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  1. True, colt was seasoned though in 09. Does QE have a Shipley to throw to though? Maybe it’ll be Jwhit. Needs that go to guy
  2. I completely agree, hopefully what I said wasn’t taken as comparing QE to Colt. Just isn’t close yet. But on paper talent wise the team has to be close. Can Sark and company develop them like the good ole days… that is to be determined. Should be fun to watch. 2023 will tell us a lot about the future of Texas football. Or at least tell me a lot.
  3. Will 2023 be the best Texas roster on paper since 2009? Seems like it. Potentially better O-Line than 2009. Tough 2009 LB core to beat though with kindle, Acho and Robinson. And QB of course….. hoping for similar results
  4. 1st time in awhile I’m excited about the O-Line. All 5 starters back plus Cam Williams pushing for a starting spot. Texas moving closer and closer, this is how ya do it
  5. Guy is a hitter, not afraid of contact. Pretty much puts a wrap on the S position
  6. I could be wrong so I’ll @TFloss32 but I’d say 3 years because he got a Covid year if he wanted it. Believe he just finished sophomore season. He may have got injury pass also im not sure. Isn’t he the dual sport player that picked Arkansas for baseball also? Been couple years so I may be mistaken
  7. Wanted him Out of high school. Hopefully good health for him and great on the 40 acres
  8. Unbelievable…. Finally 2 great thrown deep balls and worthy screws the pooch.
  9. kids all over the place. I see the portal in his future

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