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  1. And the good news. 4 teams in front of Texas lost today. WVU got manhandled by Iowa State.
  2. Cause he's a freshman. Running backs only have so many touches their bodies can handle. Jamal Charles was a third string his freshman year.
  3. Tennessee is up on Auburn. Vandy is beating UF.... Let's avoid the upset bug.
  4. We got Tulsa next week. USC week 3. The first year Maryland saw a Texas team with a new staff attempting to run a new scheme. This year we saw a Maryland team playing in honor of a fallen teammate. They got us in transition, and this year they were more hungry than last year. With that being said I'm not a fan of how we have scheduled. Our non-conferene has been Walk, crawl, Run. Maybe we should be scheduling teams like Tulsa or San Jose St week 1. And schools like Maryland week 2. And USC week 3. Idk. Maybe I'm just dumb.
  5. I was screaming at the TV. I thought that call was horseshit. He jumped trying to disrupt the pass, but all his momentum was moving forward so he couldn't avoid the hit. I hate some of the new rules. I thought that was a tremendous effort as well. Maybe we should just bring back leather helmets. Ain't nobody gonna try to lay a head to head hit with them things on lol. Maybe we might be talking about different plays. There was one play where one of our d-linemen got into the back field went airbourn to disrupt the pass and accidentally put grazed the face mask of the qb and the qb flopped to sell the flag. I'm also not a fan of the immediate ejection. Maybe they should treat targeting like how they used to treat facemasks. Incidental- 5 yards. Intentional-15 yards.
  6. Hahaha I still like the kid. He grew up dreaming of coming to this school so I know his heart and mind is in it. But betting money on Texas, for right now I would be skeptical. Maybe pick Sam against Tulsa, Kansas, Baylor and Iowa State. And the more I think about that Maryland game, maybe we just ran into them at a bad time 2 years in a row. Last year a whole new coaching staff is running their schemes for the first time. This year Maryland is playing in honor of a fallen teammate. First year they caught us in transition. This year they were hungry. And honestly last year they were banged up Maryland might actually be a solid team. But the beautiful thing about Maryland, is if they end up having a 9+ win year that coach will immediately start eyeing new contract offers. Coaches at Texas come here to solidify legacy. Coaches at Maryland look to start up a legacy. Feel me?
  7. I hate the clapping too. I went to Grapevine High School my freshman year and we used the same Cadence. The d-line would jump faster than our o-line could get out there 3-point stance. Especially when we played Southlake and Trinity. I hated playing WR at that school.
  8. Greg Ward Jr. ,Duke Catalon, all the complentray pieces on the UH d-line. And Ta'Quon Graham didn't look to bad. Needs to bulk up but he looked like he can have a promising future.
  9. Adjust maybe? Go to voice cadence when in this lineup. IDK. I see NFL teams run this pro/ace set. I see SEC teams do it. I saw Mack do it. I saw Stoops do it. I see Jimbo doing it. There is a reason this package has survived eras. It works. And we have the roster to make it work. Beck, and brewer are solid. We have 2 big body receivers and a damn good backs in Ingram and Watson, (Watson regained possesion before he hit the turf that fumble was complete bullshit) idk maybe I play to much NCAA 14. (Mind you I hardly play with Texas, I usually use weaker schools like FIU, UTEP, and Marshall, and try to land Texas as a job, a man can dream right!!) IDK I think it would add versatility.
  10. nah man. Having Sam lineup under center with a 2 TE set. And CJ and LJ on the outside and duvernay in the slot. An Ace package. Saban does it. Urban Meyer does it. Mack Brown did it. Bob Stoops. Jimbo Fisher. The whole NFL. Gives the defense a different formation to adjust too.
  11. orlando is a good DC. Beck, I'm losing faith. And check Houston for example. Who's the best Defensive linemen in the country? Who recruited him?
  12. One we thing we all know is that Herman is a good recruiter and talent evaluator. Now as far as X's & I'd go I have my doubts, but building a stout lime takes more than one class. Question... How many lineman do we have red shirted?
  13. Agreed. Coaching turnover sets schools very behind in recruiting. And the good thing about Texas, coaches don't leave for other jobs. It's a job coaches retire at. And for the all the fans who would want to fire Herman and Co after year 2, who would we hire? Matt Campbell? C'mon now.
  14. LHN tore the conference and program apart. A conference network that respects us as a Blue Blood program would've been beneficial to everybody. But now our coaches gotta deal with way more media bullshit than any other program. Our players become to Hollywood. And it creates entitlement issues. If we we're allowed to air HS games then maybe LHN would've beneficial, but we can't, and now we're facing Karma.
  15. What do you think about the possibility of lining up in some ace packages? I think our roster could do some damage out of those sets.
  16. How long has it been since we have had a quarterback line up under center? We have 2 solid TE. Tre Watson and Keontay Ingram looked good. We have 2 big body receivers in CJ and LJ and speed in the slot in Duvernay. Why not go under center every once in awhile? It keeps the defense on their toes and we have the pieces to run effective ace packages.
  17. I need more liquor. Gallons would be preferred. Thank god for auto connect cause Indidnt spell nothing nothing right.
  18. Liquor has been bought. Pray I don't get alcohol poisoning y'all. That loss to Maryland stings way more than this Jameson does. Smfh.
  19. Liqour has been bought. Pray I don't give myself alcohol poisoning.
  20. Another thing, as soon as our rum game started to show life, we just stopped running the ball. What the F@#K? I'm not for firing our coach base Turnover does not fare well with recruits but seriousl why was Kyle Porter lined up as an outside receiver? You had a whole weather delay to prepare and that's what they came up with? No f##king reason we should lose to Maryland 2 years in a row. Hard days for Longhorns fans... Time to stop drinking beer and get some liquor.
  21. The targeting rule is absolute bullshit. hopefully basketball season is better. less bullshit in that sport anyways. "We're trying to take hard hits out of football" Then maybe it would be best if we strapped flags around their waste and started up a woman's program while we're at it. Pussy shit this game is becoming.

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