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  1. Texas has covered 3 straight games. Rarely do teams cover 4 in a row. They are currently 7 point favorites.
  2. https://twitter.com/ta__johnson/status/1572772290458451969?s=46&t=KE3JOR0RxBaYdiwfqsmiHQ
  3. I knew I saw Bush a bunch. And rarely on the edge. He was an off ball LB. He has completely jumped Brockermyer from last year and played 1/3 of the game. With Overshown out that will only increase.
  4. Lame. Really wanted Hale in this class. Is Harrison Pilot still a take?
  5. I wish but Bush was out there a bunch last weekend.
  6. High scoring dogfight. I think Tech's new coach is good and will do a good job and have a great gameplan. Longhorns 35-33 win.
  7. Don’t do that as much anymore but certainly still do parts of that. Now they make you move the joint much more than before to remove stiffness. Old school thought was to move it as little as possible to allow recovery when going from heat to cold treatment. Now you move it much more.
  8. Even with a healthy Ewers I don’t think we blow out UTSA. They are very well coached and way more talented than we give credit. This is going to be a big dogfight. We need Traylor to take the Colorado job this winter with how often we play UTSA coming up. Very very nervous for an upset. Texas 24 UTSA 21
  9. I think we get some more wildcard stuff for sure. But they’ll let Ben Ballard and Cole Lourd play before moving Roschon to permanent qb I bet.
  10. I wish I saw what you guys see to have that confidence we keep it close...
  11. LFG! Love his note on his commitment too. Welcome and Hook Em
  12. I don’t think it’ll effect any player projected to be drafted in the top 3 rounds. They get guaranteed money on their nfl deals and even 3rd rounders making around a million a year. Those questionable guys may now stay. If a few can land 6 figure NIL deals it may be worth it all of a sudden to stay and get the degree instead of risking being cut.

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