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  1. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/news/report-charlie-strong-out-as-texas-coach-after-the-season-155551688.html
  2. We know keeping him won't fix it. He's been given many chances and he hasn't yet.
  3. I thought he was involved the defense these past two weeks. If he was it sure didn't look like it. DC would be very questionable at this point.
  4. Charlie is in over his head... He needs to be let go. He has lost this team and fan support.
  5. Of course CS is the one who brought these coaches in. He did right by letting Watson go. Can't explain why he held onto VB. Clearly VB is not the guy here. Some how CS feels he has an allegiance to VB. Maybe it's because he is an ex UT player...I don't know. But if he does not make a move on VB he is digging his own hole. I believe BJ is going to play a much larger role on the defensive side of the ball. We'll have to wait and see if this bares fruit.
  6. I'm not afraid he will be the SG. What has this guy done in the years he has been here? As a DC what are his numbers? They are not worthy of a mediocre DC. Go and review them. This was DBU at a point. Now it's DB pewwww.... What a joke. I don't know why CS has an allegiance to this guy. VB needs to be demoted to water boy.....
  7. He is one tough young gun for sure. He looks like a DT playing the fox. I'd like to see him a few lbs. lighter. He would be a Tasmanian Devil out there.
  8. If we keep winning recruiting will take care of itself. Many recruits have said they want to see how we do before they pull the trigger. I think allot good players are right there but they want to see results. Bottom line.....be competitive and keep winning...
  9. I agree. We cannot afford to have a slow start. That will just fire up their crowd. If we just come out and take care of business, avoid dumb penalties we should win comfortably.
  10. Thanks for info Harrison. Any interesting tweets from recruits after Saturday's game?
  11. It appeared to me that we were more concerned with the RB than the trips receivers. Looked like we had a HB playing the LOS and Pass.
  12. Did anybody else see Nick Saban blow up on the sideline of their game this weekend? It looked like Lane was getting the brunt of it. Or, was he just in the wrong place at the wrong time? Either way, I see no love loss between these two. I think I saw Lane mouth the word BS when Satan was ranting. It appears to me they don't like each other very much. https://youtu.be/RX-JGDBd4ls

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