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  1. We need to just start Quinn, he's the future.
  2. There has to be something going on gameplan-wise, it can't all be just the players not knowing how to win. It seems like the opposing coaches start making adjustments to take advantage of what they are seeing, and we don't. Some of these has to fall on the coaching
  3. So just my opinion obviously, but after watching this, OK, and Arkansas, its all the same pattern. We fade hard in the last 1/3 of the game. It could be getting outschemed, it could be conditioning, but to me either way its related to coaching. Talent-wise we dominate into the 3rd quarter. I can't believe its purely conditioning, these kids have been playing for ever, so I fall on adjustments and scheme. Other teams just load up on the run and make us pass. There goes the offense. Similar on D.
  4. As someone who unfortunately also watches Rutgers football closely, I can confirm that Ash sucks
  5. Herman and staff getting tremendously outcoached. OU made a few halftime adjustments and Herman is lost. 3rd and 1 bomb, what was that.
  6. Ash is a terrible coach. His Rutgers teams were among the worst in the NCAA each season
  7. Nice to see that Ash has the defense looking as good here as he did at Rutgers
  8. When a team scores 41, but gives up 51, I find it hard to blame the offense

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