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  1. Show Campbell what a Texas sized 3 year NIL contract looks like. Make it have a set of keys tied to it as well
  2. Hell ESPN was talking about Casey Thompson starting against Tulsa.
  3. they better not wait to start that til getting to the sec. get on it right away.
  4. The NIL makes it legal to “buy”. Selling a vision is not working when you can’t show them a glimmer of what that vision looks like. It’s time to do what is necessary.
  5. That may be the problem, selling when we should be buying
  6. Question…, regardless of who qbs the rest of the year, what if Sark is holding back in ooc and Texas ends up winning the Big12. Would you consider that a success in his first year? it is a possibility. Am I suggesting it happens? Hell naw. Ark will likely have the biggest most aggressive DL Texas will see. Having said that I believe Ark’s ceiling is 7 wins with that QB. So at 11-3 with a Sugar Bowl victory, do you think recruiting takes off?
  7. I say no. He calls a good game when he has the talent advantage. Sark just needs to realize when he has that advantage and doesn’t. Like I said earlier. His first game was really good. You could see a play and see how it was setup from earlier in the game. He can alter his play calls differently each game
  8. Since Johnny is confused I’ll clarify. When the qb is moving to his right his target is different than when standing in the pocket. His momentum will carry the throw. I was taught to throw the ball at the front shoulder of the receiver and the ball will carry enough to lead him. Whereas standing in the pocket if you throw it directly at the receiver it’ll be behind him upon arrival. It’s not the spin that makes it carry but the momentum.
  9. I didn’t say lateral throws. I said quick throws. Slants, hitch, hash or drag routes. On first and second down a TE would’ve been wide open for a 5-10yd gain all first half. If their LBs weren’t blitzing, they were hugging the Los to shut down the run. Those short patterns would’ve eventually brought up the deep middle safety or forced ark to keep the 2 LBs back.
  10. That makes me feel better that Alex Loeb could see open Recievers that I never saw cutting across the middle. ESPN’s cameras must have blind spots
  11. When a right hand qb is moving to his right the commentator is correct. Standing in the pocket that is incorrect.
  12. When you have a young qb in a hostile situation you do one of two things. You establish the run or work quick throws to build his confidence then work your gameplan back in. Had Casey started this game the first half would’ve looked the same. The gameplan killed the offensive production and played directly into the defense. If card is sarks guy, he sure had a weird way of getting his feet wet Saturday
  13. Safety and a walk on at LB. that says a lot okafor in his 6th year. Still can’t sustain a block
  14. Make up my mind? the offense was the reason this game went the way it did. Sarks plan was awful from the get go and it never adjusted. He actually looked shocked on the sideline that what he did with Bama’s talent wasn’t working with Texas’. The middle was soft all night and was never attacked on first or second down. On 3rd and long card never had a receiver at the sticks. They were going beyond the first down marker. Sark did his RSF qb no favors for the environment he was in. A few quick easy throws and card is likely in a rhythm. Instead his coach allowed the defense to set the tone for the rest of the game. The defense played a heck of a first half and turned a 28-0 half into 16-0 by bowing up in the red zone. If you keep throwing your defense on the field you’re going to wear them down. They wore down and some even gave up on plays. You can disagree all you want, I’ve seen that first hand. You suggested I suit up for a quarter. Buddy I played my last two years in a program that didn’t win a game and was plagued with quitters. I never came off the field except for punt returns. I’ve seen quitting and recognize the body language. You can take your snarky responses and stick them…. And I damn sure didn’t walk anything back either. for my “this” response, I agreed with several of the posters points.
  15. I hear you. I’m not so sure our OL will be good against Rice though
  16. I still haven’t watched it again to see. I may not, as nauseating as it was the first time around
  17. My comment was really about the message to the OL bit. About the run the play three times in a row…. i understand how playcalling works, which is why I was severely upset at the play calls last night. Sometimes they have you figured out (Pittman said as much at half), and the same plan was stuck with. A TE under the safeties on first down would’ve set up 2nd and short a lot last night. After the first couple of 3 and outs it was evident AND obvious what Arkansas was going to do. They wanted Card in 3rd and long all night. It worked. Odom kicked Sark’s ass both halves.
  18. Poor OL coaches for several years in a row.
  19. You’re a glass half full kinda guy aren’t you?! Lol
  20. I always thought “Rewind with….” Was a bit stupid when dissecting a game where you got your teeth kicked in.
  21. I’d have to go back and watch. RoJo was rarely in the game the best I remember.

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