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  1. I love how you can tell he didn't really prep much and has 1 million things on his mind of what he needs to do. Lol
  2. I don't think you went very far out on a limb. I think most agree. Sucks he had those injuries in the NBA. I know KD is a better pro, but Ford was the best in college.
  3. Nor is Larson tonight. He's a JUCO transfer that has only allowed 4 runs in 42 innings this year with 46 Ks. Kid is having an All-American kind of year so far. Big test.
  4. Seeing rumors that Rodney Terry is also possibly leaving the UTEP HC job to come back to Texas. That would give Texas 2 proven high level assistants on staff who can recruit. Like with football, I'm not worried about recruiting. I'm worried about development and in game coaching decisions. Beard wins with less. Shaka lost with more. Recruiting will be fine. Hell, Beard started even recruiting at a high level 3 years ago when they started winning. He will recruit fine.
  5. Seeing Chris Ogden is coming home to coach with Beard. That is a big hire! He was always one of Rick Barnes' top assistants
  6. I see Sark implied that the Spring game may not be the final practice now. Could be a good opportunity to scrimmage and then make appropriate adjustments for a couple practices before summer.
  7. If they think today was the first day we've talked to Beard then they are crazy...
  8. Transfer Portal is loaded. He should add at least 2-3 good players.

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