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  1. Both Colt & VY redshirted their freshman years. So the first year you're talking about was actually his 2nd year in the program and his 3rd year was the struggle year. His 4th year would be the one you're saying it clicked for him. The thing is because Ewers reclassified, last year was basically his redshirt year. If he's the talent we are to believe he is, he's in college for 2 more seasons. So here's the rub. Whoever Sark names, he really needs to stick with them throughout the season. We need some consistency at QB. If it's Card, Sark is basically throwing away 1 of the 2 seasons he likely has with Ewers. Then comes next year, unless Card has done a lot of work in the classroom and plans on grad transferring somewhere else, he's coming back next year. That means Sark either sticks with is starting QB for the 2022 season or he opens up another QB battle for the third year in a row while he's head coach. That doesn't look good for a QB guru. He then has to either bench the QB from 2022 for Ewers or he tells Ewers he's QB2 again & he likely transfers. Either way, it's a messy situation. And if you're Sark, you better hope Card is good enough next year because 8-4 will not look good with all the talent he will have and that Oline group. I want Sark to work out but starting Card will really put him in a tough situation. He has to hit on that guy being THE GUY. If he has that deer in the headlight look again against Bama. Sark can't really go to Ewers the next because it will be a "here we go again" and "why didn't you just start Ewers" from a lot of people. It will put his decision making into question. But if you start Ewers, you will get some turnovers but you will get some wow plays. And there will be plenty of fans & boosters who will forgive some things because it's the young gunslinger learning on the job. And then you don't have the QB controversy next spring. Ewers is your QB1, he will learn more of the playbook and you can get a grad transfer to come back him up if Murphy isn't ready. Ewers may not be ready to full actualize Sark's offense, but if his natural talent has made it where Card hasn't completely pulled away even with an extra year in the system, maybe go with him. But I guess we will see. And maybe Sark will see his prized QB's being coached by someone else in 3 years based off what he decides in a week.
  2. Honest question.... did you read the article or just post it because you thought it fit the narrative you wanted? I read it and to say "looks like we trail again" while posting this article is kinda weird. According to the article you posted. They actually had Georgia as the favorite at 36%, now Alabama is at 30.1% & Georgia slipped to 24.9%. The article you posted actually states Texas & Ole Miss were beneficiaries. So if this article is your bases, we always trailed but we have made up ground.
  3. You shouldn't worry about that because it's not up to the players or their NIL partner on what they put on their jerseys. And they wouldn't be able to sell authentic UT jerseys without some type of license from the university. Seeing how protective we are of the burnt orange and Texas brand, I doubt they will allow jerseys to be sold with other sponsors on it if with getting a cut of the money. Also, the jerseys would likely be Nike as with the LSU ones. That's the sponsor. They aren't making a jersey with some other company's logo on it. So NIL isn't looming over these.
  4. It's true, Sark and the coaches will have to overcome the 5-7 record of last season but I think it's still early to have concern. The Elite Junior Day happen to fall on the same weekend as a big 7-on-7 event that was in Miami. I think a lot of the top skill position players were there. But that's ok. I'm bullish on the offense this upcoming season so the fact that there weren't top WR's or RB's on campus doesn't concern me because they will be open to coming here if the offense is looking good. If they are committed to, say aggy, well that sucks but we know that those early commitments aren't much these days. If you look at Perkins, it appears a late commitment isn't much either. What the junior day did have were a lot of good edge players & some really good OL who we offered early & continue to build relationships with. And they got Toviano back on campus too. Truthfully, with players like Cook, Owens, Petteway, etc. They could commit in the summer to another school. But that will mean nothing if come fall, Arch Manning commits to us. They will all be looking to hop on with the prospect of playing with him. Then we have no idea what will happen with more NIL deals over the summer & fall. I say all that to say, we won't know if there is cause for concern with 2023 recruiting until maybe July.
