Bold Predictions   
    Feels like recruiting is gonna be dead until the season gets going and we still have a couple of weeks til then.
    Thought it would be cool to hear everyone's bold predictions for this year.  Not the realistic ones, but your out on the limb ones for this season. I'll start with 4:
    1. Casey Thompson starts all year and throws for 3400 yards, 25 tds and 6 INTs.
    2. Bijan Robinson rushes for 1400 YDs, 400 YDs rec and 16 total TDs
    3. Texas finishes the reg season with a 10-2 record with losses to OU and WVU (they win in Ames but drop a stupid game somewhere else).  
    4. OU and UT play in the B12 Championship.  Game is a toss up because the refs don't know which team to penalize the most. Afterwards, the winning team refuses to accept the B12 trophy. Both teams leave the stadium in their SEC decorated bus and drive off, never to be seen in the B12 again.  Bowlsby is found 3 days later in a local motel:

  24. Haha
    sporty reacted to Sirhornsalot in Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-recruiting)   
    No, but Bohls pretty much assures us that TFB is right on this. lol
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    sporty reacted to Sirhornsalot in 2022 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    If you watch his film, his most recent film, he reminds me of Michael Huff. Not a lot of polish, but you can see he's got "it". Huff was also a 3-star most had never heard of. And Huff was 6'1 with speed, like Lewis is.

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