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  1. Chad Dallas for Tennesse is from WOS. A typical football powerhouse in Texas that obviously found some baseball talent too. UVA had won 6 straight elimination games?! Wow! Good for them. Lol Also an important note for this format in Omaha: An off day after every game! That really helps a bullpen and ensures you don’t have to go too deep down your list of arms in game 3 and 4.
  2. He will be a Longhorn if he doesn't turn pro early. Will be hard for him to turn down near 7 figures to go pro a year early and then be a lottery pick with a lot of money in your pocket.
  3. Man. Team should be deep. Him, the Vandy transfer, and Sims could all be back at Center.
  4. This will be a huge weekend to knock out visits. Tons of guys in town!
  5. Will be a fun rematch from Opening weekend. Yes Miss St. beat us but we are a night and day different team from then. 1. Bats are much better and lineup is much different. 2. If we have Ty Madden from the Super Regionals, we will be tough for anyone to beat. 3. We should have electricity for the 4 days leading up to the game and not 11 degree weather.
  6. A lot of scholarships going to specialists. Good to see we are committed to being good in those phases of the game. I'd typically worry about scholarship limits, but every year 3 walk ons earn scholarships. Might as well use those to ensure are special teams is good.
  7. Damn. Was really hoping Anderson and Banks would take an extra trip!
  8. Big win! 5-0 in the NCAA Tournament! But competition is about to get much stiffer! LFG!
  9. Correct. When are they planning on announcing?
  10. 2 things. 1. I was wrong. Very wrong. That was a great Ty Madden performance! Sorry I doubted saving him for tomorrow. 2. that hit was huge for Kennedy’s confidence! If he gets going in the 9 spot, this offense is completely different! Hook em!
  11. Tell me about Jones? Don’t know much of anything about him!
  12. Man we can have some real depth and talent on this team! They just need to gel together.
  13. Gosh I hope you're right! Banks and Williams at tackle is already a great start. Plenty of interior guys available to close out the class. Look no further than your own backyard with Robertson who seems like he wants in the class but I think we are trying to hold out for better options and he may look heavily at Stanford.
  14. This one is interesting. If he comes then we must really be closing the door on Ewers.
  15. Typing that out and looking up stats has me fired up for tomorrow. LFG to Omaha!!!!
  16. Damn. But I get it. He has the best stuff on the team and has been the ace for most of the season. However, over his past 5 starts his ERA has been 4.55 with no double digit strikeout games after having several in the early part of the season. His K/9 was just 10.01 during that stretch. Much lower than early in the season. Stevens by contrast has a 2.83 ERA during that stretch. In watching those games it seems like he gets ground ball after ground ball. By starting Stevens, both pitchers would have an extra day of rest after the Regional which I feel could be very beneficial to Madden. Ju

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