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  1. So realistically, who do we think will be our QB signee in this class? Not a ton of great options in state but that may be a good thing after Arch.
  2. I would commit the second Mrs. Sark recruited me. God bless that woman. (Sorry coach)
  3. Best thing about the portal is most of the guys take the dog and pony show out of it. Not a lot of "Blessed to receive my 14th D1 offer from XYZ University." Much quieter going through the process and boom. committed.
  4. Not many highlights of stuff after the catch but looked dominant in the air catching the ball. A real deep threat.
  5. Had 1,100 yards and 6 TDs playing with an offense that scored 31ppg. They just couldn't stop anyone. Should have 3 years to play 2 remaining.
  6. He will do great there. I remember in HS he dominated a few camp settings.
  7. Feel like we really sleep on Niblett since he’s been committed awhile. Dude is a stud.
  8. What is great about the portal is you can justify taking or passing on nearly every player. Whether it’s a former top 100 recruit who hasn’t panned out for some reason or a smaller school guy who has played great and looking to upgrade.
  9. I think RoJo plays. He can use another game as the marquee back in our backfield to strengthen his resume. Also he is playing in the Senior bowl so clearly not scared to play.
  10. Ojomo was crazy high rising late bloomer. Sweat also, though he committed early, took it to another level his senior year. I'd consider both DL late bloomers who have had a lot of success at Texas.
  11. Big win last night! Shooting still the biggest weakness.
  12. Brooks will be great next year and will eventually play on Sundays, but Bijan is generational. Agree with you Texbound.
  13. For all the Olds, the Cap emoji means this is a lie.
  14. Creighton looked good in Maui. should be a good test.
  15. I don't expect Marion to stay more than a 2 years at Texas. Dude is going to be a HC soon. Hopefully we get another year.
  16. Everytime we have a chance for a big win like this we seem to choke. This is Baylor's super bowl. We seem to be talking more about Kansas than our own game. Entire thing just screams for a let down. Baylor 24 Texas 20
  17. Unfortunately there is a much better chance of us losing to Baylor than Kansas beating Kansas St. Better come ready to handle our own business.
  18. No. We have enough staff to handle it. And the staff will have the commits acting like chaperones as well. Some of the 24/25 class guys may not get as much 1 on 1 time with coaches as they want but a win a vibe check will make it worth the trip and tons of time left to close them.
  19. Agreed. I think Herman wanted to control everything and was unable to master none of it. Strong let his admin handle stuff but my god Patterson. Need the balance!
  20. Sounds like a one stop shop now. Easier to get the players in all sports some money.
  21. Every time we have a must win game we seem to lose it. And true dual threat QBs give us fits. Hope I’m wrong but 38-34 TCU
  22. Got a 7 seed and will play Aggy to start. Would then have to go on the road to Duke. Ew. Surprised TCU got a better seed as a 5.

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