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  1. Love this idea. But I think you could argue that we are only leading for 1 of these 17 players right now...
  2. Guilbeau still up in the air. Gosh I hope we kill Fat Gary and TCU in a couple weeks...
  3. Wow that schedule is back loaded! Better start conference hot! Last 3 games especially!
  4. Not good. At least they won't be any better than us this year... Maybe we can keep him.
  5. Michelle Williams (Destiny's Child) sang the anthem. It was aired on the broadcast. It was a poppy version of it but she still hit all the notes.
  6. God please don't let us lose to a Tyrone Swoopes style player... Tackling will be key.
  7. Lol there is a ton of dead weight we can move for top guys if they want to come.
  8. Arkansas and Rice were tied in the 4th quarter before Arkie pulled away late. Tackling is key to stop their run game. Also our OL will need a better push against a better front 7 imo. Crowd and atmosphere keep this close. Need an early lead and keep the crowd out of it.
  9. Wiley isn't the starter though, Brewer is. Are they hinting at a suspension or an injury?
  10. If he comes I just have a strange feeling they may process out Swanson.
  11. That would be a solid win! TE room would be loaded! And Wiltfong has been negative about Texas for awhile now.
  12. Early lead and managed the game well. They really shortened that game knowing they had a lead to protect. Ran it about 65% of the time. Most importantly they completely shut down Purdy. By far the worst game I've ever seen him play. Secondary played well
  13. Tapp is a huge pull! Let’s make sure he sticks! Him and Brown on the edge is a big win! i never thought we had a chance with Abar so landing Tapp is huge.
  14. LFG Bo Davis. I love how athletic Bledsoe is! Only question is does this make us full on the DL? I wonder if they push out Swanson if Finkley wants to come.
  15. Depth is certainly there! Now we just need a few guys to elevate themselves and separate from the pack. Then this unit will truly dominate.
  16. I don't think we are a player here. I think he's going to stay home at Mizzou.
  17. Mack was the perfect example of how to utilize camps. Back in the day more kids would show up to Mack's summer camps than Texas Relays. The stand outs would get offers that afternoon and would commit on the spot. Those were the days when we'd get several commits a weekend. Force the recruiting sites to reevaluate the player and see why they missed. Then give us a bump! I remember one weekend I think we had Ryan Palmer, Ramonce Taylor, Rashad Bobino, Chris Ogbonnaya, Peter Ullman, Drew Kelson, and I'm sure a few others I'm forgetting all commit the same day after a camp.
  18. Yes he is a 3* corner who may work out but better chance he doesn't. Hopefully his camp performance makes him under the radar and a steal. But at the end of the day he is only coming because we missed on about 6 other guys we went after first... That is why it's a bad look. Nothing against the player but he wasn't a priority until we whiffed.
  19. He isn't going to walk anyway. He is an Early enrollee that will be in Columbus starting in January. This only moves that up 4 months. There already is no normalcy in his life. For 2 years he has been a superstar who is bigger than Chase Daniel was there. He just isn't getting any of the monetary reward for it. I also don't think he owes his teammates anything. Practices haven't even started. He already carried them to state and leaving now gives them a full camp to figure it out. He is also going to go help his team and future teammates sooner to get them to higher goals and be better positioned in future seasons. Bottom Line: His life hasn't been normal for 2 years and won't ever be normal in Southlake or in Ohio. He's a star. If you're going to be a star you might as well at least get life changing money for it.
  20. If the option was to go to college early and make over $1 million or stay in HS and make $0 then I'm gone to college every single time. Lol The ripples of NIL are just starting!

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