  5. I think if you are Sark, yes you go all in on Arch Manning. There aren't too many good ones in the state. Why not go hard after Arch & if you strike out, you hit the transfer portal. And if you don't get Arch, you see if you can find a good QB that you can take who doesn't mind sitting & developing. You are also more likely to have a redshirt junior Malik Murphy if Arch doesn't come. I don't think we take 3 RB's. And I don't think you need 3 RB's. You have Brooks, Blue & Red can play some there. You definitely want to take 2 but 3 RB's means someone is transferring or transferred out of Blue & Brooks. TE is likely Lafayette Kaiuway who will be used however Sark uses Billingsley this upcoming season. WR's should be a lot easier with the new WR coach. Need to get 2 of Hale, Pettaway, Parker, Cook, Niblett. Then you probably get Greathouse. I would love to get Niblett & Cook but Parker is good too. Offensive Line you are probably taking 4, maybe 5. They have done a good job targeting the OL early & being the first offer for a lot of guys. That will help. NIL should help as well. I think 2023 will be a lot less stressful in recruiting OL because of the numbers taken last cycle & the relationships they built early.
  6. So you just admitted the conference is terrible. Why stay in a terrible conference? Maybe think about it this way. Previously, the administration & others making decisions were ok with Texas being a "second team, medium sized frog" because the money was still coming in. It was easy to stay back and let the program roll on cruise control because the money was still gonna come in. CDC & Jay Hartzell are not wanting that anymore. The move to the SEC means everyone has to get behind making the football program as good as possible. If you were paying attention you would notice that the current coaching staff, boosters, & AD all seem to be operating that way. WR coach sucking it up? First thing they do is fire him. Now previously we would go get a second tier coach. This time they go get the best guy out there. Transfer portal additions sucked last year. The coaching staff recalibrated & they are bring in top players at positions of need. We didn't utilize NIL that great last season. This winter we saw them mobilize in way that showed what we could do. The idea that staying in the Big 12 is a good move for Texas because we may lose some games, that's stupid. Yes Texas will lose games moving to the SEC. But truly, no one knows if it will be a drastic uptick in a typical W-L record in the Big 12. What we do know is the move to the SEC will bring in more money, will increase the footprint in the states we need to recruit to close on top 5 classes annual, will help recruit the state even more, and it will give us a better chance of making NY6 & CFP games in the long run. Realistically there was only two options for Texas if we wanted to be relevant in football 5 years from now. Move to the SEC or move to the Big 10. The Big 10 made the most sense academically but the SEC makes the most sense geographically, financially, & developmentally. But let's be honest. Even when we are down, we are not a "medium sized frog" in the Big 12. Texas & ou were always the programs in the conference no matter what. Winning or not, Texas was the premier program in the league. If you cannot admit that or acknowledge that, you show your like of understanding on how things work.
  7. There are no real hurdles for Texas. We would just have to pay a shit ton of money. The issue may be ou not being able to pay said shit ton of money.
  8. Highly doubtful 2022 happens. But the most likely outcome is 2023. Again. BYU starts Big 12 play in 2023. The last word on the other teams was 2024 at the latest. So high likelihood they would join with BYU. So odds are they are playing in the Big 12 in 2023. You expect Texas and ou to split revenue with teams they did not cast a vote to join?? You think the Big 12 wants that headache that could drag out and cost them money? They will make a deal with both teams so they can start their new Big 12. And we will be in the SEC in 2023.
  9. Hail alma mater. Hail gold and white. We’re right beside you as you go into the fight. Loyal and faithful. Ever we'll be. SOUTH OAK CLIFF WE LOVE YOU! With a victory!!
  10. Highly unlikely. BYU joins the Big 12 for the 2023 season. The other teams join in 2024 at the latest. So good chance 2023. Neither Texas or Oklahoma voted for the expansion. Yet they would be expected to share revenue for those seasons with teams they did not vote to share with?? Lawyers would have a field day with that one. Odds are there will be an agreement to lessen the buyout money to ensure a smooth transition to the new Big 12. This guy is just throwing stuff at the walls for clicks.
