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  1. Sure we should talk about the woman’s death. And the death of anyone who is killed. But sir do you really think we see all the crime committed by people talked about publicly? That includes white on black, black on white, white on white, black on black, Hispanic on Hispanic, etc. We don’t. Unfortunately there just isn’t the space for that due to the amount on crime we have in this country in every state. There are plenty of sad stories of people being taken away from their loved ones. And those aren’t national stories. My issue is you posted this with the lie that it was George Floyd’s brothe
  2. The need to try to score points tends to blind y’all to facts that can easily be looked up. The man who killed that woman is not George Floyd’s brother. So since that is no longer true. I guess no one should be talking about that woman’s death now?? Since the fact that people thought it was George Floyd’s brother made it newsworthy.
  3. Lol that’s just three of the props & the those are the ones that even people like me were ok with. He didn’t say anything about C, D, & E. Those all passed and where all things Dems wanted. And things I voted for so. I’m happy with the results as most of the things I wanted passed.
  4. Guy I’m not getting “all lathered up” about anything. The fact that they are a conservative group is a pretty important thing. It kinda gives some background on why they might feel that way. Sure they are black & leaders. They are also conservative. Which means they likely started with some feelings on Biden. Let me show you how that may work. If you were reading an article and the headline was “Why Reggie McNeal’s 2004 Season Was Better Than Vince Young’s”. And this article was written by an aggy. I would probably be like that shit is terrible but that makes sense coming from an aggy. App
  5. The headline is truthful?? It is the opinion of a black conservative group. It’s their opinion not a fact. Biden has 89% approval among African Americans. That’s truthful & accurate, deal with that. So it’s seems a majority of African Americans do not agree with them. Do better guy. Hahaha mad at what?? Biden is POTUS. He’s passing things I like. Why would I be mad about talking points I did not read from a conservative group?? Get your head out of your arse man.
  6. The headline that kinda left out a key word. A CONSERVATIVE black leadership group. Shocking a conservative group feels that way. But let’s not let that part take away from your point.
  7. Hahaha whatever guy. Glad to see you’re switching the subject to masks instead of flags. Because obviously you’ve come to grips with the fact that more than one person did not have a flag. Oh look at this tough guy here. Give me a tampon?? Ooooh so scary this guy. Dude I would smash your face if given the chance. Don’t start with the tough guy talk. You were afraid to stop in my old stopping grounds. If you ever want to give me that tampon I will gladly meet you in Oak Cliff. You can give it to me personally. If not. Stop with the tough guy talk. And with that I’m done going back and for
  8. Hahaha so he doesn’t care because he wasn’t focused on the world seeing the American flag when he was sitting down & not speaking. But they still had it where the world could see it when he was actually speaking and all the cameras are on him? Yeah keep crying about stuff shit like this. It’s so entertaining how much pain y’all are dealing with having Biden as POTUS. Y’all need to come down before y’all have a heart attack or something. Seriously it’s a flag that was seen when he was speaking and you’re acting like refused to have it displayed. Give me a break.
  9. Hahaha way to admit your post was wrong but not admit it was wrong. Dang man it’s not that hard. You said only one person was not displaying their country’s flag. There is a person the the top left corner with no flag in the photo. It’s over man. Anyone with decent vision can see that. Sorry if you cannot. The struggles of old age will do that. It’s not your fault. And so what if he is the only person wearing a mask? He has someone sitting next to him and he believes in keeping a mask on when interacting with others. He’s not forcing you to do it. Why the hell does it matter what the does for
  10. Guy you’re just going around in circles with nonsense because your post was inaccurate. So let me break it down for you so we can catch you up. 1. You made a post where you said “well this tells you more than you wanted to know 1- the only individual not displaying his countries flag” then posted a photo. Do you remember that? Ok. 2. I pointed out that there is a guy in the top corner not displaying a flag & that Biden had a flag next to him. You then said I brought no evidence to the table to support my point. That it was just my word that there was a flag. 3. I th
  11. Haha guy, the case has already been made. I was giving you a chance to admit it. Anyone can look at the picture you posted and see there is no flag in the box. Lol it’s not that hard. And it’s pretty telling you posted the picture and the comments yet you didn’t take the time to either check to see if that was the case or not. That or you’re just a disingenuous person who will post anything as long as it’s something they agree with. Either way, you made a post that was a lie, the lie was easily shown in the post you made. And instead of just saying yeah you got me.. you’re move is to dig your
  12. How about this, use the internet. Look at photos of Biden speaking at the summit. But let’s not skip over the part where you kinda didn’t show me the flag in the top left corner. Because if there is no flag there. That alone kinda kills the whole the only individual not displaying their country’s flag talking point. So please.. point out the flag in the ROK HUD screen in the photo you used. If you can show the flag, I will shut me up & admit I was wrong. I will wait....
  13. Are you guys so blinded by your stupidity that you cannot see? Just look in the top left corner. Please show me the flag being displayed?? I will wait.. Also it’s a zoom screen that’s smaller due to the person speaking have the full screen. There is actually a flag to the left of Biden when it’s a full screen. But don’t let those facts get in the way of your stupidity.
  14. Yes a million percent yes. The filibuster is terrible for so many reasons. It prevents both Democrats & Republicans in purple states or in states they don’t fit the majority party ID, from actually taking votes on legislation their constituents want. So someone like Susan Collins or Krysten Sinema don’t have to take votes on bills because someone threatens to filibuster it so then it doesn’t go to the floor. Now those senators can pretend they support things & not have to actual so that in action. The filibuster isn’t a tool to protect the party in the minority nor does it make th
  15. Hahahaha do you know why the Latino community was against naming the school after Obama?? Because they thought he was too tough on illegals. That he deported so many of illegal immigrants. That’s the crazy thing about you morons. The Republicans in Florida ran on calling Obama the Deporter in Chief. Yet y’all swear Obama/Biden were some beacon to illegal immigrants. Also it’s amazing how often these morons on the right cry about cancel culture while calling for people to be cancelled and companies to be boycotted. It’s the exact same thing. Man you guys are so dumb, it’s sad. But the good news

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