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  1. On what basis is this trending in the wrong direction? So they are taking visits. They were just in San Antonio for the Alamo Bowl. I’m pretty sure they weren’t checking out Utah.
  2. So I f Texas wins a couple more games, there will likely be no coaching vacancies to fill. Problem solved!
  3. Next Friday. https://texassports.com/sports/womens-volleyball/schedule
  4. Do we even know if GH has been offered? There seems to be some info floating that CTH interviewed him but hasn’t offered and will be interviewing others.
  5. Peterson was having a tough night. Rounsaville played well and contributed to help spark the comeback win.
  6. If you are in the least bit interested in seeing an amazingly great volleyball match, play the following video and read no further. UCSB gave the Horns a really good match, going up 2-1 in convincing fashion to close the 3rd set. Then the ladies in burnt orange and white played as big as Texas in the 4th bringing Gregory gym to a smokin’ hot fever pitch to send the match to a 5th set. Playing even to the midway point at 7-7 in the final set, the Horns closed out the match out-scoring UCSB 8-3 for the win. This was not the most convincing win of the season, but in my opinion, it was the most gutsy performance by this young team. A true show of intestinal fortitude to pull themselves together and assert their will. On to the regionals with Louisville up next Friday here in Austin.
  7. There is a colloquialism in the manufacturing industry... You can get the product: Good – Fast – Cheap But you can only pick two. Maybe this applies somewhat in this situation.
  8. Texas seeded #2 is about right and better than I expected. Looking forward to the post-season. Hook ‘em!
  9. Baylor played close with teams Texas played close. I don’t think it will be a blowout as some cynics do. I also do not pick against the Horns. Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I’m putting it out there that they find a way. Texas 38 Rape U 34
  10. Gregory Gym was hoppin’ last night as the #1 Horns downed the Frogs in straight sets. Next up, give the Bears another beat-down! https://texassports.com/news/2019/11/16/no-1-volleyball-sweeps-tcu.aspx (I have no idea how to embed an article)
  11. Well at least there’s an opportunity to watch a Horns team at the top of its game. Tuning in to watch the ladies beat up on TCU in volleyball on LHN.
  12. Starting this topic to show some love for the high flyin’ Horns volleyball team. The ladies are kickin’ butt and takin’ names. They play great defense and top notch offense. This year serving has also become a strength. The Horns recently bested then #1 Baylor at home in straight sets in a dominating performance to take the #1 spot.
  13. @TFloss32 hit Texas’ score spot on. He just didn’t believe the D had it in ‘em.
  14. What a great game! This team just may have a pulse. Coleman was lights out with assists and shooting. And AJ was clutch down the stretch. Texas’ defense was disruptive and there seemed to be a semblance of an offense. ...and this against a quality opponent in their house. Hook ‘em! \\m//
  15. Texas has 280 yards of offense vs. the best D in the conference. Gave 185 to the Frogs.
  16. I just don’t understand how that was not PI on TCU. The defender was up in CJ’s business through the entire play, impeding his ability to have the opportunity to make the catch.
  17. ...and ousucks! hung 23 points on KST in the first half against that 4 man front. If the Texas O had scored 24 on ousucks! in the first half of the RRS, we wouldn’t be doing so much hand-wringing over the state of our D. Not that it doesn’t deserve a lot of attention.
  18. ^^^This. I tend to give the coach a bit of a break when fielding an inexperienced D. And the injuries, especially concentrated so heavily in the DB room, multiply the slack given. That said, Coach O really needs to step up to give his D a smoking chance schematically. They keep playing D like they have the past few games and Top 25 will be in the rear view as they will likely drop a couple games to otherwise very beatable teams.
  19. Maybe once. Not seeing twice. Baylor is playing very close games with middling competition and will likely be exposed 2-3 times. Much like Texas last year.
  20. SI is projecting Texas to the Alamo Bowl and Baylor to the Sugar Bowl? Baylor eeked out wins vs. ISU and TT. They still have to play OSU, WVU, ousucks! and Texas. It’s hard to see them surviving as the B12 runner-up. LSU could end up playing in the Sugar Bowl in a rematch vs. Texas if neither wins their conference.

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