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  1. Not a slow start. The offense ran 3 plays (diamond formation with three best backs I might add) and scored to make it 7-0 within 1:30.
  2. I don’t understand how you got that out of the game yesterday. The team didn’t fold. The HC did in the 3rd quarter. if I were a reporter my question after the game would’ve been….”When are you gonna learn you can’t squat on a 14 point lead, and while your defense is tired and getting gashed?”. Everything about Sark is right. He can be the man at Texas. His problem is glaring, but he can’t seem to see it.
  3. 4. Quit using F____ them brakes, or actually learn how to keep your damn foot on the gas
  4. I’m tired of watching him hop around like keontay Ingram. He needs to hit the hole and use his burst
  5. Sark may not be the guy. I’m sick of his shit not having them ready for 4 quarters, and his squatting on 14 point leads. That’s why Tom Herman got fired. We need somebody who has a killer mentality.
  6. Defense has needed a good offense to stay on the field where they could rest
  7. When we pressure the QB we get off the field so it makes sense to go to a three man rush….. right?!

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