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  1. Time of possession is 2-1. The defense will continue to struggle if they are on the field all the time.
  2. If aggy gona aggy, let’s start a rumor that Texas wants to move on from Sark and that they really want to go after Jimbo. Aggy will probably pony up and pay more money and extend the contract again. They hate Texas with a passion and even though it’s a dumpster fire over in aggy land they don’t want to loose anything to Texas. They will continue to convince themselves that he is the best coach out there. then the dumpster fire will be in aggy land for more years to come!!!! lol
  3. I think Texas will do just fine and come out with the DUB. I am looking for improvement in all aspects of the game from last year and more importantly NO injuries!!!! Keep a healthy team for the next week!!!
  4. I don’t know the exact rule but he has not taken any classes yet. Can he hit the portal again? Isn’t that what Bru McCoy did a couple years back?
  5. Is this for tonight? Or just anytime?
  6. Is that a 4 star Kate or a 5 star Kate? Asking for a friend!!!
  7. Sha. Is Kate well rested? She may be busy the next 3 days!!!! I know from your last post she has been working out to get ready for this!!!!
  8. Oh man. I thought Texas was going to get Red, Blue and Greene in one class.
  9. I’m not sure if it’s an oline but I think 1 more is coming tonight
  10. I have heard that this the first of 2 tonight. I guess we will see.
  11. Are you hearing that we are flipping some kids to Texas
  12. Are you hearing that we are getting some big time recruits?
  13. I think it was on social media. Ewers didn’t arrive until 1 today
  14. Is this another commit or just showing how hot Kate is?

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