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  1. They had recruited but did not have Hamilton, Reynolds, Todd. Cooper was coming back from TJ and really not 100%. Kingham and Shugart were freshmen that needed to mature on and off the field. Baker and Rand fought injuries. Boswell had to play out of position at ss. With 11 draft selections and many more still on roster, MLB might disagree. Final thoughts: It was time for Augie to leave. But a competent AD would have known that Augie's contract only had 1 more year and would have planned accordingly by having a list of potential replacements. Certainly not taking 30 days to find a replacement. The resignation/firing of Augie on Memorial Day and announcing it during the NCAA Selection Show...no words. Skip should have been a candidate. Per Bohls, AAS, he was not even considered. David Pierce was the head coach at SHSU for only 3 years and Tulane for 2. Both of those programs were solid when he took over. He inherited the previous regime's players like at Texas. Give him credit for managing them, like he did this year. The SHSU team that went to the Super Regional this year started 5 sophomores. Perhaps Pierce had identified them before he left in '14, don't know, doubtful. Tulane was 27-31 this year. A competent AD would have wanted more experience for a historic/successful college baseball program like Texas. A coach with a longer tenure at one program, that had won a Regional (Pierce never has) and ideally been to Omaha. You certainly don't give a 6 year contract. There are exceptions, but this is Texas. Tadlock came to Tech from an Asst job at OU. He has a similar resume as Skip, successful head coach at a juco (Grayson). But look who he surrounded himself with (Ray Hayward, MLB and college experience) Look at TCU. Saarloos gets the publicity, but their program took off when Schlossnagle hired Bill Mosiello who was at Tenn and has much college and MLB experience. Look at Ok St hiring Rob Walton, former Oral Roberts head coach, as an assistant. Take a look around at successful programs and you will see the same. We have an inexperienced coaching staff. This is the Power 5, big boys. Before the season started, I asked Scott Wilson (if you follow Texas Baseball, you know of him) on why I should like David Pierce. His reply... "We have to support whoever is there" Luv you guys !
  2. Very possible. But David Pierce was a terrible hire. More so, when he brought his entire staff. joeywa and I could have coached this talent to a Regional.
  3. If we had an AD instead of a Personal Injury Attorney who knows nothing about baseball in the position, Skip would be the Texas coach. He is going to kick Pierce's xxx in recruiting and on the field.
  4. True, but Henley seems to be the best candidate for a 4th starter which is needed in a Regional. Super and Omaha, not so much. Connor Mayes remains a mystery. Second best era on the team his freshman year.
  5. Perspective: Though ULL is ranked 24/25, Texas is 36/37 RPI, ULL 49/50. I hate Tuesday games. Last night: SFA 6 TCU 2 NMex 16 Tech 5 UTA 11 OU 2 (canx in 2nd due to weather) Though ULL is ranked 24/25, Texas is 36/37 RPI, ULL 49/50. It was an embarrassing loss especially for the Houston-Exes, but that happens. Concerning thing is Henley. He is not progressing as needed, appears to lose focus, Pierce/Haig need to get him on track. We miss Josh Sawyer. As of today, we are still projected in the field of 64. Step back from the ledge. *We can always send the recruits a copy of the A&M game on 14 Mar.
  6. http://d1baseball.com/podcasts/podcast-breaking-big-12/ D1 podcast on B12. Texas review starts at approx 14:00. Good summary of B12 at 31:00. Note the candid remarks about Cantu and Boswell, 2 players who are needed to lead this team. Also, note comments about how important for B12 to win OOC games to increase league rpi.
  7. Congrats to you, your family and your son ! No matter the division, relatively few are selected to play college baseball.
