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  1. Great question. Given the concerns at WR, it may be prudent to at least take a look at him there. Especially with the recent additions at LB.
  2. What about all the 3 stars that were being offered? Surely there is enough spots left to keep a half dozen of those for old times sake.
  3. Why leverage the interest of a 5 star potential stud who seems ready to commit into a commit from another lower ranked recruit? Is Klubnik more preferred or expected to be a better fit. Asking purely out of ignorance of the two.
  4. Were those rankings after their Junior years or was Bijan's after his senior season? Just curious when the rankings are made and how they are adjusted for the senior seasons. Hopefully Blue will continue to progress and has not hit his peak.
  5. So you're saying this staff isn't very good at the recruiting thing after all?
  6. Pretty much what they have been telling me the past few years.
  7. Amen!! Getting tired of all the sooner fans gloating about their recent commits.
  8. Less of a concern imo when both are working the similar positions ILBs & OLBs. Never liked the DL coach as running game coordinator and the DBs coach as the passing game coordinator.
  9. Is there actually going to be another S&C coach with Becton or is he doing both?
  10. Although I am no expert, it speaks volumes to me that many if not all of the previous schools lamented the loss of these coaches. With the last two regimes, there was promise of great hires for the staff only to end up with coaches that were being begged to leave. I can not think of one of the new coaches that were being pushed out the door of their previous school. That is a refreshing change. All of that said, beat OU in October without giving up half a hundred, going to OT, or saying "winning is hard" and I'll be happy....until the next L.
  11. Book answered my question before I could get it typed. Slowing down in my old age.lol
  12. Wasn't there speculation that Saban was attempting to get rid of Golding?

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