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  1. I never said a word about race, color, creed, religion…. I said that naming your kid something like that was stupid.
  2. Naming your kid DeColdest is just pure stupidity.
  3. Not trying to sound greedy, but I sure could use another top OL commit today!! Please!!!!
  4. Can you show where he said that? I’ve got Aggies saying he isnt. I’m tired of listening to them and want to show them
  5. Have you checked back on those hints. I’m hearing the opposite?
  6. I said he was very similar to Tyrone Swoopes before. Physical specimen, arm talent, prolly not coached up the best, an extremely gifted but extremely raw talent. Everybody scorned me for the comparison, but now that Ewers could possibly come to Texas, or Texas have a legit shot with Arch, the descriptions I’m reading are backing up what I said before. Murphy should not compete to start at Texas (if the program has a healthy qb room and proper depth) until his 4th year there. A redshirted Junior. That would be ideal. Some don’t give Swoopes enough credit for his talent and ability, he was picked up and played some as a TE in the NFL
  7. How much of the Ohio St decision was made by his family and for money? The thought of collecting the money, then transferring out after a year could’ve been the plan all along. This whole recruitment was weird from the start. That’s why I’m not wetting my undies over him
  8. I’ve seen it too, which is why I’m not flipping out over him going to Tech for a visit. If he ends up at tech bless his heart
  9. I was chilling with a glass of bourbon looking at my 4 acre pond and deer Sunday afternoon, not panicking over a 19 year old boy with a mullet and a longing to be the center of attention. lots of FAN speculation about an 18 year old boy being homesick, but about a week ago the transfer rumors grew legs. I heard the mess for months, but 3-4 months ago it was only speculation.
  10. I just saw something on Twitter that said “Banks to Texas”. Albeit I’m new to Twitting and don’t fully understand what I’m seeing
  11. I’ve seen talks of it for about a week. Anything prior to that was pure speculation by fans. Now, go put on a pair of dry panties, quit flipping out and enjoy the second half of your Sunday. Maybe try a glass of bourbon and chill
  12. Geez, he just announced his intentions to transfer. Give the kid time to weigh his options and see where he wants to be. Then, if it’s not Texas, you can flip out or wet your panties. If he doesn’t chose Texas, farewell and on to the next one. If it is Texas, welcome…
  13. I’m thinking Texas is going to whiff on quite a few remaining targets, especially having already released their 2022 Big12 schedule. I feel a lot we’re holding off to see when the sec move happened.
  14. I had this thought myself as well. His teams have always been physical. He also got crossed with Mack a few times over practices being too soft.
  15. I pointed out Foster giving up on the last drive against OU and was scolded right here in this forum.
  16. You’ve seen a 3 man with a LB walked up or hand down. I’ve seen no true 4 mans with legit DE’s. Unless they did it against West Virginia when I didn’t watch
  17. Draft grade? Lol, seriously? Malik Jefferson was a 3rd rounder, this guy will be an UFA……. Lol, I spit coffee on my phone when I read that
  18. 3 of top 4 in receptions are TE and 2 separate RB’s
  19. Out of 188 receptions, 84 are to TE’s and RB’s. 44% demas was probably told he’d be the primary target when recruited because he was the #1 receiver in the state (maybe nation). He has 15 for 235 yds. Evan Stewart should be shown that very thing

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