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  1. I mean, the kid can throw the football. http://www.hudl.com/v/2Fehge
  2. OK, I’m reading that he’s a walk-on and that’s why he doesn’t have a 247 profile.
  3. Interesting — must have been deleted. It was a kid named Amaris Fields that posted a long letter committing to UT bball.
  4. Who is this? https://twitter.com/afields_10/status/1389656582783389696
  5. Isn’t that what he played in HS and at aggy?
  6. Question on Banks — are we thinking Texas is talking to him about WR or LB? I’ve read both. He was crazy at North Shore as a WR.
  7. Poor kid is running for his life nearly every play. Arm talent shows though.
  8. https://twitter.com/DuranSports/status/1380710042853253122
  9. What is Marquette having to pay in buy out for Shaka? Also, I’m sure Shaka is realizing he’s basically starting from scratch with next year’s roster.
  10. Shaka’s teams never look like they’re running an offense. They look like they’re just creating for themselves every play — so much dribbling. That’s why they averaged 14 turnovers a game and they always will with Shaka at the lead. If he can’t field a disciplined team with this experienced of a roster, he just can’t do it — needs to go.

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