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  1. I would say there is no guarantee that Stewart will be a great WR but he has a pretty high floor due to his speed & he will help the team play better. You get Stewart and next year teams cannot load the box to stop Bijan because they will have to send help for one of Worthy or Stewart. The other is in a one-on-one situation and that’s already positive for us. We have seen the issues with the offense. Teams load up on Bijan and then take Worthy out of the game. Moore isn’t producing. Washington is ok but not a game break. Case in point. The long run he had against osu. If that’s Stewart, he isn’t caught from behind. We score 7 instead of getting 3. Small things like that matter. You cannot argue all recruits have a chance of not making a good player then argue why any other player should be taken at another position. The person you are arguing with can say the same thing about about you not knowing if the player you think should be taken at OL or DB will turn out good. The OL is a weakness that needs to be fix. But you’re operating like it’s an either or with WR. The coaching staff isn’t operating that way. I will assume they have a better idea than us what’s going on.
  2. We need to load up on offensive lineman for the move to the SEC so I agree we need to take 3-4 more. But taking 5 to 6 more DB’s with 3 already committed. You want a 8-9 DB class? That’s not good roster construction. You have to hope Barron and Crawford are good to go as starters next season. If you get Denver Harris he would be your first off the bench. We don’t know what Ibraheem & Johnson will bring but they are both freshman. 8-9 DB’s is a lot to allocate.
  3. My post pretty much spelled out we need to get three developed upper class offensive lineman so we aren’t throwing our freshman out there too early. I don’t think Kyle Flood is bad at developing so I think Arch will be fine there. Alabama’s offense hasn’t look the same as last year. I’m sure Sark can sell Arch on why that is. Remember, they weren’t gonna miss Sark because they just reload every year. I think Sark has shown he knows how to utilize talent. I’m sure the Manning family is wise enough to see that. And they know Sark can develop QB’s. I don’t think Card was a 5 star. And Card isn’t Arch Manning. You’re assuming that we will lose with Casey and win with Card? If not, it’s kinda pointless to go back to Card right now just to let him get his lumps. We’ve seen Card when a defense is teeing off on him. It’s not a good luck. Baylor & Iowa State have good defenses. It’s not a good time to throw him back in there. Whose team would you like for it to be this year? Bijan is the best running back in the nation. He would be the guy for any team he played for. He need to use him more in the pass game and out in space but it’s the right move making him the focal point of the offense. The receivers aren’t proving anything outside of Worthy. The QB’s aren’t gonna do enough, no matter who plays, with a poor line & inconsistent receiver play. This has to be & should be Bijans team. And it should be next year as well. He is the person who will allow those fast receivers to get one-on-one coverage to beat their man. He’s the one who will open up the RPO throws and play action shots. If you don’t utilize Bijan, Sark’s offense kinda stalls.
  4. Ehh I don’t know. If Arch is everything people expect. He’s likely good enough to start as a freshman and probably wants to start as a freshman. So if he’s committed, Card is likely hitting the portal at some point anyway. So if Casey is still the best option for this terrible offensive line, you might as well stay with him. If I’m Sark, I’m hitting the portal hard for a one year rental at QB, two OT’s and a guard. You need some good, already developed players in there. Can’t waste the last year of Bijan. You can then give these young guys on the offensive line some time to develop. And if Card hits the portal, you just develop Malik and a second QB if taken this year. Sure up that line and get a QB. He will have Worthy, Thompson and hopefully Stewart. That’s enough speed to keep teams from loading up on Bijan. The defense should improve as well with another year of learning PK’s system.
  5. That’s the think my guy, it wasn’t targeting that would have been reviewed & it wasn’t targeting that was called on Thornton. It was running the passer. And again, how do you know the refs didn’t tell him it wasn’t gonna happen? Every thing I’ve heard is the players know Sark cares. Hell the recruits seem to know he cares. Sometimes the troops need to know, these guys (the refs) are against us too. F@#K them, let’s make it were their attempts to F@#K us over won't matter.
  6. Somethings are worth a timeout, no doubt. But logically, you are talking about taking a timeout in hopes of what? That the complaint you just expressed will magically be reconsidered?! Again we aren’t privy to the conversation between Sark and the ref so we are going off incomplete information. Why pretend you know that was worth it when you don’t know all the facts? Sark was there, he obviously knew it was a terrible call because he complained to the ref. I will trust his judgment on not taking the timeout.
