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  1. I can see his post but missed the video. If its the same idiot that stated he had read the tea leaves and was certain Card would be named the starter, not sorry I missed it.
  2. Wait, I didn’t think Sark showed emotion? No, wait, he showed too much emotion Saturday when he screamed at a player who lined up wrong and cost a timeout. Maybe we would be happy if he just flipped off the cameras: All the Saturday couch coaches know a lot more about coaching at Texas than he does. Maybe he will take a poll asking the fans and media what plays to call and how to coach better.
  3. There’s also a reason he has bounced around. Whether it’s been injuries, recruited over, or something else, he has never really lived up to the hype.
  4. The numbers would seem to indicate otherwise. According to these numbers, getting pressure isn’t the issue. Finishing with the sacks is the issue. Ultimately one would think we will eventually start getting the QB down or force errant throws. Kind of like a hitter that consistently hits line drives. Odds are they will start falling. Guess time will tell.
  5. Fresh batch of Kool-aid just received, gas pedal fixed. 59-13 Horns
  6. I’m not a fan of pulling an Aggie and ending the series when we go to the SEC but crap like that should never. It’s up to the home team to ensure there is enough security to protect the players.
  7. I like Card's heart, moxie, and commitment to the program but there is no denying that he holds the ball too long far too often. He was not the reason we lost Saturday but it is also unlikely that he is the guy to take this offense to the next level. Then again, if we keep running a dive out of the Wildcat on 3rd and 4th and short to kill drives, it won't really matter who the QB is the rest of the plays.
  8. While I understand the frustration , I’m a little confused how Patterson received all the praise for the Bama game and none of the blame for Tech. Plenty of stinkage all the way around for that debacle.
  9. Agreed but we have also had some 4 and 5 stars that have been wasted. Same song different year.
  10. I know a lot of people love Overshown but we do not have any real Dawgs on defense. Seems like a long time since we had guys on defense that teams had to account for every play. Maybe Poona would be the last who could take over a game.
  11. It was open on the 3rd down play too. Not sure there was time though.

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