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  1. I think Hand might be communication with him from time to time, but barring any major developments, he is solid to LSU
  2. Yes, he tweeted a few days ago that his birthday would be in 16 days Keep your bat signal ready
  3. For me it helps to just wait till the page is fully loaded. If I don't do anything until then, I'll get to the right post, otherwise have the same problem you're having
  4. But apparently his mom is pro Stanford. Normally you see that the moms want to keep their kids close to home. I really hopes he picks Texas, I said it like a year ago that I think he is/should be our #1 recruit and I still feel that way. Can't really blame him for picking Stanford though, I probably would do the same tbh
  5. Don't know where to put it really, but Kyler Murray was drafted No. 9 in the MLB draft. Would be stupid to risk all of that money by playing ball for blowU in the fall
  6. Absolutely, I am a big fan of the characters of most of the kids we are getting. Plus I think that fact that everybody from the 2018 class is going to make it in without any drama tells you a lot about the character assessments of our staff as well as the great job the "support" staff is doing behind the scenes

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