  7. So your logic is to burn a timeout in a close game in hopes the refs will take a look at something you just complained to them about?? Yeah that’s Mensa level right there. You can demand anything you want but it’s up to the refs. Talking is literally all he could do. Pretending otherwise or telling us what he should have done is moronic. You just said you didn’t see on TV when he spoke to the refs. Yet we are suppose to listen to you on what he should have done?? You apparently don’t even know what all was done and you definitely don’t know what was said to the refs. Maybe sit this one out champ.
  8. You can’t say recruiting hasn’t been the best in one paragraph. Then point out we currently have the 2nd ranked class, had the 8th ranked class last year and the 3rd ranked class two consecutive years prior to that. That’s good recruiting. Maybe you’re confusing recruiting with development. That’s two different things though.
  9. Are you counting early enrollees that they can technically count towards last years class?
  10. The refs in this game were terrible as always. Not looking at if the player was out if bounds was bad. The amount of holding the ou linemen were doing was terrible. Not reviewing if Caleb Williams arm was moving forward when the ball came out was probably the most egregious one for me. We recovered so there is reason to look and it seemed like it was a fumble. If we get that call. We are in scoring position. We take some time of the clock and get 3 or 7 right there and they don’t points. But the refs decide they don’t want to look at what is potentially a huge turnover. Just to make sure. Man our team choked the game away but the refs sure made it easier for that to happen.
  11. There was a UT player who drove his car into a West Campus apartment complex because he was drinking and driving. There was a UT player who was at Sammy strip night just humping anything that would move. There was a UT player who punched a guy at Gregory Gym and broke his jaw. He was banned for a year. I know a UT player who was driving a Cadillac. He wasn’t a star player and I know it wasn’t paid for by his family. There are so many stories. But the point is there is so much craziness going on with our players. And I think we are a pretty clean program. Imagine what goes on at these other schools. Maybe y’all just didn’t know any of them when/if you went to UT. But freaking out thinking NIL is gonna be the ruin of college football. It’s not. Hell maybe a UT player won’t be running into apartment buildings or punching people because they don’t wanna lose endorsements.
  12. Come on guy. Did I say that I went there for the accuracy?? How about they produce an accurate schedule? They aren’t second to none on something as simple as that. I don’t need them for the schedule though. I have the internet and I live in Austin. And I’m on campus enough that I could figure it out. I said it’s shameful that they have a schedule up on the UT site from 2019. Yet they have an updated one for the ou site. They are telling you which site they care about more simply with that. It’s not in my mind. They are an ou site with a Texas branch of it. That’s fine. But that’s what they are. I can’t say their accuracy is second to none because truly all the Texas sites have been pretty weak this season so maybe they are 4th to none? But again I don’t care about their accuracy. I don’t really care they have a schedule up from 2019. But I’m not gonna pretend it’s not telling that they couldn’t update the freakin schedule on a site. It’s a simple thing. They updated it for the ou site but didn’t think to do it for the UT one? If both of my kids are seating at the table and I only fix one of them a bowl of cereal and I let the other just sit there. Obviously one of those kids must mean more to me than the other. Come champ, it’s not that hard. Go somewhere else guy. You know better than to reply to me.
  13. I don’t know how accurate TFB are but I would say they are definitely a sooner site. And that’s why I would never pay for a subscription from them. I mean just look at the disrespect they blatantly show. You look at the Oklahoma site and it’s more content and an updated schedule. They still have the 2019 schedule up for the UT site. That’s just pathetic.
  14. Their offensive line coach is a former UT player. Hopefully he does a little work there.
  15. Back in my day, Jester West was not fun. It was all about Jester East. That’s why my floor was the football players and the floor under was the basketball players.
  16. Damn that Matthew McConaughey. Someone tell him to stay in the classroom. The football field is no place for his activism.
  17. Pinkerton’s BBQ is great. Their brisket is good but for me, their ribs were the best I’ve had. I’ve been to the Houston location, haven’t made it the SA one but I’m sure I will soon enough.