  8. First day of practice, 27 Jan, interviews from TexasSports.com Head coach David Pierce On the fall and going forward: "Honestly, the fall was very productive. When you come into this type of transition, there's a lot of newness for the players. They've been great, receptive. We had a good idea of the type of players we were getting and they've been that and even more so. They've been very good with work ethic and very productive on the field. Moving forward in the spring, the last couple of weeks we've been doing a lot of individual work… It's a new beginning for us. The kids are ready. Really excited and I think they're really hungry." On what they want to accomplish in preseason: "It's such a crash course now because we have start dates. We have three weeks before we open up. We really want to focus on getting all of our information in, our calls, our coverages and then have the ability to execute that weekly. Then just getting our arms ready to go. We still have some question marks because of some competition at a lot of positions right now so I think for me, it's going to be how guys respond to the competition and the live at-bats and live innings more than anything." On which positions are set: "We're probably set at maybe three position players right now. It's a good thing because we have two to three guys that have depth and they offer different things. We want to really overview that and see who's the best guy. I like to say once you earn that job to start, you have the opportunity to fail. Once a guy becomes that starter, he's going to have an opportunity to play." On the new playing field: "Oh it's been great. I think the kids are excited about it. The turf is still playing a little slower than we want. We have some work to do on that which is kind of a work in progress. I'm so glad we were able to get the fences in and if you look at them, you can't really tell the difference until you step into the box." On the shorter wall in left field: "That's a little interesting new piece of the program that's definitely going to cause a different kind of play. And I think you'll find that with the fence. It's not just about the home run. It's about creating more balance in the game, but now the fence becomes part of the play where outfielders are going to have to make some decisions because the wall is still 10-foot." On how to remove some stress from the players regarding expectations: "That's a great question because that's something I've really been studying since I've been here. I think more than anything it's going through our preparation and really grinding the preparation where they're comfortable and they have confidence in what they do. I really want them to understand the expectations here and to really embrace those as a opposed to running from them. I think that's something we talk about daily." On the senior leadership: "We actually have a very large group of juniors and our seniors I think we have five or six of them that do have some experience. With Kacy Clemens, Bret Boswell who is a redshirt junior, Morgan Cooper, Zane Gurwitz—those guys have been everything you expect out of senior leadership. The leaning on them, that's something they have to create with the younger guys. That's not something I push. That's something that has to be innate within them." On the team's personality: "First of all, I think we're talented and what I'd like to see them do is see them understand how talented they could possibly be and really have confidence in themselves to go out and play. To me, there is a sense of hunger where they have a bitter taste in their mouth and they want to make a difference this year." On Morgan Cooper: "Right now Morgan would be our Friday night starter." On the starting rotation being open: "There's no doubt. We've got five to six guys competing for starting roles right now." On the freshman class: "I think we have four to six guys that have a chance to play a lot. Ryan Reynolds has got the chance to hit for us as a switch-hitter. Andres Sosa was a great addition and was really impressive this fall at third base so he's going to get some opportunity. Austin Todd played really well in center field and led the team in hitting in the Fall World Series. Then Blair Henley was outstanding for us all fall. He's one of those kids that we're looking at as a starting pitcher as a freshman." RHP Morgan Cooper On the team's current mood opening up practice: "We're just ready to go. We went through the whole fall. We've been back in school a couple of weeks and we're ready to get going. Everybody's excited to be practicing and stuff but I mean, really, I'm ready to start playing somebody in a different color jersey. We've been playing each other for a while now. I think we're all ready to use everything we've been practicing, everything that Coach Pierce and all of the new coaches have been saying. We're just ready to get going." On the biggest change from last season to now: "I wouldn't say there's a huge change. It's new faces. I think that just brings excitement. I think bringing in the new guys, everybody's just excited to get going. These past couple years have been pretty disappointing and I think everybody's ready to turn that around and get Texas Baseball back to where it needs to be." On how confident he is in turning it around: "Very confident. I mean we have all the talent in the world. I think every year Texas has all the