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  1. I think most people realize how fluky of a season they seemed to have. Plus the campus is small and crappy. More people in the area like UT, aggy, or 0u more than TCU. I think he felt that. I'm sure money factored in too but we are better at everything except on field performance last year.
  2. WTF. Why not? He is a stud. Unless it seems like he has 0 interest in Texas and you think you're wasting time you should go all out for him IMO.
  3. I guess Warren is going to sign as soon as he can get back to school or when?
  4. Golf team is going to be just fine this year... Should only get better all spring.
  5. Everything is going according to plan! Just need to close the deal!
  6. So sorry, SHA. Praying for your entire family.
  7. Didn't Sark recently go by his school? Maybe there is some time here, but not getting excited.
  8. Agreed here. Disu got several big offensive boards. Missed a few put backs but hit his free throws. Same with Allen. He's crafty around the rim and knows how to get to the line. 17 points in less than 10 attempts.
  9. So exactly as T-Floss said... I'm confused why you were confused by his post?
  10. They almost all are getting promotions into full time coaching roles. Nature of that role. It is very low paying and just a stepping stone.
  11. It means his offer list does not match the tape at all. Offers on Twitter are mostly JuCos. So the assumption is he may not be D1 eligible or other schools would offer. His tape looks really good.
  12. Big week again this week. Okie Lite at home and then a trip to Tennessee with Gameday in town.
  13. Arch clearly doesn't want to start as a freshman. Neither of his uncles wanted to start either as Freshman. Eli did RS and didn't start as a RS freshman either. Peyton didn't RS only because the 1st and 2nd stringer got hurt by the middle of the year. He does want to compete and I expect the competition this spring between him and Malik to be intense. But either way he fully doesn't expect to start. Even if he showed well, I expect Quinn to win the job back. Arch is all about long term success. The family doesn't want to risk throwing him into the fire too early and losing all confidence.
  14. Wait. There is a recruit named Willie Nelson and no one told me?! Let’s all have a picnic!

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