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  1. Absolutely. Women team got 2nd. Great indoor seasons for both. Let's head to outdoor!!
  2. Just remember, aggies never quit!! Or something like that,....maybe when convenient....could be BS
  3. Franklin #24 Malcom Murphy had himself a game! 280+ yards rushing and 2 INT on def.
  4. The older and much bigger Brooks kid on Shiner team is incredibly nimble for such a big kid!
  5. Apologies if this was already posted, but did Casey Thompson have to have surgery on his wrist/thumb?
  6. Meanwhile in Texas, they say "watch this hold my...soda" to be PC since its a HS player. Yea, yea I know reality
  7. Thanks I got confused. Thought some of these were recruits not transfers. Hopeful
  8. Anything stirring for other positions as of late? LB, OL, DB, etc?
  9. Agree. Only 4yrs old. Helped to draw a little from Katy HS proper and Cinco Ranch original boundaries.
  10. That seems like a John Mackovic type hire to me, not sure he fits the LSU style, but hey if it works...
  11. Good point. I recall the great battles la Marque had w them for years in a row.
  12. Big time upsets this weekend, every HS division 1A to 6A had a big upset.

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