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Everything posted by okiehorn

  1. Caden sterns with 2 picks tonight for the broncos. Have a game Sterns
  2. -275? Watching it closely as if it money starts going toward Sooners we know the sharps have info on Gabriel. Texas pretty big favorite now which I don’t really like either lol
  3. 1 TD the 2nd half is embarrassing and exactly why Texas has lost so many games. What the F@#K changes. Conservative? Holy shit
  4. Worthy with tremendous bail out. Not sure how it wasn’t picked but I’ll take the 7!!! Pedal down
  5. Jesus Christ where was this team last week. Talent is clearly there. Aggravating this WV team was suppose to have “weapons”. Texas playing ball
  6. Same kid that had the revenge porn charges in Oklahoma last year wasn’t it??? If so, hope he gets right but had his second chance at UT
  7. So many teams going to give Texas fits… mobile QB- Okielite,KSU,OU,KS….. gonna be tough stretch. See where the horns end up
  8. Texas has just as good of DB haul the last 5 years then all the schools you speak of. The difference is the develop their recruits. No idea what Caden sterns or even Anthony cook etc would have been had they chose bama of Ohio st etc. Texas gets the players, can’t figure out what to do with em after that
  9. Think I’m in the minority but I like what im seeing from Texas defense this half. I have seen far worse from this team

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