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  1. Glad to see this Texas team do what they were supposed to do this weekend. It wasn’t always pretty, but it was a good weekend series sweep. You can see the confidence at the plate growing in the players. Strikeouts down, walks up, batting and ob %’s are up. Pitching is getting better and you can see how Pearce is trying to figure out his middle, setup and closing relief. I’m excited to watch them get into Big12 play and grow together as a team. Man is EK hitting well right now
  2. Anybody expecting a Big12 title needs to the bottle and the expectation bar down. You don’t lose the production Texas did last year and not skip a beat. The team will have to gel. They have to learn to win together as a team. Last night for example, UT baseball should blow out NDS every time. But I saw a team that learned to dig down, fight through mistakes and win a game in spite of less than stellar play. Give Coach Pearce time this year. Some of you are forgetting how good a job he’s done in his short time on the 40. This year may be more small ball and timely hits than a lineup of mashers. Let them gel and become a team together. Hook’em
  3. I think Pearce has done well in his time at Texas. I believe he’ll get them playing well by the end of year.
  4. Two wins that were supposed to happen. You’ve gotta win those first and foremost. I want to see the few mistakes cleaned up. I think Pearce will figure out the pitching staff in time. There’s some really good arms there.
  5. Look at what Texas lost starter/production-wise. A lot. They’ll get it figured out and going in the right direction.
  6. Just picked up a bottle of the Smoke Wagon uncut unfiltered. Have not opened yet.
  7. I seem to remember a team that started off shaky and ended up in Omaha. Pearce has shown to be a good coach. I’ll reserve judgement for later. Gotta get a feel for the players IN game situations. It’s way too early to be talking about a hot seat
  8. Thinks he’s worth more Nil$ than he’s getting…
  9. The ones wanting the immoral celebrations would be extremely upset if the PA at DKR asked that everybody held hands and said the Lord’s Prayer. I can guarantee you there’d be lawsuits over that, but we are just supposed to stand there and be ok with those immoral celebrations. No politics, just sports
  10. I was asking the other fellow but since you asked. I want to celebrate sports, not immoral sexual acts. Beard should’ve been fired, I have no issue with the termination. I’d rather see a coach let go that you can’t get answers to than rape covered up and hidden. I do not want to take my kids to a sporting event and them have to see something that we as a family disagree with propped up and supported. No politics, just sports
  11. Smacking one’s wife around is immoral too. Should Texas have kept beard on board so you could celebrate him?

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