talent in the world—it's just a matter of if we're going to make it happen or not. We've been saying it a lot but these past few years have been pretty embarrassing—very embarrassing actually…We're not going to make excuses. We're going to come out here and the best nine guys, whether it's a freshman or a senior, we're going to get out here and play and we're going to play our hearts out." On the pitching staff: "We've got some good arms—I won't lie. But once again, it doesn't really matter what we have on paper or what the radar gun says because when it comes down to it, everybody wants to beat us. Everybody comes in here, whether it's a Tuesday or a Friday, and wants to beat us—more than probably anybody else in the country and that's just something we've got to handle. We've got to use that to make us better. As far as arms go, we have plenty of arms, but when it comes down to it, we still have to go out there and play." On what they need to accomplish during preseason: "Since we've been back, we've only been able to do individual stuff. Pitchers have been able to do PFP with the pitchers. Hitters have been hitting with the hitters. As a unit, we've got to get going and clicking as a unit. We have pitching, we have talent. We've just got to put it all together and we've got to mesh." On the fences: "They've still got to hit it. Yeah, it will probably make a difference. Some balls in that past that have hit the wall are going to go out but the mentality as a pitcher is, they've still got to hit it." On where he is now health-wise compared to last year: "First of all, going in last year I was coming in a little bit limited [after Tommy John Surgery]. Kind of had to work my way into it… This year it was a little different. I got to pitch in the fall for the first time in two years. And now I'm coming into the season fully healthy. I'm going to be firing on all cylinders right out of the gate. I think that's good for me. I don't have to work into anything. I can forget about the injury. I don't have to worry about it anymore. I don't have to talk about it anymore. On the slider, it's just another tool. It's just another thing I can use to get hitters off-balance. I can show them the curve ball. I can show them the slider. One's a little harder, one's a litter softer. It's just another tool I can use to get people out, righties and lefties." On the main thing that jumps out about this year's team: "We have some freshman that have come in and really impressed me, hitting-wise. I don't really remember a time that a freshman has impressed me so much as a couple have this year. At first, it comes out and everybody's ready to go and the nerves kind of take over a bit but once we got going, there were a couple guys that opened my eyes a little bit to how mature they are at such a young age.… Ryan Reynolds and Austin Todd really impressed me a lot and here lately, Sosa has impressed me too. For their age, they're very, very mature." On if he's taken a leadership role: "I'm probably not one of the most vocal guys. I kind of just like to do my thing and lead by example. I guess so, but I don't really get into people's faces a lot. I think the seniors as a whole, we've kind of all got tired of what's happened in the past couple years. I think that's kind of made all of us enter into a leadership role. The senior class, we went to the world series our freshman year. We know what it's like, we know what it takes but we've got to find a way to show the younger guys this is how we do it and use that however the best we can." INF/OF Zane Gurwitz On getting Texas Baseball back on track: "I think having a new atmosphere this year, it'll be a lot less pressure. We're really excited about this season just with all the changes that we have. There's just a lot of great feeling in the locker room, on the field. Everyone's just really excited to start the season." On the competition for playing time: "It creates a good atmosphere because yes, everyone is kind of competing for a spot again, but it brings up the intensity. It makes other players better because no one has a set position. Everybody has got to compete for one and prove themselves to a new coaching staff. It just elevates the game and the competition." On the fences coming in: "I didn't know that they were going to come in this year. I was told it was going to be next year or the year after so I'm glad I'll at least get one year of it and see if it makes that big of a difference. It's still a big field but I'm exited to see what happens." On who will be the first to rob a home run in left: "Hopefully somebody on our team." On the new staff: "They're great. They're all very personable guys. They know when it's time to be tough and they also know if you need some help or you need someone there to talk to. They have a good balance… It's cool to see their dynamic and how devoted they are to us, the team." On his position: "To be determined. I've been working in several different positions so I guess it's just where Coach Pierce feels like putting me when it comes to game time." On if he thinks this team could return to Omaha: "I really do. I think our pitching staff can be incredible this year and I think we have great hitting, great leadership to lead the way. If everything comes together like we hope it does, I think we should have just as good of a chance as anyone else." INF Bret Boswell On opening up the season: "We're excited. We're really excited. This is the tightest I think we've ever been since I've been here. We're really looking forward to what we've got coming for us." On the fences: "It's going to be a lot different especially with the walls in the gap, bringing them in. You've just got to keep that same swing on it. Not try to do too much. There's probably going to be people that come in here now and think they can put it out easily. It still plays pretty big but there's a little bit of difference, I can already tell." On the position competition: "I think we've got one spot that's set and I think everything else is still up in there. Really nobody knows anything at this point. Everybody's battling for every spot and everything is pretty much wide open right now… I think the Friday night starter is the one spot that's everybody knows." On progress during the offseason: "Coming into this year, I've got a lot more confidence thanks to the summer and the Big 12 Tournament last year. That's really the big thing for me, just having that confidence and going up there and being prepared to do what I can. I think coming into this year I've kept that with me so I'm looking forward to this year and hopefully it's going to be a lot of fun." On the changes to the offensive approach: "It's going to be a lot more of an explosive offense I think so it really should be fun to see." On where he sees himself playing: "Really wherever they put me. They had me in the fall at short and third, now they've got me at second base a little bit so it's up to them. I don't really know where exactly it's going to be but wherever it is, hopefully I can make an impact." On what clicked over the summer: "I think it was a change of scenery and just being around new people, forgetting everything that happened last year. All that put together just really helped a lot." 1B Kacy Clemens On getting things back on track: "Of course a new coaching staff, new field, new fences, a lot of fresh stuff around here. For sure we're definitely bought in to the new guys. We're ready to implement what they taught us and see what our experience that we've had in the past and what they're teaching us now will translate to on the field." On the fences coming in: "I think it changes the mindset of a few people. We joke with the pitchers about it saying we've got a little more of a chance now but yeah, this field is normally a graveyard. It still is a big yard, don't get me wrong. I think that we'll see a few more homers to right and left-center for sure, triples maybe not so much because those gaps are a little bit smaller now. Outfielders are going to be able to range more, but on the flipside of that, more balls are going to go out. …We'll see what happens." On what this team needs to accomplish before the season starts: "I think the biggest thing is learning our defense, all of our calls, stuff like that. Making sure we know everything to the T so that when we get on the field, there's no situation that's going to really be difficult for us. We'll know exactly what we're doing. I think we've got a good enough staff to be good. Good enough athletes on the infield and outfield and hitters to be good. We'll just see how the chemistry changes over the course of the season." On the offensive approach: "Well, I'll kind of tell you a little joke. Something that I noticed is that we were scrimmaging in the fall and there were two outs and nobody on base and I had a 3-0 count in the box. I look down at Coach Allen and I was waiting for the take sign and I sat there and I waited. I wasn't getting in the box until he gave it to me because I knew I was going to get it and he went like this 'Hit it. Hit the ball.' So now, that's kind of the mindset. We're getting in the box. We're here to rake. We're not afraid of anybody. There's no more playing for one run. We're playing to score every single inning. That's kind of our mindset now." On getting back on track: "I think the toughest thing is when you lose around here, it's a big deal. You can lose at other schools and it'd be normal, but here it doesn't happen. There's a reason why we represent this Longhorn on our chest and it's because we come here, we're the best in the country and we come here to win and that hasn't happened. That happened my freshman year and that was one of the best years of my life. We got to Omaha and everybody was fired up.… That's what we're looking to do this year. We want to go to Omaha and win. That's the only thing I care about. I couldn't care less about anything else. We're here to win and represent this university right." On how to avoid putting pressure on themselves: "I think that's a question a lot of people are definitely thinking about. All the sports are kind of trying to figure out what changes need to be made and how to move forward and how to make Texas great again. I think we're not putting pressure on ourselves for that at all. I think we're excited. I think we're excited to bring happiness to Austin with this baseball season for sure. It's going to be fun and I think we're going to win a lot of ballgames." http://www.texassports.com/news/2017/1/27/baseball-tracking-the-longhorns-first-day-of-practice.aspx
  9. Let me add, David Pierce and Sean Allen certainly know more about recruiting than I and I hope their approach is successful. However, it may be that at Texas and a P5 conference, early recruiting should be tempered.