  11. This Quinn Ewers saga has people freaking out way too much. Is tech an legit option. Yes. Could he be going to tech. Yes. Put people have taken message board posts and made them gospel. A weed dealer knows someone who knows it’s gonna be tech. The brother-in-law of a person is on the staff at Southlake and he says it’s gonna be tech. That’s all hearsay. I think tech will work a lot talk about the NIL he could make there but this guy will make NIL money anywhere. I’m still on the side of he will pick Texas. It just makes the most sense. Start with the timing. The top players thinking of transferring don't just put there name out there and go from there. Usually there has been some talks with staffs through go between. With that, everyone thought he could be entering the portal but the logic was he would wait until after Spring practices to see if he could win the back up QB role at OSU. If tech was the landing place, he could wait until after spring and then go there if he didn’t win the back spot. Next the talk is Ewers wants to bring talent with him to where he goes. If you look at the top players in the state. Which ones are uncommitted who would want to go to tech? Which commits could they flip? I don’t see many. So the talk of bring talent doesn’t line up with him going to tech. Sure he could sign and get 2023 guys to look tech's way but even when they were winning with the pirate, they didn’t really kill it in recruiting so hard to see that being the case with UT going to join aggy in the SEC and the raiding of players from other programs outside the state. Not to mention tech lost to a pretty bad Texas team this year. Can’t sell him on their position in a new Big 12 when they lost to us this season. Also with Baylor looking good, Ok State being good, Iowa St still having Campbell. TCU will be better than them. Cincy will be better than them. And maybe UCF will be better than them. That means he would be going to a 6th best team in a down conference. Not really a good fit for the best recruit in the nation. On the other hand. He likes Sarks offense. He just saw what it could do with players he likely thinks he’s better than. He likes Texas. He was committed there already. He sees he has a Heisman candidate in the backfield and an All-American at WR already. He gets to live in Austin vs Lubbock. He will be the starting QB at The University of Texas. He will get NIL deals. Bijan is said to have made a million dollars last season. He will not hurt for deals. Especially when we are in the SEC. So yeah. Could he choose tech. Of course. They would build a statue for him right now to get him there. But the most logical spot for him is Texas.
  12. I think Rod Barbers said it pretty well. PK thought he had the formula to defend the Big 12 because he was able to slow down WSU and Leach. But he didn’t realize the air raid teams in the Big 12 were not the purer ones like WSU. Leach will run but he also uses passes to get his RB involved a lot more than the air raid teams in the Big 12. Here the teams like to run to set up the pass not the other way around. So his may have been mistake on what would work best here. And teams have run wild on us because of that. The other issue is during the WVU, the mentioned PK said it appears the DB’s don’t know where they are suppose to be at times. That’s on Terry Joseph but that’s also on PK. If you have noticed that, how the hell have you not fixed that or simplified it for your players. I think PK is a good DC but I don’t he compliments what Sark wants to do. The lack of sacks and INT’s alarming. I think PK has to be let go. Hire a new DC, let them hire their own position coaches. Do away with the two DB position coaches that way you can get an ace recruiter on the staff. I think the offense is ok. It will only get better with more speed and better OL play. I trust Sark will have them rolling. If we get a marginal increase from the defense, we are probably 3-4 wins better next year.
  13. I haven’t seen Sark or any player talk about any type of social injustice this season. So yeah maybe it has nothing to do with your talking point that recruits could care shit about. Maybe it has to do with they are selling they beat Alabama this year and are doing well in the SEC, while we are getting killed in the Big 12. They are selling they are closer to winning a CFP championship than we are. I get it, you want to believe the players care about the things you do. Somehow you think a 17-18 year old, usually African American, kid thinks like a person who is likely 45-50 and white. Guess what, shocker, they don’t. You want to use a player being fong’d to support you talking point that UT Football is too woke. It’s BS. Guarantee if the team is 8-1 right now and talking about every social wrong in the world, they still have a top class. These kids don’t care about that stuff. They care about winning & getting to the NFL. Hell they come to the most liberal city in Texas. You think they would do that if they didn’t want to be around “woke cultural”. Do better, think more. Come up with a better way to frame your talking point. And take it to the politics thread. This is for recruiting and “woke” topics have nothing to do with recruiting.
