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  1. this was posted after the commitment of sydir
  2. Posted this in the wrong thread…. Fawcett has Malik Muhammad announcing at 730
  3. https://twitter.com/andrecojoe/status/1541170514902786050?s=21&t=Zh-RzWTqRsxDTB6QKh8bhg
  4. https://twitter.com/willbaizer/status/1540812876830711808?s=21&t=9Hc_ZHoq0hezh6CrFSb3QQ
  5. Thank you… usually it works for me but not this time
  6. https://twitter.com/hayesfawcett3/status/1540008488939753472?s=21&t=rc7MHUAq2DnuByDNHSJWrA
  7. Not too exciting but a significant upgrade from brockermeyer and would be a very good “next up” backer
  8. Unless that spot is only used by a SR transfer
  9. This all seems to be hearsay.... No one truly knows whats going on.... Some people are saying hes removing his name, others are saying theres a deal now theres no deal. Seems like the "insiders" really have no idea whats going on.
  10. They’re saying he’s in on another board. No Proof or anyways of looking it up. roach just added more but I can’t see it since I’m not a member
  11. I would only consider worthy sarks true recruit. Sometimes these guys get in and don’t buy in and if there’s no light at the end of the tunnel then send them on their way. herman set this program back by poor recruiting and when he missed he just signed whoever. idk if sark will workout but he’s paying the price for drunken Herman’s mistakes
  12. You absolutely take him and apologize later to whoever sees it as a problem. Hall could be a work in progress. This has day 1 starter all over it.

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