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  1. 2 hours ago, Sirhornsalot said:

    But you have a problem with your logic. You had TWO QBs who were not the starter. They both competed for the same job. Neither had the job. They had to compete for it.

    Neither "had something to lose something." So by your logic, neither QB won the job because they did not previously have the job, since neither QB lost the job because neither QB previously had the job.

    Now that you've painted yourself in another corner, can we both just laugh at this together?

    I think you’re just wanting to argue. Card should’ve played the 4th quarter saturday.  Or Sark should’ve leaned on the run harder.  Last comment on the subject for me.  Hookem

  2. 15 hours ago, Hiwood said:

    lets put his career in context, the Washington Husky job was a dumpster fire, the USC job was pre Pete Carroll and Sark had a drinking problem and the AD was a popular USC hero that had no business in that position..

    fast forward to Alabama....what was Alabama's record with Sark as their  OC, how many titles did they win, how many QB's did he coach that made it to the NFL (6) including  Carson Palmer that won the Heisman, how many RB's are now in the NFL, How many WR are in the NFL

    it may take an entire career to even out his dismal record at Washington and USC

    What is Alabama’s record the last 10 years excluding Sark as playcaller?  

    hes 10-10 at Texas.  That’s evening out things

  3. 13 hours ago, NEOkHorn said:

    Great point Java. Something Sark alluded to today and admitted he made a mistake not relying more on the running game. Another thing I appreciate about him as opposed to the last two, he will take responsibility.

    Time will tell if he actually learns from his mistakes and makes adjustments. If he doesn’t, the pitchfork and torch bearers will be correct. If he does, they will find some other area where he fails.

    He’s 10-10 and has not shown he realizes the need to adjust late yet.  He could easily be 15-5 maybe better. I’m tired of hind sight.  See it as it is happening.

  4. 21 hours ago, Sirhornsalot said:

    Because he probably knew Card wasn't going to help. Card can't move and their rush was working. 

    Card lost the job to two different QBs, one was a 3-star. Yet we somehow thought he was going to save us?


    I beg the differ.  Twice Ewers left the pocket for positive yardage and the middle of the field wide open.  Why not more called runs then?  Card is the better runner.  Why not try it just for the late drive to get a spark?  

    Card didn’t lose the job this year.  He came in as the backup and played well enough to be undefeated in the stretch he played.  Yea they lost one with him as a starter, but he played well enough to win that one, with a bum ankle.  

  5. 1 hour ago, Hiwood said:

    Good points, but doesnt the defense and his DC get a lot of the blame for securing those leads, is this team going to have to score 40-50 points per game because the defense is giving up 30-40...this offense seems like it can score on anybody in the nation, but I dont have that same confidence that this defense can stop anyone consistently, and we all realize the OU game was an anomaly

    You have to look no further that this board to see who wants Sark's scalp, but I also suspect those that do never were on board with the hire in the first place

    When the defense is fresh they’re not terrible.  When the offense starts stalling our front 4 gets worn down.  They get pressure typically, but very few sacks.  When they’re on the field for most of the second half it gets worse on the pressure…then the weak scheme in the back end gets exposed.    Our db’s never seem to track the ball.  Heck I think Ryan Watts was suprised by the interception.  At times DJ looks like an AA, at times he looks like a freshman in HS out there.  

    I want sark to do well, it means that Texas football is getting to where it needs to be.  He’s got to prove he can do it though.  I AM willing to give him the time.  

  6. 15 hours ago, Hiwood said:

    people that are wanting Sark's head on a stick after 20 games are fair weather fans, bandwagoners, those wanting QE to be benched are almost worse

    Sark made his choice at the OU game, his guy is QE, the only way he makes a change is if the kid gets hurt or turns in another 19-49 performance...Sark is also CDC's coach of choice, his athletic dept is on the right track and he isn't about to blow it up and all he has to do is point to that campus down the road in BCS and say is this what you want..

    Texas desperately needs a leader and they dont have it yet, Bijan could be it, Ro could be it, but it sure isn't QE, its not HC....they need a Tebow, a Bryce Young or a VY, someone who is going to put this team on his back and refuse to lose

    Who’s calling for his job?  Lots are seeing patterns that, if continued, will cost him the job.  

    Hes 10-10.  That 10 on the right side is full of blown leads.  He could easily be 15-5.

  7. 11 hours ago, 83Dee said:

    I think a follow up from a reporter… something like “is there any scenario where you would pull Quinn for inadequate play?” would have been quite appropriate.  Seriously, if 16 overthrows doesn’t trigger the hook, I’m not sure there is a threshold.

    I also believe it’s quite appropriate for fans to be upset at the coach for not pulling a kid who is playing very, very poorly.  Say what you want about the interceptions… he played remarkably bad. I truly cannot imagine why Sark would not consider removing a player, any player who was clearly hurting the team’s chances of winning.  