  18. Are they the ones that will win you a conference championship? Maybe, maybe not. Who knows. But they are needed. Especially within this new college landscape. With the new transfer rules and the portal, unless you’re Alabama or Clemson, you cannot sign a class full of 4-5 stars each year and expect to keep them all. The way Alabama continues to dominate is by having plug & play guys after losing their players to the draft. Most of those guys where 4 or 5 star guys so it helps. So if you’re Texas, you cannot replicate that right now. But what you can do is get 3 star guys you’ve evaluated and see potential in. Give them 2-3 years of development in your program. Then supplement that with some 4 star guys with the hype around them. If those 4 star guys do well and leave early. You don’t have to worry about who plugs in. You’ve developed that 3 star who is now ready to contribute in a meaningful way. This is a strategy that would be beneficial, especially along the LOS. Also with the portal, Texas could supplement these 3 star players with former 4-5 star guys wanting to leave their program for playing time. The bottom line is we are program that hasn’t lived up to expectations recently. Yet so many fans expect that a new staff will come in selling hope again & players will just fall in line to play for them because of that. We have to show some type of results on the field before you see a bunch of 4-5 star guys jumping on board.
  19. Are the staff getting their ass kicked because they cannot recruit or is it them having to deal with the issues of the last staff? Are they now in a spot where they don’t get the new coach bump because Herman used up that collateral? Can’t really judge the staff’s recruiting based on an off-season in the first year. Face it. aggy had a good season last season so they can sell that & negative recruit us. ou can sell winning and CFB appearances. What can we sell right now besides hope & a future in the SEC at some point?? These players had that hope sold to them by the last staff and then saw how shitty Herman was. They aren’t gonna just buy the same hope from a new guy without seeing some results. And what three are you gonna get rid of? Outside of maybe Coleman? Drayton who gets recruits & develops? Flood who has shown to be a great developer of OL & has worked with Sark since the Falcons. That’s not happening? Banks who is a rainmaker in recruiting. Nope. PK? Doubtful. Gideon & Joseph who recruits are naming as guys they love. I guess maybe Coate but that’s a guy with head coaching experience who seems to connect with kids. Bo Davis? Good recruiter and good developer. It’s a good staff. It’s still early. And it’s a dumb move for Sark to change staff after one season. That would look like instability. It’s easy to doom & gloom right because we’ve been programmed for it this past seasons. But again, if they win, these guys will look like ace recruiters. Because winning does that when you’re a school like Texas. I will save my freak out on recruiting for October or so if it’s still looking like these. Fall practices don’t start to Friday.
  20. Yeah it still sucks but it’s still early. Sark cannot help that winning was so hard for the last guy. It’s easy for other teams to point out that Herman was suppose to be the guy that brought Texas back and didn’t. And say Sark will be the same. The move to the SEC will give some buzz. The renovated stadium will give some buzz. If they get NIL going that will give some buzz. But winning some games is still key. Beat Louisiana & Arkansas and you can sell some things. They aren’t out if it with Stewart or Harris. They are in a good spot for Campbell. They can get back in it with Banks. And maybe Dewberry. I think there a players who like the idea of playing for Texas but they aren’t gonna buy the Sark is the guy line. They want to see it on the field. And if that happens. You will see some guys jump on board from that list.
  21. Are BJ Allen & Jamarion Miller no longer commits??
  22. Logic would say Brown is one. The other possible would likely be Jeremy Patton. At least that what my insider says. Most of the stuff from the post can be seen on the pay sites. Or just looking at 247 crystal balls.
  23. I would say it’s highly unlikely they take three backs. They will have to look at their board and the film and see if it’s a situation where if Jones wants in and Citizen isn’t ready to jump onboard, you let Citizen know what’s what and you take the commitment from Jones. You cannot take a three back class. That’s a number you could use at WR or OL. The only way you’re taking three backs is if it’s Raleek Brown. Since he’s a RB you can put in the slot and he’s so electric. There’s a 0% chance you see Blue, Jones, and Citizen in the same class. a&m would be all over that to Citizen. Hell I could sell that. Bijan is in front of you. They have two backs with you. And you know they are gonna want Owens getting PT as a freshman.
  24. But the key point in that note was that they were lower than normal with the confidence rating due to no one taking visits. If Banks is a 7/10 with no visits. That’s not bad. Campbell at a 6.5/10 with no visits is good. Cole Hutson wants to go into the business school at whatever school he attends. A good visit that highlights how loop-sided the b schools are between us, aggy, & ou, that 5/10 will likely increase. The 2022 recruiting scene is about to get turned upside down with visits. I think we will be ok with the OL once they get those guys on campus.
  25. Chad Morris is the HC there now. This would help a&m chances more than ou.

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