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  1. My opinion it’s going to be 2023 Reuben Owens. #1 RB in 2023 class.
  2. Maybe your right, long as it works. I believe he def floated it out there that he was hiring him after reading some folks in depth Twitter investigation lol way more time on their hands then I got
  3. Yea, was comical. Dude was def coming until the reactions from people that matter. Coaches started “following” him on twitter and all the works. I’d be lying if I say I didn’t throw up in my mouth when I read it though
  4. They also didn’t have a coach that could develop them...... the athletes are there so maybe that changes with this staff
  5. I haven’t seen a Texas offense this electric in 10 years. Not saying “we baaack” by any means but bijan and a QB that can sling it. This Wrs are showing how talented they can be.
  6. It’s obvious the issue wasn’t Herman, the kids that opted out should have done it at the beginning of the season
  7. Joseph Ossai next??? Herman congrats, you lost your locker room
  8. Herman is a fraud. If a ch age isnt made Texas football is toast for another 5 years. TAKE THE POINTS!
  9. Sterns regression is so glaring. The coach over the secondary can’t develops anyone
  10. Fire Herman.... 20 min from Austin. I don’t blame the kid
  11. What if they make it B12 CG and get ran off the field by the “rival” school.... Stevenson/Perkins have made this team far more dominate the. UT played in October. It’s bullshit to say but keeping it real.

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