  14. I would say there is no guarantee that Stewart will be a great WR but he has a pretty high floor due to his speed & he will help the team play better. You get Stewart and next year teams cannot load the box to stop Bijan because they will have to send help for one of Worthy or Stewart. The other is in a one-on-one situation and that’s already positive for us. We have seen the issues with the offense. Teams load up on Bijan and then take Worthy out of the game. Moore isn’t producing. Washington is ok but not a game break. Case in point. The long run he had against osu. If that’s Stewart, he isn’t caught from behind. We score 7 instead of getting 3. Small things like that matter. You cannot argue all recruits have a chance of not making a good player then argue why any other player should be taken at another position. The person you are arguing with can say the same thing about about you not knowing if the player you think should be taken at OL or DB will turn out good. The OL is a weakness that needs to be fix. But you’re operating like it’s an either or with WR. The coaching staff isn’t operating that way. I will assume they have a better idea than us what’s going on.
  15. We need to load up on offensive lineman for the move to the SEC so I agree we need to take 3-4 more. But taking 5 to 6 more DB’s with 3 already committed. You want a 8-9 DB class? That’s not good roster construction. You have to hope Barron and Crawford are good to go as starters next season. If you get Denver Harris he would be your first off the bench. We don’t know what Ibraheem & Johnson will bring but they are both freshman. 8-9 DB’s is a lot to allocate.
  16. My post pretty much spelled out we need to get three developed upper class offensive lineman so we aren’t throwing our freshman out there too early. I don’t think Kyle Flood is bad at developing so I think Arch will be fine there. Alabama’s offense hasn’t look the same as last year. I’m sure Sark can sell Arch on why that is. Remember, they weren’t gonna miss Sark because they just reload every year. I think Sark has shown he knows how to utilize talent. I’m sure the Manning family is wise enough to see that. And they know Sark can develop QB’s. I don’t think Card was a 5 star. And Card isn’t Arch Manning. You’re assuming that we will lose with Casey and win with Card? If not, it’s kinda pointless to go back to Card right now just to let him get his lumps. We’ve seen Card when a defense is teeing off on him. It’s not a good luck. Baylor & Iowa State have good defenses. It’s not a good time to throw him back in there. Whose team would you like for it to be this year? Bijan is the best running back in the nation. He would be the guy for any team he played for. He need to use him more in the pass game and out in space but it’s the right move making him the focal point of the offense. The receivers aren’t proving anything outside of Worthy. The QB’s aren’t gonna do enough, no matter who plays, with a poor line & inconsistent receiver play. This has to be & should be Bijans team. And it should be next year as well. He is the person who will allow those fast receivers to get one-on-one coverage to beat their man. He’s the one who will open up the RPO throws and play action shots. If you don’t utilize Bijan, Sark’s offense kinda stalls.
  17. Ehh I don’t know. If Arch is everything people expect. He’s likely good enough to start as a freshman and probably wants to start as a freshman. So if he’s committed, Card is likely hitting the portal at some point anyway. So if Casey is still the best option for this terrible offensive line, you might as well stay with him. If I’m Sark, I’m hitting the portal hard for a one year rental at QB, two OT’s and a guard. You need some good, already developed players in there. Can’t waste the last year of Bijan. You can then give these young guys on the offensive line some time to develop. And if Card hits the portal, you just develop Malik and a second QB if taken this year. Sure up that line and get a QB. He will have Worthy, Thompson and hopefully Stewart. That’s enough speed to keep teams from loading up on Bijan. The defense should improve as well with another year of learning PK’s system.
