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  1. IDK why, Swanson looks pretty damn good IMO.
  2. IT thinks Texas has a big lead for Kelvin Banks. Perroni keeps saying "I have my pick on aggy for a reason" although he later says he's not a lock by any means. Curious to see where both sides are getting info to feel confident.
  3. Evan Stewart has an OV set up for aggy. Has Florida lined up and Bama' and Georgia probably gets one as well. Will be interesting to see if the last one is us or Oregon maybe.
  4. Perroni still feels very good about aggy on Banks so looks like we may have a sites/mod standoff.
  5. Yep we need to hit very high on this OL class. Campbell and Banks are must gets. Multi-year, all-conference types. Hope we land Neto as well. Last year was a major whiff, although I think Conner will be a contributor.
  6. Have we even offered this kid? And lol at the aggy crystal ball pick.
  7. The gloves are off folks. This kid has an "Uncle" running his recruitment supposedly. Sark and Co. don't give a you-know-what.
  8. Want to start hearing about the trench guys being heavy leans.
  9. Greene doesn't have a Texas offer, but does have one from Alabama, so I'm Guessing Flood is familiar with him.
  10. California is playing a spring schedule starting in early March.
  11. He's a bad dude that's underrated and will end up a 4*. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/11725090/5f98353fa018690b18eef15e
  12. Travell Johnson. Morice Blackwell's LB teammate.

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