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  1. I think the thought process is the 4-seeds they've faced in previous regionals haven't had a pitcher like Paul Skenes who can carry a team. Air Force hasn't played like a 4-seed when he is on the mound.
  2. Not a big believer in ‘must win’ games when you are already in the NCAA tournament field, but Texas could sure do themselves a lot of favors by winning this afternoon.
  3. Believe I saw a stat yesterday where Texas has won 6 straight series in Lubbock. Tough place to play as a pitcher. The ballpark is a launching pad and the wind will be blowing straight out most of the time. Should be a good test to open up conference play.
  4. Momentum could be shifting. Texas has cut the lead to 1. Marcus Carr is locked in right now.
  5. About 20 minutes til tip. Iowa State-Wisconsin just wrapped up a little bit ago.

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