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  1. Red may be the next gadget back like KRob has been used or going back a little farther, Ramonce. Man, I had high hopes for that kid.
  2. But, but, they have CDC’s first choice as their head coach. If only the BMDs had stayed out of things.
  3. I’m a little confused by the “big back” idea. With better OL blocking, Brooks, Blue, and Baxter should be big enough for short yardage plays. If more beef is needed, use an additional OL/DL or TE as an extra blocker.
  4. I’m pretty sure 2023 falls in the next 3 year period.
  5. I read it as we may have a great team “for” the next 3-5 years based on the current roster. Not that we will have to wait 3-5 years for a great team. Might have misread it but I think we are a lot closer than 3-5 years away from a run of great teams. Then again, the koolaid is the River that runs through it for my house.
  6. I’ll have to rewatch the game to be sure, (which I will for the shear fun of it), but I thought the passing game was more controlled in the RRR than later games. Maybe bc he wasn’t completely healthy and couldn’t throw the deep ball at all.
  7. Why would USC ever be in it for a top safety? They don’t play defense and Grinch is a hack. Better be a huge payday if he was going there.
  8. Worst part is that if we are still here in 24 they will probably find a way to send us back to Stoolwater.
  9. Bama, OU, BYU are the three toughest imo. Baylor, Houston, and ISU could be trap games. KState loses a lot as does TCU but should be well coached so who knows. Overall it looks like a pretty favorable schedule to win the conference then ride out of town and into the SEC.
  10. Guess the little Duce Coupe has all but passed us by?
  11. Prayers for you and your family Sir
  12. Good points. Former NFL coaches that have proven they can develop in the league tend to have high credibility with and beattentive to HS kids. That could offset some recruiting shortcomings by Jackson.

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