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  1. Thompson has been patient for a very long time...he is getting his now
  2. No bijan = no points whoever is pulling him out of the game should be FIRED!!!
  3. Rattler gets a B12 title and a ring his first year under Riley. Ehlingher played in one B12 title game in 4yrs and lost it under herman..smh..
  4. IST with 9 players selected to All B12 . I dont see it..ou will win big yet another conf title! Smh
  5. Good group of kids . Sanders, Brooks, Thomas, Cooks, Blackwell they are the kids I am most excited about. Welcome to The 40 Acres! Did anyone else notice TH has lost a good amount of weight? He looked like hes list 30 pounds or more.
  6. Keep throwing money at UM until he says yes!
  7. Great write up. TH has no clue how to win football games. I dont know what he does all week but its not planning on what / how to expose a teams weakness . Ash seems to study film and game plans to slow down the opponets offense. Texas had no business losing this game. I heard ricky say "tom was playing scared" i feel thats true. The decisions he made on the 4th and 1 not kicking the fg. The fake punt and just the offense play calling had desperate all over it. He was so scared to lose and made bad play calls that cost him the win.smh
  8. Hermans post game interview on LHN looks like he knows its his last interview. Defeated look on his face.
  9. Tom Herman is talking about going back to work and try to win the next game. What? Today was the game he should have worked on..screw parody Texas has had top 5 recruiting classes under his belt and what has that produced? 7-7 record in the last 14 games!!! You can win games or make excuses but you cant do both.
  10. TH has to go. Texas still not up to where it should be. Hes had enough time until now to show improvement..hes just not very good as the leader at Texas.
  11. Ash has been showing improvement as the season goes on but the pass rush is still not consistent enough. Purdy has been able to escape the pocket when it collapses and has gotten outside of the containment. Ash has to figure this out or ISU will take over in 2nd half
  12. Horns arent playing like they want to be in the B12 championship. Started out strong but now falling back to the same old rut they were in the last 3 games...fg's arent going to get the job done
  13. Texas offense is avg over 9yds a play...the deep incomplete pass plays are not sams strength. This staff is so fustrating. Keep feeding bijan the ball and mix in some throws thats what has been working.smh
  14. This could turnout to be a much higher scoring game than I originally thought.
  15. Im still not feeling good about where Texas is as a program. ISU seems to have everything going in the right direction. Texas offense has been sputtering the last few weeks. Hate to say it but I pick Texas to pull the upset.. 15 vs 20 Texas 28 ISU 24

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