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  1. I had this thought myself as well. His teams have always been physical. He also got crossed with Mack a few times over practices being too soft.
  2. I pointed out Foster giving up on the last drive against OU and was scolded right here in this forum.
  3. You’ve seen a 3 man with a LB walked up or hand down. I’ve seen no true 4 mans with legit DE’s. Unless they did it against West Virginia when I didn’t watch
  4. Draft grade? Lol, seriously? Malik Jefferson was a 3rd rounder, this guy will be an UFA……. Lol, I spit coffee on my phone when I read that
  5. 3 of top 4 in receptions are TE and 2 separate RB’s
  6. Out of 188 receptions, 84 are to TE’s and RB’s. 44% demas was probably told he’d be the primary target when recruited because he was the #1 receiver in the state (maybe nation). He has 15 for 235 yds. Evan Stewart should be shown that very thing
  7. I’d have put my best 4 DL hands in the dirt. 47 would’ve turned his jersey in. I’d have used two run stopper lb’s and Overshown as my 3 linebackers. jameson is best in man press. I’d go with him and Dunn, man press. Foster and schooler could watch from the stands with 47. Yep, young safety and let cook play free safety. I would’ve dialed up blitz after blitz just to get qbs uncomfortable. would you get burned? Sure you would some. But you have to try something different.
  8. I’m not saying ULL was a quality win although most would consider it that . Just using it to show that sark can call a good game schematically. Sure, the OL may have looked better than thought due to lesser competition. Maybe Napier and LaLa don’t gameplan to blow teams out. Some coaches lean on advantages to beat overmatched teams. They ARE 10-1 right now and Texas wouldn’t be that playing their schedule. losing Okafor did hurt, which is extremely sad. But sark’s inconsistent playcalling around the poor OL play is a huge problem. He looked brilliant against OU in the first half. Then like an unpolished terd the second. That wasn’t on a thumb issue. That thumb looked mighty fine when he mashed tge gas in the 4th. He killed the momentum in the game by dropping three gears. I believe the thumb is an excuse. If it were a thumb issue he would sit Casey. He’s thrown the ball fine for the most part, just made some bad decisions. Your thumb doesn’t affect your progressions. I didn’t realize beating a 10-1 team would turn out to be fools gold. A decent 10-1 team at that.
  9. They’ve got 6 DL committed already. Only 2 OL
  10. OL was the worst position group this year. Start NILling some recruits
  11. His mistakes were in game coaching. How do you fix that with recruiting and spring ball? Defensively can be fixed, but PK will need to study multiple schemes to utilize
  12. Sark had the best talent in college football that money could buy at Bama. Texas wasn’t in the crapper with Herman. It wasn’t a great place, but it wasn’t in the crapper. Sark has coached this team to 4-7, most likely 4-8. There’s no way around it. He’s here, he’s responsible. When Manny Diaz’ defense was getting gutted by a 7th year qb with 3 knee braces in Provo, His head coach couldn’t give him advice on how to adjust the defense. Mack Brown was clueless on defense. This is the same situation we’re seeing this year. Your head coach should be able to step in and make suggestions to his DC if they are struggling. Obviously sark knows little about defense or chose to just let PK figure it out. Either way it didn’t get fixed and you see square pegs and round holes still. give me a HC that is based in defense. You have to be able to stop somebody first and foremost. Then they can use their expertise to help the OC if the need arises. im willing to give sark next year to show he can adjust. There’s no way he can flip the roster in one recruiting class enough to have “his” guys to be able to do what he and PK want. There will need to be adjusting their philosophy and coaching style even next year. If they can’t, then it’s restart or wait til they completely flip the roster, which will be year 4. Can you guys handle losing 6-8 games for a couple more years? listen, I wasn’t expecting 10-2 this year. I was actually skeptical of the sark hire. But after watching the game he called against ULaLa I thought this could be ok. He worked around the OL and set the offense up for success. Then Arkansas happened. He had some Charlie string blank stares that night. His OL was exposed for all of college football. He rebounded nicely with an easy rice game and by the time OU came around it looked like the offense was clicking. Til the second half when he leaned on the atrocious OL for the entire 3rd qtr, which is where the spiral started. This team could easily be 8-4/7-5 at worst with just a few adjustments. Don’t take your foot off the gas first and foremost. Casey plays with much more obtuse Cw when the offense is aggressive and not in game management situation. im kind of tired of talking about this honestly.
  13. chocolate chip Improvement is improvement. Fundamentals was the most noticeable under ash. I’d also rather has these same players in Ash’s second year being utilized in a better fit than what we are seeing now

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