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  1. To many tweets to post, but the sunshine pumping from aggy mods is off the rails tonight. Talk of "serious momentum" headed into the offseason and "recruiting is about to catch fire" blah blah blah. 5-7. In year five.
  2. What's the feeling here? Has a "Hold on to your butts" feeling.
  3. Anything on the other JUCO DT Hunter? Figured we would try to get at least one, maybe two, JUCO/portal DT's.
  4. Saw on another board IT saying Muhammed is no longer taking any more visits and is locked in.
  5. Anything to the Roach update on Jayvon Thomas?
  6. Roach added some more visitors in the middle of the night, anybody significant?
  7. His Jr film looks good. Hope Bo stays on him for an eventually flip. Errrbody may be abandoning that sinking ship by New Years.
  8. Hope thr SOC bunch makes it in this weekend.
  9. Man I wish we could Jayvon Thomas on campus. Still like the Rodgers news, we need some CB's/secondary speed in a big way.
  10. Game Day coming to Austin this week. Should be a hell of a visit list. Chance for some big time momentum in recruiting. Hoping to see some of those aggy commits this weekend. Hill, Hicks, Thomas, and/or Rodgers would be great.
  11. Hill took his Texas OV in the summer.
  12. Sometimes things just don't need to be said and out for everyone to see. This is one of those instances.
  13. We are fine if he flips. Took seven last year and would still have four this class.
  14. 5* TE Deuce Robinson will take an OV for the TCU game. Says he likes what he's seen from Sanders at the TE position.
  15. Roach put out an update not to long away with a lot of upvotes, but it's VIP.
  16. Any chance Vasek or Toviano are surprise show ups?
  17. This account only posts when something big is about to happen. Last football recruiting tweet was back in late July before Muhammed and Kirkland. @TFloss32 what's going on? Vasek? Hill?
  18. He made a big jump in the 247 update today. Also, IT doesn't expect him to be at the ISU game as of now.
  19. Some chatter on Twitter he's no longer visiting.
  20. @TFloss32 was Vasek at the game yesterday? Have to think that one could start to get interesting.

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