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  1. Samples is officially the Assistant Head Coach/Run Game Coordinator for TCU. They also have added our old friend Carrington to the support staff. I guess he gave up the coaching dream. Either way, look for them to pull some big time talent to TCU. Let's just hope Dykes screws it up like he did at Cal.
  2. We spent a lot of time on this. At least we knew this one was happening a month ago. I haven't had any optimism about Stewart in months. Eases the pain a bunch.
  3. Sounds like Venables going back to OU is picking up steam.
  4. Correct. It wasn’t a RS issue. Maybe he got hurt in practice? Idk.
  5. Well didn't Wright lose the 3rd string job to Ballard?
  6. What’s the news on Citizen? I know we were in his top 3 and he is a great compliment to Blue!
  7. Can't wait to get to Minute Maid in March. Another solid non-conference schedule. We will be ready!
  8. Gatson would compliment Miller well. We really liked him at first.
  9. Surprised other teams are recruiting Blue that hard... Hmmmm
  10. This. Insiders love to oversell but the coaching staff and program loves to under deliver.
  11. No kidding! That would be a huge, pleasant surprise!
  12. Still counts as an illegal blindside block
  13. I mean we took 3 TEs in the 2021 class... Not unprecedented at all! Very easily could happen in a BoB offense! Also it is an easy position to sign a player and move to WR or DE. Glad we are in it for Skinner but not holding my breath here.
  14. Then the 2 point conversion off his helmet right after!

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