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  1. While not as confident as I hoped, I believe we find a way to win this one. Besides, the new tanker of Kool-Aid just showed up so I'm going with 42-20 Horns.
  2. It seems that Sark has had some positive connections with recruits. If the product on the field doesn’t improve quickly,though, it’s not likely those will result in the kind of immediate impact players needed. A convincing win this week wouldn’t hurt.
  3. Have to admit I was nervous at the end but the blocked fg to preserve a 1 point victory against Bye could be the turning point of the season. Add to that no significant injuries and the Kool-ade is flowing tonight.
  4. Although not an expert, I do believe Texas schemed and performed very well in the first half against the sooners. They failed to adapt to the QB change and played a lot of prevent type defense which proved extremely costly. Kansas seemed prepared to stop the run and make Williams beat them. In the end, they did not have the talent to sustain it for 4 quarters. I missed a lot of the OSU game and have not had the stomach to go back and watch it so I am not sure where all the breakdowns occurred. Another issue with our defense in both games in my opinion is that we do not have an offense that can wear opponents down or dominate the time of possession for an entire game. Thinking about the teams that have had success slowing down OU, they have sustained drives and controlled the clock. Whether it is the OL, lack of development, coaching, or a combination of all of the above, the most successful defenses have complimentary offenses that control the game. We have not demonstrated that so far. All of these issues lead me to believe the "close" comment by Sark is likely not the comment he is making behind closed doors to the defensive or offensive staffs. At least I hope it is not. Sorry for the lengthy post, bored without a Longhorn game to watch....or cry about.
  5. It’s clear that the Kansas defense is better than ours.
  6. To no one’s surprise, we jumped out early and big. Now we are in a nail biter late in the 3rd.
  7. Can we also have Urban phone in the plays from the bar stool? Pretty sure he will have an inspired game plan mid grind.
  8. Only if Sark steps down and we run the offense through someone other than Bijan.
  9. I'd be more worried if we were facing Idle this week. Bye has some pretty significant injuries which should allow us to eek out a narrow victory.
  10. Always has been considered a top tier defensive coach. Even if no one can understand him.
  11. Was that the game where Texas was called twice for holding by a defensive lineman? Pretty sure it was. One of the craziest and poorest called games I can remember.
  12. Surrounded by limp wristed sooner fans, I keep encouraging them to plaster their homes and vehicles with all the upside down Horns they want. More money for the athletic department to use If we ever figure out the NIL stuff.
  13. Heard it discussed briefly on the Cowboys game today during a promo for the upcoming LSU v. Ole Miss (I think) game. Had not heard anything other than here before that. Thanks.
  14. Wonder if he will get another year after beating Florida?

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