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  1. So something similar happened in HS baseball years ago. Catcher got hit in just the right spot for his heart to stop and now they are required to wear extra padding in or underneath their chest protectors. I assume Hamlin got hit with just the right amount of force in the right spot to go into cardiac arrest. Crazy and sad situation.
  2. Didn’t know this, but Mike Leach had a Law Degree. Could you imagine him in a court room?
  3. In honor of Mike Leach, I have a story. So my hometown of Sulphur Springs had a kid named Keenan Clayton went to OU and played for the Eagles in the NFL. But when he was in HS, Leach came to visit him at school, but Clayton was taking a test. So Leach went to the coaches office and took a nap. When Clayton came to talk to Leach, he was curled up in a ball in the corner of the office asleep and Clayton asked if he should wake him up or just let him sleep.
  4. OU has Gabriel for 1 more year to bridge the gap for Arnold who is a top rated recruit this year. DJ is most likely going back to the east coast where he is from.
  5. Lots of good WRs in the portal, no reason for Texas to get at least 1. Also wouldn’t mind kicking the tires on the LB and C from Stanford.
  6. 8 wins with a chance at 9 (10 if Kansas wins tomorrow) is a good year. Multiple players developed nicely this year and will continue to develop next year. I’m going to miss Bijan and Rojo.
  7. Just abysmal, take away the run and the offense is bad. This has been the OLs worst game of the year.

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