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Earl Nobis Jefferson

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  1. That seems like a John Mackovic type hire to me, not sure he fits the LSU style, but hey if it works...
  2. Good point. I recall the great battles la Marque had w them for years in a row.
  3. Big time upsets this weekend, every HS division 1A to 6A had a big upset.
  4. Somewhat delayed, but Happy Thanksgiving to all. I hope most of you had the opportunity to share a blessing and good times with loved one. Still thankful for the horns, hopefully for successes to come.
  5. What a sad state of affairs that after these colossal losses we have virtually no changes to the starters.
  6. 25 needs to come off field, just doesn't seem to care. Ford looks completely lost. But who do u turn to on bench?!?
  7. The lack of "Likes" on this feels as a disturbance in the force

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