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  1. The Wildcat package was very ineffective today, but it's something we can work with ?? It was horribly ineffective. Just like the quarterback sweep last week. It got our QB killed. After the second time, QUIT running it. Or why not Heard ? Trying to keep him healthy just in case ? What has happened to Warren ? Just not enough "zip" ? I REALLY hope stud recruits look at us and say: They're 2 or 3 guys away from being really good. That's me !!
  2. Agree 100 % that Locke should have jumped on that ball. HUGE !! But the ref had blown his whistle, but in hi school you Always jumped on a free ball.
  3. I think most reasonable fans thought to have a "successful" year we had to win 2 of OU, OSU, USC, TCU. That's gone ! So now we can have a "good" year if we beat Baylor, Kansas, Tech, and one more. If we beat TCU and WV, a very good year. If you really thought 9 wins, you're an optimist. But I think recruits like BIG wins, one of the top 4. We have to keep this class together.

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