  18. That’s the think my guy, it wasn’t targeting that would have been reviewed & it wasn’t targeting that was called on Thornton. It was running the passer. And again, how do you know the refs didn’t tell him it wasn’t gonna happen? Every thing I’ve heard is the players know Sark cares. Hell the recruits seem to know he cares. Sometimes the troops need to know, these guys (the refs) are against us too. F@#K them, let’s make it were their attempts to F@#K us over won't matter.
  19. Somethings are worth a timeout, no doubt. But logically, you are talking about taking a timeout in hopes of what? That the complaint you just expressed will magically be reconsidered?! Again we aren’t privy to the conversation between Sark and the ref so we are going off incomplete information. Why pretend you know that was worth it when you don’t know all the facts? Sark was there, he obviously knew it was a terrible call because he complained to the ref. I will trust his judgment on not taking the timeout.
  20. So your logic is to burn a timeout in a close game in hopes the refs will take a look at something you just complained to them about?? Yeah that’s Mensa level right there. You can demand anything you want but it’s up to the refs. Talking is literally all he could do. Pretending otherwise or telling us what he should have done is moronic. You just said you didn’t see on TV when he spoke to the refs. Yet we are suppose to listen to you on what he should have done?? You apparently don’t even know what all was done and you definitely don’t know what was said to the refs. Maybe sit this one out champ.
  21. You can’t say recruiting hasn’t been the best in one paragraph. Then point out we currently have the 2nd ranked class, had the 8th ranked class last year and the 3rd ranked class two consecutive years prior to that. That’s good recruiting. Maybe you’re confusing recruiting with development. That’s two different things though.
  22. Are you counting early enrollees that they can technically count towards last years class?
  23. The refs in this game were terrible as always. Not looking at if the player was out if bounds was bad. The amount of holding the ou linemen were doing was terrible. Not reviewing if Caleb Williams arm was moving forward when the ball came out was probably the most egregious one for me. We recovered so there is reason to look and it seemed like it was a fumble. If we get that call. We are in scoring position. We take some time of the clock and get 3 or 7 right there and they don’t points. But the refs decide they don’t want to look at what is potentially a huge turnover. Just to make sure. Man our team choked the game away but the refs sure made it easier for that to happen.
  24. There was a UT player who drove his car into a West Campus apartment complex because he was drinking and driving. There was a UT player who was at Sammy strip night just humping anything that would move. There was a UT player who punched a guy at Gregory Gym and broke his jaw. He was banned for a year. I know a UT player who was driving a Cadillac. He wasn’t a star player and I know it wasn’t paid for by his family. There are so many stories. But the point is there is so much craziness going on with our players. And I think we are a pretty clean program. Imagine what goes on at these other schools. Maybe y’all just didn’t know any of them when/if you went to UT. But freaking out thinking NIL is gonna be the ruin of college football. It’s not. Hell maybe a UT player won’t be running into apartment buildings or punching people because they don’t wanna lose endorsements.
  25. Come on guy. Did I say that I went there for the accuracy?? How about they produce an accurate schedule? They aren’t second to none on something as simple as that. I don’t need them for the schedule though. I have the internet and I live in Austin. And I’m on campus enough that I could figure it out. I said it’s shameful that they have a schedule up on the UT site from 2019. Yet they have an updated one for the ou site. They are telling you which site they care about more simply with that. It’s not in my mind. They are an ou site with a Texas branch of it. That’s fine. But that’s what they are. I can’t say their accuracy is second to none because truly all the Texas sites have been pretty weak this season so maybe they are 4th to none? But again I don’t care about their accuracy. I don’t really care they have a schedule up from 2019. But I’m not gonna pretend it’s not telling that they couldn’t update the freakin schedule on a site. It’s a simple thing. They updated it for the ou site but didn’t think to do it for the UT one? If both of my kids are seating at the table and I only fix one of them a bowl of cereal and I let the other just sit there. Obviously one of those kids must mean more to me than the other. Come champ, it’s not that hard. Go somewhere else guy. You know better than to reply to me.

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