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  1. He needs to see that we'll be playing in the SEC by 2022 for this to possibly occur. For now he's waiting and watching from what I've read by the mods on IT.
  2. Rankings are funny. We beat KU twice and yet they're ranked higher. Granted they beat BU. Tech beat us twice and we're ranked higher. oh well
  3. Was the Murphy commit what you were referencing as the big development or commit that would happen in 3-5 days from your earlier post?
  4. Murphy won't remain a 5 star until or if he actually puts some decent play on film that warrants it. His measurables and camp performances are his only justification thus far, which is extremely iffy to project to D1 P5 game conditions. Murphy would be QB2 and have a much longer developmental curve.
  5. IT Mods also pointed out more than once today that the advantage of Murphy committing is that he and Ewers are friendly and talk/text/chat often. Ewers would be much more likely to consider Texas as an additional QB commit with Murphy in the fold. However, if Klubnik committed, Ewers would be done as those two are not tight whatsoever. Basically, take Murphy now and stay on Ewers till the end.....which I realize is contrary to SHA's sourced intel, but I found it interesting to see on IT today.
  6. IT Mods think we'll have our QB commit clarified by April. Not saying it will be Ewers, but I found their timeline interesting.
  7. And he's no longer in our region. Zero issue from him recruiting similar targets since he's becoming an analyst in order to try and gain an on field coaching position.
  8. We also signed Keithron Lee, the receiver, but Sark says we have 4 spots available. Spring ball will allow them to possibly fill some of those based on areas of need and via the portal or 1 time transfer rule.
  9. An IT mod noted Bo Davis didn't push hard for Garfield. The staff is recruiting per Sark's mantra of all gas no brakes. If kids get an offer, they either need to move on it quickly or get left behind. Garfield got left behind. Getting the LSU and ND xfers along with Abiara eliminated Garfield's spot.
  10. We have Brooks signed now and looking hard at Blue and Miller for 2022. Not sure if it would be ideal to take both LJ and Wheaton this year based on what's cooking with the 2022 class. LJ or Wheaton makes sense unless Sark truly doesn't like what he sees in the RB room behind Bijan.
  11. Fong gets fed intel from Elko. That he only rated his crystal ball pick for LJ to the Ags as a 4 on a scale of 1-10 isn't exactly a sure thing. Not saying LJ hasn't been leaning there, but it's very telling that he hasn't pulled the trigger after taking a student campus visit this weekend. Having the entire offensive staff moving to other schools definitely keeps Wheaton in play and especially since 80% of that staff is now in Austin. Hold on tight.

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