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  1. I don’t believe that was the plan all along. I thought he would finish at December and enroll then. Then the NIL came along
  2. I fully understand the SC ruling, but this NIL guaranteed contract is being used as a payment to assure Ewers signs with them. How can he even collect in his name and likeness as a Buckeye if he’s not legally a buckeye yet. You are right, the genie won’t go back in the bottle. Let the buying of recruits begin…. Oh wait, it already started, Texas just hasn’t figured it out yet
  3. Make it a contract for multiple years, if they transfer the forfeit the money
  4. If there’s no $1M contract waiting on Ewers at Ohio state, he’s a SLC qb this fall. There needs to be so rules pertaining to this. Just passing a NIL rule with little to no regulation was a dumb move by the NCAA, but what do you expect from the firm that would turn a blind eye to paying players to start with. in my opinion, the NIL should only be available to players that have been on campus at least a year. This does a couple things. It will show the true value of nIL of college players. It will keep players in high school longer and working to get better. It’ll stop what I see coming…..a guaranteed NIL contract payable after signing a LOI. The NIL is just a way to buy recruits, plain and simple. If this is the way it’s going to be, Texas needs to get off their ass and start writing those contracts…
  5. The former QBU commit will finally go to a place where he should’ve been to start with.
  6. Dev and CJ9 definitely masked Sam’s inaccuracy.
  7. How many varsity games has he even played? And we are talking about how good his progression is.
  8. Swoopes was raw right out of HS. He should’ve been a RS Jr before he ever figured into the qb battle. Lots of his issues were not all his fault. Coaching staffs inability to recruit hurt his chances and forced him to play too early. The 18W was a nice niche for him though. im comparing the two coming out of HS though. I didn’t see why everybody was worked up over Swoopes on the recruiting trail, and I se the same stuff with this Cali kid
  9. You could tell Swoopes had a lack of confidence coming out of HS?
  10. Both ranked a 5* out of HS with very little experience. Both look lethargic moving around. I guess if you want to say a guy can make progressions by watching 7on7, elite 11 competition, and limited game film,…… swoopes did well in all of that, and we knew he was extremely raw coming out of Hs. This looks and sounds too familiar. Swoopes even looked decent in camps. How many game films have you watched of this guy? IMO Malik is a huge project that won’t push for the job until a minimum of his 3rd or 4th year. If Ewers flips or Manning comes to Texas, he’ll never play
  11. Sorry guys but I see too much resemblance to Tyrone Swoopes here.
  12. “If he can stay healthy”….. that’s a mouthful

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