  10. where would that leave David Peirce and the coaching staff? It seems with only 11.7 scholarships and a roster limit of 28 ? (schollys) there is a possibility of issues if someone does not leave as expected for MLB, injuries, etc. Meaning someone may have to walk-on or take a lesser scholarship than originally offered for the team to fill an immediate need when you commit 9 players 3 years in advance. majority of the class all but locked up by their Junior Year I certainly agree with that premise, but 9 players after their freshman year (15/16 years old) seems a risk. It seems you could communicate with them as much as allowed, show 'em love, but wait on their development unless you have a Brooks Kieschnick or a known highly recruited player. Do other schools have as many as 9 committed ?
  11. Just didn't receive the publicity ? I just don't understand the excitement of committing a 2019 prospect like Duplantier and others at 16 years old. I realize prospects are evaluated at a much earlier age, but there are many unanswered questions for Texas and the young players. I can understand telling them you are very interested, continued communication, etc. You never know about injury, development, scholarship availability, and what your actual team needs will be in case of unexpected losses It will be interesting to see how many of the early commitments change to another school or develop into their full potential based on early teen years performance. Or worse, have their commitment withdrawn by Texas. If Duplantier continues to improve it is certain he will be offered by many other schools, including Rice. Perhaps Pierce feels he needs this strategy because Texas is far behind in the recruiting wars. It seems to be a high risk - high reward strategy for this number of signees for 2019 and beyond.
  12. http://www.texassports.com/news/2016/11/8/baseball-inks-10-for-2018-season.aspx The above link gives details on the signees. It is interesting to note that we signed 3 juco pitchers and 1 out of state pitcher. Am I correct in thinking TCU, A&M, Rice, and possibly Tech have the upper hand in recruiting ? This statement by Kamron Fields may indicate the climate "Texas used to be highly known for baseball so my class and I plan to help bring life back to Austin." It hurts to read that. Pierce seems to have a much different approach to recruiting by signing players far in advance. I hope we are getting quality over quantity.
  13. For '17 (upcoming season) ? I count 41 on the roster meaning 6 will be cut. What we really need is juco catcher by January. Trust me !
  14. Oltorfian - your post is like my nightmare being true ! Are you sure about Hamilton ? He played infield in hs, correct ? If fact, I hoped he would compete for SS but saw he played 2B. He was a Nicholson recruit which may be concerning. Baker did not play. Injury ? You are right about the middle infield. Have to be strong up the middle. Boswell seems to be more comfortable at 3b which relates to his improved hitting. With Kody injured, Pierce is trying to find a SS. Travis Jones did play SS in hs but does not seem to be athletic enough for any D1 fielding position (1b/of) Never understood why he doesn't try to pitch. Has the arm and physical traits. Just looks like a pitcher. The box score verifies your hitting observation. 6 hits, and 10k's (Cantu/Jones twice) Tulane hit .248 and .253 as a team under Pierce. But I think led the NCAA in HR's which is why he probably wants to bring in the fences. Bottom Line - Coach Pierce and his rag tag assistant coaches are in above their heads This was my concern about the hire. But when you do not have an AD, it is what it is. A competent AD would have someone vetted in advance knowing that Augie's contract would not be extended and possibly shortened. That said, let's give more than 1 Fall game and about 7 days practice before we erect the cross for the crucifixion. Note: As I type this, UH is leading Team USA 8-2 after 6.

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