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  1. That’s on top of the 100k. Not a bad deal making 150k starting off
  2. Don’t think he would, just stated what Ive heard from multiple coaches around Austin. Word is it’s between him and Tony Salazar(also have heard from someone close to him the same thing.)
  3. So your argument is that a guy who was rated a three star under a different coach that is there now, turned out to be a good QB in the NFL? He might choose to go there, but speaking of NIL only Texas is a better spot than Tech.
  4. Also should be noted Riley will have the westlake job if he wants it.
  5. Mahommes was not the number one player in the nation looking at making millions. https://247sports.com/Player/Patrick-Mahomes-II-21009/
  6. This has to be the reason why a lot of these transfer QBs weren’t offered
  7. Ok sark let’s go! I swear to god if he goes to aggies I’m going to lose it.
  8. Here’s 300k up front plus NIL. You can walk into TAMU almost a millionaire. Pretty hard to pass up that kind of money. now this was before Texas announced its NIL. So we will see.
  9. Imagine this being a recruiting forum, and taking the non recruiting talk to the non-recruiting forum
  10. @Sirhornsaloti hope your buddies fun starts kicking in. TAMU class is getting dumb
  11. This all but guarantees Caleb Williams is gone
  12. A kid who’s supposed to be a senior in high school trying to unseat a record setting redshirt freshman isn’t going to happen. Calm down, like you wouldn’t be doing flips if he transferred here.
  13. Now that the season is over(probably) is there going to be a portal/transfer forum?
  14. I would suspect the LS will be a PWO, and they’re opening up more spots for transfers
  15. The difference is he uses his TE as a receiver, while we have to use ours as a 6th and 7th TE because our Oline is that bad. We were running 2 man routes almost all game the other night.
  16. Is Campbell out? Just such a quiet recruitment
  17. Wasn’t taking a shot, I was talking about everyone condemning him on social media. Just the typical soft ass media.
  18. Seems to have been deleted from the original site, so I’m sure it’s been addressed with whoever took it. the language doesn’t bother me, but i can see how it would with others who have never been in that situation.
  19. What about this transfer talk? Could it be legit?
  20. I can’t imagine the ass chewing those coaches got after the game. Probably wheee the “I just got my ass kicked” came from.

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