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  1. Langi leaving. Hope this doesn't impact Lefau.
  2. If we are still looking for another LB, I wonder if we'll starting talking to this kid more. https://247sports.com/player/jayven-anderson-46116359/ Or maybe the LB from Katy committed to Utah. https://247sports.com/player/johnathan-hall-46125484/
  3. Max Johnson is a left-handed Calzada and King is one hit away from snapping a bone. Factor in Jimbo's dinosaur offense and they will be limited. They are also playing much better teams this year than last.
  4. Aggy is going to have its normal 7-5/8-4 type year.
  5. He must really want to block for RB's.
  6. If we also miss out on Shelby I'm not sure where we go? Hard to believe we probably will lose Shelby to freaking USC. I don't think anyone has a clue with Akana and Damon Wilson is a pipe dream.
  7. Post from Texags mod wasn't the usual sunshine pumping when they think they are getting someone.
  8. Supposedly Texags is saying he's already left.
  9. IT says Gullette is probably announcing August 5th. That's 5 days.
  10. Not a top 100 player in the nation IMO.
  11. Nick Harris on Rivals just said he still likes his pick on Texas for Gullette despite everything that's happened this week and thinks that recruitment ends soon.
  12. Vasek and Shelby look PAC 12 bound. What's next at EDGE?
  13. @TFloss32 have you seen anything about Gullette making it in? I know he's not a big social media guy, but figured someone would have posted/tweeted by now.
  14. What site are you guys seeing this on?
  15. I've seen Duce Robinson's name mentioned.
  16. Gullette visiting this week. Aggy trip is up in the air now.
  17. Anything in Derek Williams or Mitchell making it in?
  18. Told Steve Wiltfong he'll been in next weekend.
  19. Texags predictions seem to be going well.
  20. Actually Rivals has Shanahan as a 5* and #1 in the state.
  21. Standish from 247 said a while back a committed player in Texas to someone else told him he thinks Toviano ends up at Texas and tonight said a separate source said the same thing.
  22. Sounds like aggy screwed up the last week of this month in regards to official visits.
  23. FWIW, I've seen some chatter he may not make the that visit. I still think he does, but he can't be looking at how both classes or going and think aggy is the better option. I think he's going to look around at the pool party and not see much else around him.

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