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  1. When ESPN started glorifying the big hit instead of proper technique.
  2. Purdue may have made it a closer game but Card missed a lot of open receivers and prevented them from making it even closer. There is no way we beat Bama this year if he was our guy.
  3. 1. Purdue 2. Florida St 3. gaggie 4. TCU 5. Alabama 6. Kansas 7. Oregon St 8. App St 9. Texas 10. Oregon Tiebreaker: Total points Texas-Baylor game 62
  4. Rod B keeps trumpeting how Baylor and Aranda use the amoeba front to confuse Sark and set the blueprint on how to slow down the Texas offense. Sark says screw that and the Horns win going away at 63-10.
  5. Do this each week with some buddies. It’s a lot of fun.
  6. Did anyone ever say why their QB didn’t play? The one who led them to a vicitory against TT?
  7. Horrible defensive plan in the last minute cost CSU the game. Prevent defense sucks.
  8. Almost glad I didn't get to watch it. Sounded ugly enough listening to Mr. Way call it. Not even close to the steak knives this week.
  9. A friend sent me these. Not guaranteed to have the game but worth a try. https://v2.sportsurge.net/list3-cfb http://crackstreams.com/
  10. Actually from some of my sooner friends up here in soonerville, the game was validation that Texas and ou can compete in the SEC. I’ve had a few day things like: “it’s funny how people said WE couldn’t compete agains the SEC teams”. It’s a bit confusing to me bc I didn’t see any sooners on the field at Denny stadium Saturday night to make the WE and am not sure how beating Ark St and SMU validates their ability to compete in the SEC?
  11. Neyor, Red, Arch, Malik, and A. Hill all score their first TD as Horns. Wy scores a garbage time TD late to close out a 52-13 Texas romp in front of a raucous home crowd. It's a new day and a new attitude on the Forty.

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