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  1. Watch the Kansas game, that QB is dangerous. I don't understand the KSU loss. Very surprised
  2. THIS!!! One of the things I felt UT did not do well last year. Better thus far this year!
  3. I guess today we find out if the Patterson effect is real or not. I hope the defense shows up and does their part to keep it close.
  4. Not sure if we have recruits in these schools but ties to UT in past. Aledo, Lake Travis, SOC are all 0-2 to start the season w some having to right the ship going into district play. I guess we're looking at several from SOC
  5. Well to their credit, good play against Purdue last drive to preserve win.
  6. Manny Diaz defense doing Manny Diaz things for Penn State.
  7. Anybody see this, Central Michigan 44 Okie Lite 58 Interesting
  8. Saw an article that Earl Thomas' house was hit by lightning mostly burned to the ground. Very sad.

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