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  1. Haha, funny that you mentioned that. I've been wanting to move to the brisket game. I don't know much about it, but I can cook a mean medium-rare ribeye if that's any consolation.
  2. Also: if any of you would like to read my other work, the link to my author page over at The Armchair All-Americans is below. Thank y'all! http://www.armchairallamericans.com/author/harrison-wier
  3. Thank you, Mike! Hi everyone. If any of you have anything that you'd like to see (featured stories on specific players, recruiting updates, etc.), please let me know! I am excited to get to work and get to know all of you!
  4. Important to note that UTEP starting QB Zack Greenlee is officially out for the game. Backup sophomore Kavika Johnson is going to get the nod. Expecting to see a lot of young players get PT on defense this weekend.

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