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  1. Also, so many of these secondary power 5 schools seem to be worried about getting an invite to a bigger conference. I don't think that will ever come. I'd be more concerned trying to form my own super conference. Pac 12- Big 12 merger would seem to make a lot of sense to me.
  2. Rutgers and Maryland got in to open east coast tv markets to the Big 10. They had to have those teams to be shown in NYC, DC, etc. However, the TV landscape has changed drastically since then. Now, TV companies aren't so worried about which market the game is shown but how many subscriptions the game will bring. TV companies are making tons of money from the subscription packages. What that means for the conference is just bring in the biggest name schools you can.
  3. I bet they'd love to bolt for either of those... I just don't think either one wants them.
  4. I always felt that Baylor couldn't pitch but were alright at hitting. Respected name at a minimum. Didn't work out for him at Baylor but was good at Pepperdine.
  5. Very true on all points. And exactly what his point was. He isn't rated lower because of his size. He has a great frame for the position. He is ranked lower because of how raw his technique is.
  6. Watching SOC in the playoffs showed me Walton can flat out play. Glad he’s a Horn.
  7. Must of been behind the scenes stuff going on this year. I'm curious what candidates are available.
  8. Man. Major shake-up. Hopefully Pierce knows what he is doing here.
  9. So that is four on the OL. We done there or one more best available?
  10. This. I think Sewell is the only OL that really turned us down. Then we immediately turned to Goosby who is now committed. All these commits were pretty early offers and guys we’ve been after from the jump. Not guys who we offer after the season when we missed on 3-4 others we wanted. Have to trust the staff evaluations.
  11. Think Tulo has another job lined up already? Maybe in the pros?
  12. Exactly. Melendez will be 22.5 years old at the time of the draft. Nothing else to improve. Better get every dollar he can. Agree on Hodo. His energy will help him with scouts. Faltine and Ardoin are so great defensively that a team will take them on day 2 just to be a backup and pray the bat gets better.
  13. Saw on MLB.com list of top 200 draft prospects that we had 5 players make it. All in the bottom half of the list and predicted to go between the 3-5 rounds. Ivan Melendez Pete Hanson Trey Faltine Silas Ardoin Douglas Hodo
  14. Interesting that Texas is going Hansen today. They have been holding the #1 starter for game 2 in previous Regionals. Thought we may see Gordon today.
  15. Clemson and Klubnik are going to be tough to fight off for Vasek.
  16. Yes. Decent chance the come to Austin for a regional.
  17. But much fatter, slower, weaker, and less instinctive.
  18. He put up 11 points a game last year as a freshman for Iowa St. Him and Carr should be a good back court.
  19. We need him to play like Malcolm Rodriguez at Okie St. Small but quick and read plays well.
  20. To add to this, I saw Caldwell had to transfer to Navarro JC.
  21. Good day to be a longhorn

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