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  1. Started 11 games for Georgia this past season.
  2. I'd say this is a good thing seeing as they probably wrote it before he's arrived for his visit.
  3. Looks like some Arkansas smoke and a little OU smoke around Sanders. Uugghh, that would stink.
  4. You may be right. Coulda' swore I saw he was an EE somewhere.
  5. First three conference games next year: Ark @ Jerry World, @ Mississippi State , @ Bama'. Not out of the question for them to start 0-3.
  6. Perroni just said Banks told him he was waiting until February. Hope they keeping everyone guessing, got to think they are getting tired of the process.
  7. You do have to give it to Dumbo, he's a heck of a used car salesman. Year 4 and finished 5th in the SEC West. Herman year 4 gets canned for losing 3 games.
  8. So what you're saying is he won't see the field his freshman year, then maybe get one or two targets a game by year 2-3?
  9. I don't want to imagine 3 true freshman OL starting.
  10. Sometimes it's best if the mods on sites just keep a lid on things. This is one of those times.
  11. Was thinking offering the brother might move the needle/impact Neto.
  12. Not sure if this is what Roach was alluding to, but we just offered Neto Umeozulu's little brother.
  13. Roach is hinting at something big time potentially happening in regards to OL recruiting.
  14. So what exactly do they like about a middling program that never has and never will win diddly squat?
  15. We will have attrition after the season to make room for a big signing class and to bring in transfers.
  16. I don't think 1 more year in Big 12 would be a deal breaker with Perkins. LSU is a dumpster fire and aggy has 3-5 more losses coming and will be lucky to be bowl eligible.
  17. Outside of Bryce I don't think we really ever went after any of the current aggy commits.
  18. Would be nice to win the next 3 heading into that game. Will be tough, but doable.

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