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  1. Have a family member that played for him at montana st and really liked the guy. Great recruiter, lots of energy, and very good leader of young men.
  2. I just busted out laughing in a crowd of strangers. The look from my wife was angry
  3. Refs have had some really questionable calls.
  4. Apparently this is "the thing" for playoffs. Saw that w a couple other teams too
  5. Well All right now, thats a fast start to the 6A DII game
  6. Maybe one of Sark's biggest needs. Get the beat OU monkey off UT's back.
  7. Short period of time left for this year, but wonder how many of these flips COULD occur via the Sark connection
  8. WOW, I thought NS was walking to a championship, just WOW.
  9. Wonder if he will become a Taysom Hill type player for a team. Heart to play whatever position they ask, and a back up or emergency QB as well. Just a thought.
  10. This kinda fell under the radar with everything else happening yesterday. I'm so happy we FINALLY put it to KU. Agree the Baylor game will be a good measure as well, we haven't had much success with that program as of late either (men or women). I haven't gotten to watch many games, so I promise not to mess up the Juju by starting to watch

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