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  1. IT seems pretty confident on CB Malik Muhammed.
  2. If we don't get Hill, maybe thr LB from Hawaii or Johnathan Hall and Jayven Anderson??
  3. This guy is way underrated and is a stud. Must get IMO.
  4. Unfortunately this has aggy written all over it with a fall OV more than likely.
  5. Gerry Hamilton just put in a Nebraska pick. This program isn't dedicated to doing what must be done. Another lame duck season is ahead and we aren't ready to go to the SEC. Program is a has-been.
  6. Niblett, Pettaway, and Cook is who I hope we end up with.
  7. And IT thinks Texas. We got a source off.
  8. Guessing we've made contact since it was posted on the 247 board by a mod?
  9. Get Mathis and a LB and I'll feel good.
  10. @TFloss32 think I remember a while back you said one of the sites was sating OL Chase Bisontis was going to visit over easter, anything else to that?
  11. To bad Jimbo's offense sucks and he's a shitty play caller. A year ago this time Haynes King was the greatest thing ever and that amazing class with Leal, Green, ect was going to lead them to the promise land. Same ol same ol with aggy.

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