    Playing for next year.  That’s all I can figure.  Had opportunity to possibly win a game on the road while playing terrible.  And he stayed with the qb that was 38% at the time.

  8. 4 hours ago, texbound said:

    I completely understand and agree that the best thing Sark could've done to win the game was try and change it up with Card.  However, I kind of get what Sark was doing.  Had the Horns been down a couple of TDs then you go with Card.  The Horns we're still in this until the final play.  It appeared to me that Sark was trying to let Quinn figure it out and learn from it.  

    It sucks that it cost them the game, but I believe it was a true growing pain that Quinn needed to experience.  Can you dig deep when things are going wrong and find a way? In all honestly, that is exactly what Quinn did on that final drive.  He made great passes and that last pass was right on the money.  Sucks it didn't end up better.  

    Had Sark pulled Quinn, then the only thing he would've learned was that when things aren't going well you will get pulled.  Then he would be constantly looking over his shoulder everytime he makes a mistake.

    Colt McCoy went through that, VY went through that and Sam went through that (also against OkSt). Call me a homer or whatever you want, but I believe it will pay off down the road.  I really do.  It really does suck that they lost, but you have break some eggs to get the omelet in the end.

    Some others on here say that if this team didn't win out then it was not a successful season.  I don't believe that.  I wanted a split with Iowa St/OkSt and I want a 3-1 after the bye. That is 8-4 and I'm happy with that because they're growing.  I'm still not happy with the defense though, but O didn't help them out today in the 2nd half.  Ok, tell me how stupid I am and that i'm settling. 

    On a personal note, I went through something similar in my coaching life when I had young players that needed to learn.  Sure, we took some lumps but it turned out good in the long game.  Not saying that is what will happen, but I get it.  Yes, we suck until we don't.  Ok, now tell me how stupid I am and that I'm settling.

    If you pull a kid and that’s all he learns that is a coaching issue.  Watch Dabo yesterday. 

  9. 6 hours ago, texbound said:

    I don't think that is correct.  I know he lost one game.  I remember Joseph Ossai sacking on the final play in OT to win the game in Stillwater. That would've been his Sophomore year.

    Yes, you are correct.  I just read that somewhere and can’t find it now.  It said he won by 6, 7, and 8 points the last 3 years against Texas.  

    being a freshman isn’t the excuse.  165 rushing yards in the first half and you abandon the run game because mason made an adjustment.  Can dark not counter an adjustment in the fly?

  10. 51 minutes ago, Sirhornsalot said:

    This is true. To have as bad of a game as we had and to come that close to beating the #11 team in the nation at their place isn't anything to panic about.

    I think Ewers just had his worst day as a QB. He got into a funk. We'll see if it spills over to the next game. But I don't think he ever thought he could have that bad of a day.

    We'll see how he responds.

    Cobb drilled him on that one play.  Ewers stood and delivered the ball and took it, but after that hit he had antsy feet and was rushing throws.  When Bijan went on the wheel route it’s a TD if he waits one second to throw.  Instead he just flung it and missed.  Bijan wasn’t expecting the ball that soon.  It happens to young qbs sometimes.  He got rattled.  That’s when you bring in the older guy to settle things in and Taylor the rest of the game to his strengths.  You can affirm the starter is still the guy moving forward (Ala Dabo) and not create a controversy.  Sark showed no humility as a coach today during the game.  I haven’t watched the post game presser yet, but I’m sure he has a reason why he didn’t go to card if the media even has the nads to ask.  

  11. 1 hour ago, Eastexhorn said:

    Dabo has stated he going withstarting QB. At least till he messes up again.

    He also stated that the starter had a bad day, and sometimes the backup has the good day.  He claimed a team win.  Sark took another loss.  He could’ve tried card, and he still has PK calling the defense and passing game schemes.  This defense will get really sorry when Coburn and Sweat leave.  They’re the only two playing like they should…..and Ford.  Overshown is a flash, then a whiff.  36 should never see the field, 43 either.  21 and 28 better get their shit together in coverage, they are terrible.  Sorrel is solid, he’s progressing.  O goof Oo?  Is average.  We lack talent in places but really suck in scheme on the back end.  8-4 may be a stretch now.

  12. 1 hour ago, Eastexhorn said:

    Some one posted Dabo went to a freshman QB and preserved he victory.

    When freshman QB went in they were behind, he won the game.

    I posted that, I also posted sark didn’t have the balls to pull Ewers.    But Ewers was not the same after Cobb hit him in the chest.  He was antsy and throwing the ball way before the route called for.  He didn’t get over the hit and felt pressure when there wasn’t any.  I believe dark was scared he’d be criticized for benching card to start with.  Ewers is the better QB, but he had a terrible day today.  

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