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  1. It was a thrilling race, and I just loved the reaction by the kids at her HS in Alaska. She trained on a 25m pool too.
  2. So tonight the local Houston NBC affiliate was doing a story on the A&M reaction to the big move and the first person they interviewed was Liucci (who looked like trailer trash) and as soon as the interview started, suddenly it cut to commercial for no other than....UT Physicians
  3. Does this mean I can't refer to the SEC as Satan's Evil Conference anymore
  4. Something hard to get excited about signing special team guys but in perspective, its really nice to see that we have a coaching staff that thinks that much about special teams to actually have an approach to research, select, pursue and acquire tallen that as Husky said, could be a game or season changer. #Tuckercrushesaggydreams
  5. I love the love and admiration from his fellow players. Just loved being there, part of a dream, and respected it appears by many. Must have been a great kid. Sad loss but hopefully he set an example for others.
  6. I put Bifenethryn down about a month ago. Trying to make sure the damn white flies don't come back this year. What is the time frame to re-apply this?
  7. Have a family member that played for him at montana st and really liked the guy. Great recruiter, lots of energy, and very good leader of young men.
  8. I just busted out laughing in a crowd of strangers. The look from my wife was angry
  9. Refs have had some really questionable calls.
  10. Apparently this is "the thing" for playoffs. Saw that w a couple other teams too
  11. Well All right now, thats a fast start to the 6A DII game
  12. Maybe one of Sark's biggest needs. Get the beat OU monkey off UT's back.

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