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  1. I think we are very young and talented, but are a little rattled. IF we can calm it down a notch we should win
  2. We look very undisciplined. Our offense is putting up huge numbers, on track for 400 yds passing and over 200 rushing, yet we are barely ahead
  3. Offense needs to keep scoring points, looks like our D won't stop OK st much
  4. Thats what every good QB does. If you wait until they are open the defense will get there too, and its to late
  5. Why aren't the WRs looking for the ball? With the OK St pass rush they need to get into their routes sooner and start looking for the passes earlier
  6. I think we are just young, loaded but young. We are great when we are fired up (like Bama and OU), but we sleep walk when we aren't. When the freshman/sophomores mature we will start to play more consistently
  7. This was exactly the same as last year. The defense can't stop a team with a decent offense, and our QB is extremely average. Card just isn't the guy, maybe with Ewers we would have won this game. However that doesn't excuse the same old crappy defensive effort
  8. I actually think it was a good win for Texas. Backup QB, a young team that obviously wasn't ready to play at the beginning, and considering UTSA lost to Houston by 2, all in all it is a step up. Could definitely see this being a close win, or a lose, under previous coaches
  9. No, I was referring to him being off on his deep balls. The arm strength was there but it was just off target. I agree his touch on the short passes was nice
  10. Quinn has a rifle for an arm, he just needs to get it under control. His arm and athletic ability (running) give him much more upside than Card

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