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  1. Of course they aren't talking to Texas and OU. They won't be there when it is a 14 team conference. Why would they ask them? I really doubt we are here until 2025 but could be wrong.
  2. I assume he will be in the booth with PK but I forgot how sweaty and mad he'd always get.
  3. We are getting close to the limit for sure. I wonder if they feel good about Nandi the safety from uga. Maybe they'd rather have him? Still appears they are in on a couple transfers.
  4. This is big. He has all the talent but is from a very small school and didn't get to play this fall after moving. Getting him for spring practice can really help him get up to speed. I don't expect much from him this spring but gives him a chance physically by fall.
  5. Yea we at least improved by 2 wins to a 7-5 team!
  6. I like it. Expecting anyone on commit watch?
  7. Wyoming is a run first offense with 2 QBs splitting time. His 878 yards and 12 TDs are crazy high for a RS-Freshman. Wyoming only threw the ball 23 times a game compared to 29 for Texas. But Neyor had 42% of their receiving yards and 80% of their TDs. He was their only receiving threat in a run-first offense. No one else had even 300 yards receiving. If he really is 6'3" 215 then he can be a monster here.
  8. And should still have 3 years of eligibility left.
  9. We can back count some of the early enrollees from this years 25 to 2021 class. That is the doubt. How many can we back count? Also can put players in grey/blue shirts, and can put guys on academic scholarships. Tons of ways to go over 32.
  10. Marion officially a better recruiter than Coleman now?
  11. Is Bujcevski coming back? I know Dicker became the punter after he broke his collar bone but hopefully he's back as a good punter.
  12. If you can get Perkins then you go all in to do it. He is a game changer.
  13. Lol that has already happened. Are you saying it is already gone?
  14. Let’s go! How many years of eligibility does Billingsley have? Easily the most proven TE we have on the roster. If we don’t have a great 2nd WR we better get a good TE. Look at the chiefs for example.
  15. Lol did anyone think we really had a chance?
  16. How are you feeling on Sanders though?
  17. Thompson entered the draft I believe. But the rest seems correct.
  18. No. The class will have a QB. It’s a combination of going all in on Arch but also slow playing the rest of the class. It’s a tight rope to walk but if you get Arch then the rest doesn’t matter.
  19. Gosh I hope that only increases. A visit we need to knock out of the park.

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