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  1. Is this the LB they were accusing A&M of tampering with
  2. I can agree with that but Quinn isn’t hitting the deep balls and is obviously not seeing the whole field. Ok it’s not all on Quinn. card may not be able to hit the deep balls but his intermediate throws are where he is best and that’s what is missing right now. Also what he can do with his legs. anyways just an all around bad game (offensively) hopefully they can right the ship and win the last two with a chance ata 9 win season with a bowl game
  3. waiting for a call back today, but he through text stated that the recruits asked him "what he thought about the team and sark" and "lets just say they were not impressed." He works sundays so ill see what he has to say later.
  4. It’s 100% on Quinn, he’s not letting plays develop.. he would just throw it up to worthy and worthy Wasn’t even near running past the defender. The crowd that screamed card couldn’t handle the full playbook have no idea what they’re talking about.
  5. Sorry but that game was exhausting as a fan, that stadium was nuts and got nothing. Ewers look like crap missing wide open receivers, when he did hit the open receivers they dropped it. X showed absolutely zero effort, gave up on multiple plays that were a yard away or dropped multiple passes. Sark refused to run the ball, he’ll keilen didn’t touch the ball. defense played their balls off and the crowd gave them everything. 18 processions, 6 points that’s Iowa bad. You can be mad at the boos, but that was the worst game I’ve been to at DKR. Hell people were leaving the stadium when Barron picked up that fumble, and could care less because people knew if we did get it back the offense couldn’t score
  6. Ive got a buddy who was in the recruit section last night and ill just say they werent impressed
  7. Too a point he was, with those guys... but, too much honestly. he forced way to many too them with bijan wide open on the check down. TCU wasnt even worried about the check downs, they werent within 15 yards of them most of the night. He straight missed bijan on the wheel wide opend to make it 17-10 then missed worthy on the 4th and goal from the 10 wide open in the endzone.
  8. Duece and deal have both made it. They were just in front of us at gameday
  9. I remember demas coming in and ehlinger sitting all the recruits down in the locker room and telling them to leave if they weren’t serious

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