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  1. He isn't going to walk anyway. He is an Early enrollee that will be in Columbus starting in January. This only moves that up 4 months. There already is no normalcy in his life. For 2 years he has been a superstar who is bigger than Chase Daniel was there. He just isn't getting any of the monetary reward for it. I also don't think he owes his teammates anything. Practices haven't even started. He already carried them to state and leaving now gives them a full camp to figure it out. He is also going to go help his team and future teammates sooner to get them to higher goals and be better positioned in future seasons. Bottom Line: His life hasn't been normal for 2 years and won't ever be normal in Southlake or in Ohio. He's a star. If you're going to be a star you might as well at least get life changing money for it.
  2. If the option was to go to college early and make over $1 million or stay in HS and make $0 then I'm gone to college every single time. Lol The ripples of NIL are just starting!
  3. Who is planning to visit this weekend? I know the list isn't final but any key names saying they are going to visit?
  4. Gosh these other conferences have to be pissed. The strongest (SEC) gets stronger, and the Big 10 (2nd best) is left with Kansas and maybe Iowa St? Ew. I guess adding Tech and Okie Lite may help the Pac-12 expand east but I don't know if those conferences really gain much from any of these additions.
  5. Hey, look at that! HornSports sponsor, Last Stand Hats, announces they signed Melendez to a NIL deal! Can't wait to see what they come out with. PS. Austin Todd is back for a 6th year! If he is healthy, an OF trio of Hodo, Kennedy, and Todd sounds pretty good to me! This would mean the biggest openings for playing time would be DH, midweek starter, and Witt/Quintanilla type bullpen roles from last year!
  6. Ewers isn't happening. Forget about it. Arch, it may help. Time will tell.
  7. I'd love to hear the Tx Tech, Baylor, TCU, and Ok St. conversations with the PAC-12 right now. Frantically calling and begging to be let in to the second super conference and selling them on a Texas footprint. They have time to make it work at least. Maybe it'll all work out for the Kansas schools to go north to the Big 10. WVU and Iowa St to go east to the ACC. Boom. Everyone has a landing spot, 4 super conferences and only the Big 12 is left in the dust. I'm sure Bowlsby can get a job doing something in the PAC 12 offices....
  8. And not leaving until the 23-24 season means the payout to the Big 12 won't be too much for Texas/OU to handle. It all makes too much sense. But after 2011 I know there is a longgggg way to go and can't get too excited yet.
  9. Classic Gary P. But with the mild surprise of Austin Jordan this stings less. Still several more important targets on the board.
  10. I still refuse to get my hopes up on Perkins. But he would be a huge get. Glad we are still in play. Disagree about LB being the position needed to upgrade the most. Have you seen our OL room?! 5 of those guys play every down. We have several talented LBs in that room and only 2 of those guys play.
  11. Huge news. Could argue the entire lineup and rotation is set except for one OF spot. If Melendez performs well at 1B, I think he jumps from 16th round and $125K to the 7th round and $250K. Could literally double his money by doing nothing more than showing he can play defense. If he hits even more than money can continue to climb.
  12. Kolby Kubichek signed with the Mets for $125K. That is a good deal for him that I don't think he would've made more by coming back. Good luck Kolby!

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