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  1. Try doing at home learning with crappy internet. Easiest answer was to not shut down schools
  2. Come be my neighbor for a week, you’d be for internet expansion. Even satellite internet sucks where I live.
  3. I’m tired of the race and sex rhetoric. I really don’t care if my pilot is a black lesbian or a Chinese transgender. I just want better rates on airfare and safe travels.
  4. So, are you going to share the link of the woman getting charged $500 over and over? Or is that being made up?
  5. Political theater is what the MLB is doing. And, it is going to cost them big time in revenue
  6. The same way he did on the “Covid relief” bill. That job is post payment for $1.7T of play money manchin gave him
  7. Williams had one from each side of the plate? I saw the second and it was a no doubter bat flip type trotter!!!
  8. So not one position group is practicing at all? They’ve got the entire team shut down?

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