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  1. That’s huge! Keep em Coming. Keep winning!
  2. Agree 100%. Although I’m thankful to be 4-0, the offense doesn’t stack up well against other Elite offenses I watched Saturday. Texas strategy seems so damn slow. But wins are wins. Helps having PK crew that’s a fact
  3. Andrew Beck with a kickoff return for the Texans!!!! Insane lol
  4. Talking so high on this back up QB without mentioning he is playing against UT scout team for the most part.
  5. 2nd half’s wins are something we have been without for it seems like a decade. I was there and yes the 1st 3 quarters were sloppy, game plan seemed to be not to attempt much over 5 yards but to be 3-0 and win games in the 2nd half is something I needed to see. The culture is changing, the environment in the stadium is changing, and the wins are racking up. Can bitch all we want as a fan base but this is a much better feeling and ride. Hook em!
  6. DKR was ALIVE tonight. My kids first game and the are hooked. Place was absolutely rocking! Way louder than the Rice game. Delconte is doing things
  7. Yessss exactly what I needed. Thanks very much
  8. Taking my family with me to game this weekend. I know everywhere is probably “fine” but opening day I parked in shareton hotel garage and wasn’t comfortable round all the homeless so won’t take my kids that way. Is the 2004 univ Ave decent? What’s your go to parking
  9. Keep rolling horns! Recruiting flood gates are cracking open! Team showed composure and PK defense stood out
  10. I really appreciate the response! Taking the family on the 16th, it would be a memory they never forget. Thanks!
  11. Not sure if it’s still called this, someone at the game called it the stampede… but does anyone have information how to get your kids signed up to run the field before the game? Seen it this weekend and would love info on it. Only thing I found was from 2021 and said come early and sign up gate 6…. Not sure if that’s still accurate or not. Anyone know?
  12. San Jose st vs #6 USC at 7… unfortunately on Pac12 network
  13. Thanks SHA. Exactly what I needed. Will check some of these out this year.
  14. Right on, I’ll do that. I had seen it but don’t know how close these schools are to me but I’ll use it, and google and get close. Thanks!
  15. Finally made it out of sooner country and accepted a job in the New Braunfels area. Is there any good HS football around that area? A quick search showed few past Texas studs I liked came from Cibolo (Caden Sterns) and Shertz (Malcolm Brown) but want to get the HS football experience so curious. Excited to say the least. Thanks In advance
  16. Clowns…. They are in every fan base though

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