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  1. Former Longhorn, Scottie Scheffler got his 1st PGA Tour win today at the Waste Management Open.
  2. My hometown Sulphur Springs dropped down to 4A. Might have some of the nicest facilities in 4a. State ranked in basketball in 5a right now and always a playoff team in a tough baseball district. Football just hired the HC/AD from Port Neches Grove, so lots to look forward to.
  3. Also Campbell making a strong case for himself today 4-4 on the day.
  4. Get him an NIL deal and move the kid and his family to Austin. Problem solved
  5. Technically Rojo has an extra covid year if he wants it.
  6. With a coaching change you are allowed to revisit the same school again.
  7. The new NILs should help the baseball program also, instead of kids bypassing college because of money from the pros, they can come to college and make just as much. Only guys that would bypass college are top 10 guys.

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