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  1. What is Marquette having to pay in buy out for Shaka? Also, I’m sure Shaka is realizing he’s basically starting from scratch with next year’s roster.
  2. Shaka’s teams never look like they’re running an offense. They look like they’re just creating for themselves every play — so much dribbling. That’s why they averaged 14 turnovers a game and they always will with Shaka at the lead. If he can’t field a disciplined team with this experienced of a roster, he just can’t do it — needs to go.
  3. This game is sh*tshow. 11 fouls called in the first 3 minutes of the 2nd half. We’re looking super sloppy and GB just tipped in a basket for OU. Also, we have our head coach, two starters, and a solid bench player out. Plus, we have 3 guys with 4 fouls with 15 min left in the half.
  4. I'm honestly having a hard time believing this. Stoops hadn't coached linebackers since 1991. Why would that offer be made when every other hire Sark has made has extensive experience at their position? Just doesn't line up to me and it's really just one guy (Zenitz) with the story.
  5. I’m seeing Pete Kwiatkowski’s name in multiple places as a leading candidate for DC now.
  6. We also have that grad transfer, Gabriel Watson.
  7. I’m reading that we’re talking to LSU LB transfer Rahssan (Ray) Thornton.
  8. So how are we feeling about Arnett since he’s so fresh to DC?
  9. I’d be so hype if we got Pruitt. He’s been my #1 this whole time.
  10. I’m a big fan of Becton. He’s been connected to some really good football teams. He was retained under Chris Peterson after Sark left.
  11. Have we heard anything from Herman? Or did he just leave us with this?

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