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  1. I completely agree, how hard is it to rebuild after this shit show year in and year out. That’s the worry for me. These kids want results. Been promised new beginnings for 10 years
  2. And Aggy…. Ignorant. Started so hot and all bragging on best offense in the league… to this shit
  3. Regardless the guy was wide ass open and Texas Defense is straight garbage. Offense had 4 turnovers but putting up 56 should have been plenty against 1-8 Kansas. Several more years of “you lost to Kansas” jokes ahead
  4. Texas didn’t deserve to be in that game at the end but how do you miss that f@#kin hold!!!!! It’s all embarrassing
  5. After ~10 years texas has a coach that puts the ball in his best players hands and rides the hot hand! Great ball game, tough to win in Ft. Worth and Bijan and company made it happen
  6. How Ironic, First QB Riley has to “develop” is getting booed off the field by the home crowd
  7. Texas with the gaping holes in the middle of the field is always an issue
  8. I think his deep balls have been pretty nice myself. Maybe I missed something but one the receivers tripped on his own feet a little so couldn’t get to it and another was PI. I have def seen worse long balls but I may been reading your reply wrong. O-Line looks much better this week also and not sure why. Things are starting to click and UT putting up points like we havent seen in a decade. The RB room Is nasty
  9. Few Baylor fans talking shit today (not sure why) but haters can say what they want, throwing 40 up a halftime and dominating the last couple weeks in a row is HUGE for the University of Texas! Casey just moves the ball and this whole offense is different with him under center
  10. Exactly. Regardless who your playing the offense is flowing tonight
  11. Definition of ALL GAS, NO BRAKES. Bout time we have a coach that isn’t afraid to step on the other teams throats
  12. Exactly what the University of Texas is suppose to do in games like this. It’s been awhile.
  13. Last thing this family needs. So much tragedy. Prayers for them

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