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  1. You try and get 5 good innings out of Steven's, then go with Quintanilla the rest of the way, he is well rested.
  2. Bad 2nd strike by the umpire, but Hodo didn't even take the bat off his shoulder on the other 2 down the pipe.
  3. Texas' approach is bad, looks like they're just swinging for the fences everytime.
  4. The roads are still a pain here and will be until probably Monday.
  5. I was without power for around 24 hours here in East Texas. Finally came on yesterday (it was the rolling outages), but its been on since last night without going off. Water pressure is down, but I still have some. Luckily I was able to stay at grandparents down the road who has generators and has had rolling outages consistently since Sunday night/Monday morning. Been a rough few days, but we made it through here in Sulphur Springs. Luckily I can go back to work tomorrow.
  6. IT is saying Coleman may stay on in an off field analyst role.
  7. Running the ball at will, then come out and throw 3 straight passes and nothing.
  8. Him and Jamison should be back at CB. Not sure who will be at Safety

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