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  1. wow. you and J.B. Ex must be tortured souls
  2. I don"t know. Are these real people ? To make your point would you please send me their articles or presentations supporting their positions so as to ascertain their conclusions?
  3. It's been well documented, maybe outside of Fox news, that Trump is an habitual liar. If you truly believe Trump hasn't lied to the people, then it's clearly a waste of time to talk about this. No, Trump did not rely on his expert advisors and misrepresented the danger of the virus early on. I don't know who your expert is but the vast majority of infectious disease experts defy Trumps handling of the virus. I'm not a liberal. I was a VP at the largest bank in Texas for 12 years. Very conservative bank. I was Republican then. I was on the floor, probably 20' from the podium at Reagan's
  4. Trump and truth in the same sentence. Really?
  5. So what's your point. Covid exists and I've seen much denial on this site. By the way, the stats you post from Scott Fishman don't jive with the CDC numbers( oh but wait they are part of the conspiracy). He also claims Trump has cured the flu? Not sure I use him as a source for your information.
  6. I'm not a leftist with an agenda, I just individual with a brain who sees thru this ridiculous denialism going on by the right wing trumper lovers. No covid, no climate change, vast conspiracy, deny facts or advice from experts in their field. I look at facts and call it like I see it.
  7. I get my information from many sources, not glued to Fox which I'm betting you and the other trumpsters on here do.
  8. Wow. You're not off the rails., huh? I've been a long time follower, not poster, but posting between you and sir hornwhatever and jb somebody it's getting off the realm of reality. I think the country is very centrist but extremist both sides are being very harmful and Trump has been the most damaging Pres. in the history of our country. He's all about what benefits him.
  9. Really. What's the end game. A worldwide conspiracy to do what. Who are these demons to take over the world. The infections, hospitalizations, and deaths aren't like the normal flu . Sorry but I believe we have the best medical and scientific minds in the world whom disagree with your conclusions.

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