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  1. Of course they are. How do you think guys like Walter Nolan, Shemar Stewart, and Jacoby Matthews show up out of the blue. Some people better wake up quick before we enter the SEC with a team comparable talent wise to Tennessee. Guess it'll take getting beat by aggy to have someone get off their ass and do something.
  2. It is unreal how we aren't using NIL to our advantage while aggy is tossing money bags around like candy. If we don't wake up this will be a class in the 15-20 range on top of last year's transition class and we'll be fielding teams on the level of Tennessee and Ole Miss then acting in disbelief when aggy beats us on the field because they know what it takes to land the blue chippers while we sit around with our thumb up our ass. Guys like Harris, Stewart, and Perkins want to come here, but are going to end up elsewhere because we can't get out of our own way.
  3. It will be hilarious to see the aggy spin/reaction if we get Stewart, Perkins, and maybe another 5* or two due to the SEC move since that's pretty much what has helped aggy get them in the past.
  4. Would this also include what year we would begin?
  5. "So, Mr. Dewberry, Mr. Perkins, you like everything about Texas except that we don't play in the SEC. About that . . ."
  6. Yep. We aren't doing this to wait around for 4 years until 2025 like Chip Brown is saying. No way.
  7. Better hope Max Merril develops, because only taking 2 OL last year could leave a gaping hole in a few years. I think Conner will be a multi year starter at either RT or G.
  8. Having a bad feeling on this one. Guess we'll see in two days. Be interested to see who IT's source is. I've always thought it may be the dad or his HC that's an ex Longhorn.
  9. And Saban had been invested in this one personally for a long time.
  10. Looks like Brooks is committing tomorrow. Haven't seen anything from any sites and no crystal ball picks yet so who knows??
  11. He doesn't have a clue when it comes to Texas's position with recruits. His article this morning was a joke.
  12. Perroni said this caught the aggy and LSU staff's off-guard so who knows??
  13. Gerry said one source told them they still think Guilbeau will end up at TCU after this weekend.

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