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  1. Thought I saw on here in the last day or 2 the staff said he wasn’t a take or something. I may have dreamed it though
  2. True but in all those classes we whiffed on the big uglies. They all went elsewhere. This is the type of class it takes to get over the hump in my opinion. Hate the Sooners but they have had a fantastic OL the last decade and look at the success. Ready To watch it play out as long as we can keep ‘em with this damn portal stuff
  3. Completely agree, believe the University of Texas could be also though with this haul. Exciting shit
  4. I’m in that same corner. He seems like the type but hope not
  5. “Wow on Winfield” “time to hit the portal”….. my mistake
  6. Surly your hopes weren’t THAT high to get a kid back that decommitted in the middle of a Texas game….. it’ll be alright
  7. Bet Harris replaces drayton. Hell of a recruiter also but see how it plays out
  8. Looking like he may, read somewhere it’s down to him and 1 other candidate at this point for the temple gig
  9. Should be posting this stuff here, not the other I guess.

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