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  1. I guess we will let it slide just this once.
  2. It’s difficult to believe that as highly ranked as some of the recent classes have been that they were not very talented. Seems to me that there has not been any talent development for most of the last decade. That is the area I am most interested to see if this staff can change. Texas attracts talent. Just doesn’t seem like they have been able to do anything with it in quite a while.
  3. Maybe Card opted for a two seater sports car.
  4. I’m most excited about Murphy for both the LB play and the edge improvement. Unless I missed something, he may be the most disruptive Nose we’ve had since Poona. If so, that will free up Lbs to flow and force double teams which dramatically impacts the rush. Neither Sweat nor Coburn lived up to the preseason Hope last aeason.
  5. Couldn’t this describe every $EC school over the past decade that had a top 5 recruiting class? Except they didn’t call it NIL in those days.
  6. Whoa there T. Didn't Riley just say a day ago that there needs to be some guidelines? This type of system abuse could not possibly be the work of such a man/coach of integrity.
  7. There has to be some kind of penalty for tampering. Given the severity of what Frost just received, maybe the NCAA will look into something harsh like giving offending coaches a timeout or maybe sitting them in the corner for a couple hours.
  8. Although not a fan of the NIL stuff, is it just me or does or seem like Texas continues to be more reactive than proactive on this stuff? Almost like: “oh, crap, someone is poaching our players, let’s get something working on NIL money.” Then we hear that it will be announced soon. By then, it may be too late. Just asking.
  9. As long as the word team means more of Kate!
  10. One that Herman certainly should have worked hard to keep imo.
  11. Wasn't referring to you Eastex. It is confusing why some of last year's guys left early to be sure. Just seems that more than a few were ready to jump off a ledge over Mathis. Might be that many thought he was a shoe in for Texas with Patterson here but there could be more than just an NIL package that led to him jumping to the cornfields.
  12. Not sure I get all the hand wringing. Saban lost players to the portal, Day lost the highest rated QB in the 2021 class to, wait for it....Texas. Players come and go. Sark and Texas are not for everyone. I'm sure there will be others that signed this year that don't work out and likely some from others places that find their fit here. My guess is the NIL and portal will continue to generate consistent ups and downs in player movement.
  13. So you’re saying I should put this away?
  14. Is it only broadcast on Longhorn network?
  15. Maybe we are waiting to buy some of last year’s Aggie 5 star purchases at $.50 on the dollar.lol
  16. You mean that thing doesn’t pay off? Was hoping to buy DKR season tickets.
  17. Got a feeling Bijan could balance the budget if he wanted. I kid, I kid.
  18. Where's the swimming trophies? Asking for a friend.
  19. Answers some of the questions that many have been asking for the last decade plus about what’s wrong with the program. It hasn’t been all about talent level. I’m sure every program has similar issues. The great coaches are able to figure out how to work through, around, or in spite of them. Let’s hope our current staff has that in them and can get enough of the talented players to start pulling together in the right direction.
  20. Not even if he brings 5 stars with him.
  21. I have admittedly been in and out lately so may have misunderstood but I thought there was a post a couple weeks ago about 3 in the cue that would equal more than 14 on the star count. Should I be concerned with all the crystal balls for 3 stars of late?

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